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  1. People everywhere know what the NFL represents and that it is the pinnacle of that sport. The terms 'national', 'football' and 'league' in a crowded world wide sports market may (you would have thought) caused it some confusion. But the acronym NFL cut through all that. The NFL has not stopped it crossing national boundaries by having a team in Canada and maybe now one in London. I'd have thought referring to our sport as NRL may be the answer. We could call our league NRL-Europe. The term NRL seems to be getting traction with some non-RL journalists over here in the UK. I'd prefer it to super league or constantly battling about the word rugby.
  2. Heard this this morning, good effort from the sports guy who really gave him a big build up. Chris Evans didn't refer to it though, which was a bit disappointing as he was fawning all over the union boys. And he's from league land!
  3. It's definitely getting worse from it's very poor levels before. There are sports that are getting coverage that never used to- cycling, womens football, Paralympics to name a few. We are getting squeezed out of the national consciousness. Thank goodness for the BBC, I know they're not perfect but at least they ensure we get a national platform now and again.
  4. I accept that the Lions viewing figures are large. If the Lions series was this year then again I might think ok. But is 5 years of superleague less worthy than 1 test series 3 years away? Mind you, if they are paying us loads of money then this is a minor complaint!
  5. Not sure I'm happy about the order of the press release on skysports. We're second after the British and Irish Lions RU tour in 2017! I have seen some of BT sports and I must admit I'm pretty jealous about how they promote their club rugby union. I can never see Sky doing anything like that. As another poster said, a quality magazine show is essential.
  6. I think if i was a Wigan fan i would be hard pressed to get excited about this one. I wonder where they would have played Catalans v London???!! I wish the RFL had the money to take this fixture to a half way venue (such as say Coventry) but it probably just doesn't have the money to justify the spend for a one off event. Bit depressing but i'm sure the final will make up for it.
  7. Whatever booing Giggsy got, i can assure you its nothing to what he's used to in the premier league! I can't imagine it would have bothered him one bit.
  8. I went to the game and when you are in the stadium, the atmosphere is excellent and it feels quite busy. It's surprising when they show on tv how empty it looks! A very entertaining game and there was a real family feel to the bar afterwards with all the players in attendance. Its how sport should be. Well done Eagles. Lets hope they keep playing at Bramall Lane and are allowed to build a decent fanbase.
  9. This should definitely be a poll question!!!!
  10. Brian Noble walked past me at the Bradford Alahambra watching John Bishop in February this year.
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