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  1. This time of year isn't for everyone, it's ok not to be ok, but if you feel the need, please use #JoinIn , or ring a friend, send a DM, phone the helplines. Most importantly be kind to yourself, and take care x
  2. Well done Gomersall and thank you to Old Frightful for organising the sweep
  3. This is nuts ! Game on after France get two back after a shambolic first 80 mins
  4. Honestly! How very dare you ! I am of course referring to Poland, my team in this sweep. I will not be having a further outing to the club, or be in need of cleaning up. * that was yesterday, and I was still inebriated when I wrote my post. I am just about coming round, but as my husband has to be at work at 6am, we are staying at home today.
  5. Poland hanging on and only our disciplinary is keeping us in
  6. So, no fixtures posted today currently watching my team Poland v Saudi Arabia
  7. We’ll I’m ashamed to say that I’ve just woken up at 21:50 after an afternoon sesh in the club. Lightweight or what!
  8. So I’m up against Old Frightful - Saudi Arabia, bobbruce - Mexico, and Gomersall - Argentina C’mon Poland !!
  9. At this stage I think any remaining spaces should be awarded to the first nine who signed up, so they get two for being early birds. Obviously if any newbies turn up before kick off it will be less than nine and I also think it should include Old Frightful as numero uno. Good luck everyone
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