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  1. My idea, to get more people to the final(I do realise it would damaged the pitch and Man U would probably say no... but) Maybe the Championship Final, Women's Super League (in that order) should be played at Old Trafford as a curtain raisers for the Grand Final. Also, all amateur kids club should receive discounted group tickets (which I'm sure they already do to some degree) And Finally, play the Grand Final on the same day as the NRL final... and make it a festival type atmosphere with beer gardens, meet former players, live NRL GF action on the Big screen and while 2 extra games (Women's GF and the Million Pound Game) are being played inside the staduim. Almost a Magic Weekend feel about it. We can market/name it as the Super league's "The Grand Day Out"
  2. https://www.townrlfc.com/article/724/playing-jersey-confirmed-for-cumbria-rl-return
  3. Big clubs like Sydney Rooster could literally buy the French Elite One and use it as a their reserve, development side and junior base.
  4. at the end of the day when its finals time... if you want to win a grand final, just don't loose....regardless if your league leaders champions or scrapped it in 6th....
  5. Give it time, they will adopt a location name. After they realise they can get more money, sponsors and support after spending 10s of thousands of pounds on some vocus group. 3 years down the track (Watch this space)
  6. anyone know if this is for sale? Ukraine jersey made by Canterbury?
  7. She will be missed.. honestly a true legend. God Bless her.
  8. its a real shame that T.O. are going down, P.S.G lasted longer...
  9. Ελληνική Λίγκα Ράγκμπι (Greek Rugby League) and put a rugby ball in the middle of the logo, and you got yourself a classic
  10. I think they got the same graphic art designer who did the Leigh Centurions logo
  11. I miss the 2000 WC mascot, the dinosaur sperm looking thingy he truly was the embodiment and spirit of rugby league.
  12. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/salford-red-devils-aj-bell-24784941
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