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  1. "The 16 NRL clubs were told that head office may consider purchasing the UK Super League competition if a business case could be made for the move. As it stands, the NRL doesn't own a single asset."
  2. The Roosters could literally buy the French or at best do a deal and use them as a nursery for the club.
  3. no chance, he's a goner... he'll be more interested in wind turbines, woke feminism, radicalised Hollywood leftism, Supporting Mark Zuckerberg while joining the Anti-Trump Movement and organic vegan lifestyle (due to the impact of eating meat on mother nature).... He'll have no room for little old rugby league. Plus Meagan has him by the ###### and he's .."D and M'ing" with Aunty Oprah Like I said no chance.
  4. we should be playing at least 2 games a year against France
  5. I heard Harry will sit down with Oprah and Meg, in a tell all interview about Rugby League... I can't wait
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