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  1. https://www.salfordreddevils.net/red-devils-and-kappa-partnership-comes-to-an-end/


    The Red Devils’ partnership with Kappa, which has run for three seasons, will finish at the end of the current 2021 season.

    During their time as our partner, Kappa supplied kit for two historic cup final appearances. The club would like to wish Kappa our thanks for the partnership.

    In alignment with the Kappa agreement, 2021 will also see the club’s retail partnership with Wild Thang end.

    Salford Red Devils Commercial Director, George Harborne, said: “We are grateful for the support that Kappa and Wild Thang have shown the club since the 2019 season. They have been valuable partners for the club and we wish them both well in their future projects in rugby league.”

    Kappa UK Rugby & Teamwear lead, Craig Miller, added: “Kappa have been extremely proud to partner with Salford Red Devils over the past 3 seasons, with some great experiences including a Grand Final and a Challenge Cup Final in back-to-back seasons.

    I would like to thank all the players, staff and fans for supporting the brand during our partnership and wish you all the very best for the future on and off the pitch.”

    Wild Thang Director, John Howarth, commented: “We have loved playing a part in the recent success of Salford Red Devils with an Old Trafford and Wembley appearance, plus being the bench wear and half time entertainment sponsors.

    “We are proud to have helped the club’s retail business grow and hope that the club continues to progress on the field, to go a step further and give the loyal fans some silverware that their commitment to the club deserves.”

    A further announcement on plans for the 2022 season will be made soon.

  2. Not sure if anyone has already said this.... but, if the NRL get rugby league into the Olympics that means international players can only play for country e.g. tedesco must choose either Italy or Australia, and not its current model of first tier and second tier international system. (Which would in theory hurt AUSTRALIA, NZ and State of Origin

  3. 1 hour ago, Damien said:

    Fingers crossed. Whilst I'm not keen on teams based on race if it means the World Cup goes ahead I'm all for it:

    An Australian Indigenous and New Zealand Maori team will be included in this year’s World Cup as replacements for Australia and New Zealand after a significant player push.

    It comes as the 16 NRL clubs prepare a statement detailing their angst at the World Cup going ahead. The letter is expected to arrive as early as Friday. Club chief executives will publicly back the ARLC’s decision to withdraw the Kangaroos.

    Clubs won’t be able to stop their players from representing other nations at the World Cup but hope it can be delayed by 12 months.

    While Australia and New Zealand won’t feature there has been a growing push for an Indigenous and Maori team to be included.


    Talk about shooting your own testicles.

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  4. 1 hour ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    Shame about Palau however I am not surprised they have been punching way above their weight.

    I was up mountain hiking in the Pyrenees on Saturday and got chatting to a school teacher from Paris who informed me that Perpignan council is now (Since the last election) been under the control of the vile National Front was wondering how this could affect things rugby wise in the city down the line.



    No worse then a socialist government...Pol Pot, Stalin, Ceausescu

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Jim from Oz said:

    To say this is utterly ridiculous is the understatement of the day 9and why is quarantine suddenly 4 weeks???):

    In response, ARL Commission chairman Peter V’landys said keeping players in quarantine for extended periods of up to four weeks had the potential to “destroy a player’s life forever”.



    yes Vlandys is doing a great job protecting his players

  6. 1 minute ago, Jim from Oz said:

    I am totally lost as to what all this is about. I have never heard of Sportsflick. Did they get the Australian rights to the 2021 RL World Cup? something else RL-related??

    Also, as we don't know who/what "Jaco" is, I'm a bit wary of placing much store on this info …

    It's a online sports website, they televise serbian rugby league


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