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  1. So early mornings, late into work if it's a cracker of a match scenario? It'll make a change from the usual fodder on telly at breakfast - I hope to catch some
  2. Televise ALL the SL games in each round....loads of games to attract viewers then and certainly more than three per week. Could have had less rounds and no loop fixtures, free up weeks for Intrnationals and had the VR - which I don't like personally - at all games so all officiating was the same.
  3. By the centenary in 2022 please can we have a group of people in charge who know what they are doing, a long term International and domestic plan with a structure not written on the back of a cig packet and argued over in public. And a television deal that shows an abundance of SL games, in fact all of them....just one home and away per team, but Sky get to show them all, not just one per day...why not one Friday, two Saturday, three Sunday, etc.....therefore enough games to cover their wishes for the contract. If we could have that, I would even grant them their wish to continue with VR....shudder....but at least all the game should would be affected.
  4. Is it the RFL or the RLIF we should be berating? Or are both equally responsible? And the change hasn't been made on the RLIF site http://www.rlif.com/match_preview/RLIF8072500
  5. DrM may have an opinion, he is allowed to state one, .....but I find it beyond sad and not at all funny that he deliberately posts tweets to stir things up. Then brags that he's caught a few whoppers etc The people he laughs at are genuine rugby league fans, who support the game and their clubs, and deserve respect. He is the equivalent of a drunken troll, and for someone who supposedly cares about rugby league, he has a very weird way of showing it
  6. I can't this weekend.....obviously I would if I could
  7. Mamas & Papas - It's Getting Better Not by choice but a political RT of Trumps latest rant about a wall somehow placed this tune in my head for the day
  8. I'd love to be able to go to Wembley and support the game, shout for #TeamDracs (love an underdog story) and have a good time meeting up with others. Fed up of reading all the it'll look terrible on telly type posts.
  9. Once the first prototype is designed, I'm sure it will be easy peasie to do a range, might even do ones with cgi crowds
  10. Is this what is meant when people say whataboutism ?
  11. Looking for a business partner, with practical experience in building prototypes in plastic....I'm onto something here, we just need to do vertical lines to project rugby league pitch markings....bingo bingo Dragons Den here we come
  12. People must think I'm proper nosy looking at their profiles, when in fact it's just my fat fingers hitting their names instead of the last post
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