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  1. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/usa-rugby-league-world-cup-5684064?utm_source=leeds_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=rugby_league_lve_newsletter&utm_medium=email&pure360.trackingid={~TrackingId~}


    The United States of America have put their hand up to replace Australia or New Zealand in the Rugby League World Cup, insisting the competition should take place.

    Mark Offerdahl, who captained USA in the 2017 World Cup, says the country is ready to prepare at short notice and participate in the competition.

    Both Australia and New Zealand stated that they would be withdrawing from the competition on Tuesday morning, leaving organisers with a nightmare situation just three months before the start of the competition.

    However, they could be saved by the USA, who reached the quarter-finals in 2013.

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