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  1. great win for Salford, all they need to do is move from there stadium (just kidding)
  2. Cutting back on global warming emissions by flying in a private jet with his misses..... stay classy Harry
  3. That's a swanky new looking strip joint
  4. Wolves v Dragons... seems a lot of passion there.
  5. The Sharks are pleased to announce the arrival of our official macron store Montpellier! The Jerseys of our team for the 2019-2020 season will be unveiled soon The Sharks are pleased to announce the partnership with our official equipment supplier Macron store Montpellier ! The jerseys for the 2019-2020 season will soon be unveiled Any other French clubs releasing there new kits?
  6. Played full back as a junior stopped after I finished high school
  7. Maybe the RFL should introduce a War of the Roses for players who only Represent the Championship and League 1 clubs. I think that could work really well.
  8. love this simple Villeneuve Leopards jersey, reminds me of the Canberra Raiders kit also they should go back to a more traditional logo, like this one really looks classy
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