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  1. so sad to see Salford on life support in the relegation zone....considering they just made a GF and CC final
  2. Welsh jersey looks mint, greece seems a bit lazy, france should go back to full chevron.. and any jersey with a half chevron no thanks..
  3. P.S. i like the kit, except for the black Mother Sponsor and maybe need a bit of subtle navy blue on it. Other then that I give it a solid 7
  4. Hay, it could have sh.t stain on it and be sponsored by Pepco.... I dont care lets just win the bloody world cup with this kit!
  5. what is the whole point of this.............. just release the f.....ken kit!!!!
  6. Clearly they haven't indicated which dimension.
  7. Bastille Day would be my pick. Which frenchmen wouldn't want a bunch of English hooligans get drunk on there national day.
  8. I have a feeling the england kit will be released today or tomorrow... the online shop is currently down.
  9. The CzechS should merge with new Slovak teams............. Czechoslovakia Super League
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