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  1. Mamas & Papas - It's Getting Better Not by choice but a political RT of Trumps latest rant about a wall somehow placed this tune in my head for the day
  2. People must think I'm proper nosy looking at their profiles, when in fact it's just my fat fingers hitting their names instead of the last post
  3. I'm glad a battery flogging, rude, arrogant bully is having a hard time of it and can't wait for fresh beginnings, even if that means starting from scratch.
  4. National Trivia Day is on 4th January, so that's 143 days to go.....is that uninteresting enough?
  5. Christmas supermarket shopping after work tomorrow and I'm already dreading it. I would honestly advise anyone considering going at the same time to keep out of my way
  6. You know those half used packs of Christmas cards you put somewhere safe so you could use them this year....yeah them...can't find them anywhere.
  7. By Andrew Ferguson PAUL BARRIÈRE AND THE BIRTH OF THE WORLD CUP http://commentaryboxsports.com/australian/nrl/paul-barriere-birth-world-cup.html
  8. a couple of pictures of our wedding yesterday showing Lee & me with our respective families
  9. Happy birthday Martin Gore, one hell of a talented man
  10. not uninteresting or trivial to me, but probably to you We get married on Friday :)
  11. Now for a serious photo, one that Lee took this year and I personally think it's lovely If anyone could post it properly I would appreciate it - thank you
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