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  1. The acid test for me is this. If Tonga and England were to be drawn together in a tournament, would he be happy playing for England or would his heart lie with Tonga. If the latter then he couldn't possibly be comitted to England at any time and therefore not worthy of selection.
  2. Zappa Plays Zappa - concert on the Arts Channel. Great musicianship, a bit whacky at times but then that's Zappa.
  3. Just bought a Blues Traveler cd for 1.20 off e bay, brilliant. John Popper's an astonishing gob iron player
  4. Apparently, but only the US at the moment. http://www.algreenmusic.com/
  5. Al Green 1972 from www.bigozine2.com The man is a master vocalist. Just finished watching a film about his career too. He's still a great singer, it's just that his concerts are free every Sunday
  6. Dead right, she's tremendous. Her hubby can play a bit too.
  7. Anyone want to see an absolute masterclass in the guitar, watch, or record Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts. 1am Monday morning. Great band including the very talented young lass on bass, Tal Wilkenfeld. There's a number of musicians in the audience, including Clapton who was blown away by the quality on show.
  8. Southside Johnny an La Bamba's Big Band. The songs of Tom Waits. Wonderful
  9. Add to that Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughan, 2 of the best playing together.
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