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  1. 4 minutes ago, The Rocket said:

    The figure that was bandied around recently was $60 million Euros, I tried to find it on a couple of articles I had saved but it wasn`t there so I must have seen it elsewhere, I think the figure stuck in my mind because it was more than the 40 million pounds the British Gov`t. had promised., although I`m not sure how that converts.

    Hope I`m not too far off and of help.

    Thank you. So I've read 59 million euro is the budget & Lacoste stated 70% will come from private investment. So does that mean 30% will come from the govt, which equates to nearly 18 million euro.

    Hopefully more on the govt investment can become clearer. I also imagine this would be central govt funding & extra municipal funding etc will be garnered for hosting games, training?

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  2. 16 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    Who’s promotion do you think would garner national interest? 

    Perhaps bring the elite back to 12 clubs & see some one-time clubs like Marseille, Lyon & say a Paris team perhaps. Might be a start to get more consistent free to air coverage like they have to ccasionally with Occitaine TV & who knows from there. 

  3. 41 minutes ago, Hello said:

    But anyone who HASN'T got their head up their backside appreciates that that was due to the small matter of an unprecedented global financial crisis due to this little thing called Covid. 

    Wish it would hit here in Oz this 'financial crisis' as property prices are beyond a joke. Someone's got money

  4. 5 hours ago, ELBOWSEYE said:

    If the same standard of financial incompetence was scorned at over hearland clubs repeatedly doing the equivalent or worse a high percentage of clubs would not be here. 

    Plus lets see how many super league clubs in the UK would have survived without £28 million loans + grants from the govt? Please, no time to still be on high horses about the Wolfpack.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, The Future is League said:

    The Warriors and the Titans have a lot of work to do on their memberships

    Titans numbers are woeful but Warriors are coming into their second season of playing in Australia. Prior to covid I think they had 18,000 plus members. Definately one of the hardest hit due to circumstances out of their control not being able to play home games in NZ hence not being able to sell match memberships.

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  6. Another interesting thing about tv ratings is the almost snail pace conversion of the whole ratings system. 

    The set top box method is outdated & the technology is there for it to be replaced by digital technology that is in place in just about every tv out there. 

    The question is why the recitence in keeping this flawed rating system when they can virtually access the results of who is watching what in about 90 % of households?

    Why does the NRL virtually outrate the AFL on platforms like foxsports, kayo etc where this digital reading of who view what already exists but not on fta? 

    Surely when we are told AFL fans are 'wealthier' & watch the game in 'greater' numbers blah blah, they are suddenly beaten in the more 'expensive' realm of 'pay' tv & ultimately more accurate method of ratings measurement?

    I think there is a good reason to drag the knuckles on tv ratings measurement for fta when it favors a certain narrative. 



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