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  1. 29 minutes ago, M j M said:

    Ownership isn't important in itself.

    Being able to exploit the full commercial opportunities of the stadium is however. And that generally comes with ownership or long leasehold (as many of the financially struggling Super League clubs who rent their stadia and have little control will confirm.)

    Look at Hull, Huddersfeild, Wigan

  2. 8 minutes ago, Ray Cashmere said:

    It is effectively Moor Lane or nothing.


    The good news:

    • due diligence suggests it is a feasible solution
    • The club are meeting with architects/builders imminently to discuss the possibility of expanding the capacity to 6.5k/8k (we can build up, just not out) 
    • We would have full commercial control over the stadium in terms of corporate hospitality & executive boxes (yes, the exist), sponsorship (good news considering our commercial revenue has doubled since February) and food & beverage


    Obstacles remaining:

    • Cost of expanding the stadium (all depends what quotes we are given)
    • Training base & HQ 
    • Car parking (park & ride logistics already thought through and other local parking solutions are being discussed with the relevant parties)

    But would they own the ground?

  3. 8 hours ago, EastLondonMike said:

    Rugby reloaded podcast has an episode about RL in South Africa recently uploaded. With a certain professor, whose name escapes me.

    Im half way through it, as I’ve aways had an interest in the game there. Always felt a but frustrated the RFL/ARL never made more of an effort in developing the game there.

    Pretty sure any club could pick a couple of

    Players and be very pleased.... especially clubs in the championship

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