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  1. my WC prediction pool, Australia, Samoa Jamaica and Greece (the group of death)
  2. West wales should ave just stuck with the iron men logo and slapped a viking helmet on his head.
  3. That West Wales Raiders logo is horrible... it reminds me of a stag night rugby club in Tallin.
  4. sponsor them all, and you can be the Rupert Murdoch of Jamaica
  5. And I heard that Meg's is going to pick the balls out of the barrel with a bra-less wet tee shirt.... ...apparently she needs to start making some money....
  6. Does that mean Harry will be the number one ticket holder for TWP?
  7. https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/rugby-league-world-cup-2021-loses-star-power-after-prince-harry-meghan-markle-pull-out/news-story/d603bd32cba29e805938e7305dde23cb
  8. We can't have 2 Halifax's it would too confusing.
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