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  1. 14 minutes ago, EastLondonMike said:

    Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who said Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness?

    Well not quite sure even Salford fans would argue about the greatness bit, but Saracens new kit with Castile is essentially a slightly nicer version of the current Salford kit. Albeit still pretty horrible.



    PSG Super League rip off




  2. 37 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    The traditional looking Hummel kits have been pretty nice, classics even. The non traditional ones, less so...

    It seems in RL we get manufacturers in bursts. Everyone had ISC, then X Blades came along with Kappa, then ONiells and now Hummel and Oxen. I do wonder if its just the same people making the shirts just operating under different licenses and word of mouth spread from various chairmen!

    Next will be  Umbro, Mitre and Avec

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  3. 14 minutes ago, POR said:

    All change at  FEV after Steeden who have been kit partners for the last few years. FEV will enter the 2022 season with a fresh new look through a new 3 year technical and merchandise partnership with Danish Sports Brand Hummel.  

    apparently “It  will be the biggest kit deal in the Club’s history😀


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