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  1. 12 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    I’d suggest that you don’t even know if they exist, and if they do if they’d want to join elite 1, and if they do where their players would come from, where they’d play, or who would fund this ridiculously expensive pie in the sky idea. 

    I just asked a question about Paris- Charenton and whether or not they’re still kicking?

    Looked up online, looks like they still are...

    Gee you need to relax mate.

  2. Just now, Yakstorm said:

    The other benefit of that 12:30pm Saturday time slot is from around April that becomes 9:30pm AEST.

    Now I know one of the reasons Fox Sports in Australia has generally pushed back on increasing its investment in SL is because of the poor timeslots (Friday & Saturday mornings), but having a live game straight after Super Saturday would rate well (as shown previously whenever a Magic Weekend or Super 8 match has kicked off at that timeslot).

    Whilst SL needs to look after its local markets first and foremost, being able to extract extra revenue and awareness from markets like Australia is certainly not a negative. 

    Is super league on free to air in Australia?

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