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  1. I watched 'Spiral' on BBC 4 last night. Cracking French crime drama.
  2. What a gorgeous day the ground was hard and the frost was crisp, with the sun making everything gleam, with adjusting of snow on the fields. Great morning for a walk.
  3. I'm taking stock as well gazI like street photography and I'm thinking about my approach to it. I'd like to engage more with the people I photograph, and adopt more of a portraiture rather than a candid approach. I think it's more respectful, and more productive I also want to do something with my portfolio of the local woods, some of which you've seen
  4. Chippy tea from Midgeley's at west park tomorrow. They take their duty of care seriously. I once asked for two large portions of my shoes and was told I couldn't gave them and would have to settle for one large and one small, so that I didn't "make myself badly". I respectfully disagreed but accepted her judgement. It was like bar staff refusing to serve a drunk
  5. I'm going to listen to johnny winters's swan song properly tonight. I've had it since it first came out but not paid enough attention to it
  6. Then he/she is a sexist narrow minded tosser
  7. Thanks for that and well timed . I think I'll be sipping dalwhinnie this year. I love the stuff
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