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  1. No. I don't vote Labour either- see previous post. I'm saying it is odd that you profess ignorance of and a lack of interest in a subject you are taking part in a discussion about. Fairly simple
  2. They packing them at Wigan last night. The system is clearly working. I hope leigh go up. They will set the competition alight
  3. So you don't know because you are not Labour. I'm not Labour either. You are taking part in a discussion about the leadership election of the Labour party and you profess ignorance and a lack of interest in what the candidates say or stand for. At least you are consistent. You have no idea whether I am a 'leftie' or not. Sticking silly labels on people really isn't very grown up.
  4. The east coast main line was a joint enterprise between the north British railway, the north eastern railway, and the great northern railway. Winston Churchill proposed the railways be nationalised in world war one. A compromised was reached in 1923 with the formation of four railway groups under private ownership. Thus the east coast main line came under the ownership of the london north eastern railway. In 1948 the railways were taken into state ownership under British railways, later British rail. HTH.
  5. same with schools, hospitals and other public services. That is why we pay taxes, well some of us do.
  6. increased efficiency, ran at a profit, subsequently re-privatised: not sure why, maybe someone can explain.
  7. you have clearly studied his parliamentary career. I commend you. So tell me more about his disloyalty.
  8. a landslide is massive by definition. Blair was a conviction politician. How wasn't he?
  9. they are representatives of their constituency, and of their party. Many, sometimes most of their constituents voted for someone else or didn't vote at all. So what you say is impossible. Rebellion isn't necessarily disloyalty. You are confusing loyalty with blind conformity you are not the only one-on this occasion. They represent their party in that they stand for election upon their party manifesto, with the financial and with practical support of their party. An MP's job isn't just to sit in parliament , debate and vote. That is why it is wrong to say MP's don't care or are lazy when we see a sparsely populated chamber. They represent their constituency and their constituents(not the same thing), at ground level, and work on for instance committees and pressure groups. HTH.
  10. Burnham has said he would take the Railways back into public ownership as well, the bloody pinko commie.
  11. didn't stop Thatcher, and it isn't stopping the current government, or are they only kidding?
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