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  1. 12 minutes ago, Damien said:

    And so it begins:

    The delay of the Rugby League World Cup to 2022 looms as a major hurdle for the NRL’s second Brisbane team, with the competition newcomers to have less than six weeks for their players to train together before their first season.

    With the Redcliffe Dolphins favourites to be selected as the 17th team this week ahead of the Firehawks and Jets, officials involved with the three bids are aware the bulk of their recruits will not be available to train until the start of 2023 if involved in the World Cup.

    Under the collective bargaining agreement, players are entitled to six-to-eight weeks annual leave. This year players with more than five years experience were entitled to 10 weeks because of COVID-19 and the restrictions that have been placed on them for the past two years.

    Should players feature in the World Cup final on November 19 next year, some of them will not be required to start training until the middle of January.

    NRL 2021: Rugby League World Cup could hurt league’s expansion franchise (smh.com.au)

    please, next they'll be saying how global warming is effecting clubs pre-season training and how the U.N.  needs to reduce carbon emotions before the 2023 NRL season starts.



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