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  1. Slightly different, but 'related'.

    One of the schools I taught at arranged a 'Christmas Shopping Day' for the staff (I guess it worked for the children, too). How they arranged it was imaginative: they used one of their 'Training' days to give the children (and staff) a day off. They replaced the 'Training' day with a series of two-hour after school 'Training' sessions. That way, everybody got a day off in December to go Christmas shopping but nobody lost any teaching.


  2. 4 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    You know, because I’m reacting to the breaking news that Salford have had to postpone a game. It’s not happened at Huddersfield or Wakefield or Hull KR or Saints or Wigan...

    Salford have earned in the region of £10m  

    Salford did close their Academy in 2016.

    Salford, off the back of a Wembley appearance, are playing catch up on games, alongside catch-up caused by a pandemic.

    No, I can’t understand why you’d think that. 

    All of which serve to identify Salford as your target, as I said.


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  3. 4 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    It wasn’t. Not at all. It was at the game. Not Salford. 

    So why did you refer to Salford in every paragraph?

    "A club that has been back in Super League for eleven years, earning £10 million"

    "They closed their academy in 2016."

    "They are now ... playing catch up."

    I understand your points apply to other clubs. Can you understand how I think you just want to bash Salford?


  4. 1 minute ago, Cheshire Setter said:

    To be fair, I think HW is rightly pointing out that outside of the few ‘big clubs’ RL is extremely vulnerable. His argument could be applied to a few clubs surely, even though it mentions Salford? I think he’s questioning us as a sport, not your club alone. Maybe the advent of Super League was a missed opportunity for franchising, I don’t know. Worth taking a step back to look at how exposed we are though. 

    I get what you are saying and perhaps you are correct, but he has been having a go at Salford for a couple of days now.

    Maybe I should just bite my tongue?


  5. 2 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    Does this not just highlight how wrong Rugby League is? I’m not having a go at Salford here, I will say that, however, this is a club that have been back in Super League now for eleven years, earning themselves in the region of £10m in that time through their performances on the field.

    They closed their Academy in 2016, with cost issues cited as the reason. I can understand why they would choose that route, especially with the threat of relegation looming over them, something which I think is probably only a couple of bad decisions away for most clubs in the current Super League, in the form of the Super 8’s and now automatic relegation. 

    They’re now, on the back of being successful and making the Cup Final, playing catch-up (which is fair enough, it’s what is expected of successful teams every year) and are down to the bare bones and having to postpone games. 

    Somethings wrong somewhere. 

    If this is "not having a go at Salford", I'd hate to see what actually having a go at us is. You need to let it go.


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  6. 1 hour ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    No, I didn’t lose. I won £40 on Salford at 2/1. But yeah, you think it’s some petty rubbish, if you like.

    Salford, like everyone else, need to get on with it. It is what it is this year and a series of games in a short period, after a period of three in a month, whilst competing and being successful in the Challenge Cup, was inevitable. I’m not sure Salford have a leg to stand on. They knew the rules, they knew this could happen if they did well in the cup and they knew what was likely if Covid cases were diagnosed. It’s unfortunate but we’re, as a game, in a precarious position and this was always going to be the case this year, given we’re desperate to keep the World Cup in place next year  

    I’d have swapped with Salford to be in a cup final again. Though, that said, we’d have coped better because we have a reserve grade (Ben Davies being a reserve grade player signed from Widnes) and an Academy (13/17 last night were graduates through our own system). Maybe, Salford fans’ angst should be directed towards their own club rather than the league?

    Well, I tried to be conciliatory, but you are still bitter. Tough.

    Salford are not complaining. As you failed to read my post, I'll repeat it. We are still putting teams on the pitch, we are still competing, we are not, as a club, complaining. The only complaints are from a few fans. I just don't get why you are so bitter.

    As I said, enjoy the rest of the season. However, I won't be wishing you well in the play offs.


  7. 19 minutes ago, Hela Wigmen said:

    It’s not an example. It’s a side having to play catch-up due to getting to the Cup Final. Salford knew the likelihood of having to play catch-up should they have progressed in the cup. 

    A rather jaundiced view. Did you lose last night?

    It wasn't just because we got to the CC final. You seem to have forgotten that we had to miss a few games after Hull's Covid problems. We played Hull, they revealed positive tests, we had to cancel games (not blaming Hull - sh*t happens) and we are playing catch up for that as well as getting to the CC final. The club is not crying "unfair", it is putting teams on the park and competing. Did I mention that we won last night?

    The OP probably should have avoided mentioning her club, but she used an example she was well acquainted with, and she does make a valid point about player welfare generally.

    The Saints fans on here (including you,HW, iirc) were very generous in their praise of Salford for getting to Wembley, so I'm puzzled by the reactions to this thread. Still, Saints are still, I believe, top and you have a great group of youngsters coming through who will have learnt a lot from last night. Enjoy the rest of the season.

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Clogiron said:


    More significant what have any of the player's who left at the end of last season achieved? Hastings and the rest of them look like a shadow of what they were whilst at Salford.

    When people were asking how Hastings would do at Wigan, I did say that it would depend on the Wigan coaching staff. If they let him play his own game, he would be brilliant, but if they tie him in to the Wigan structures, he would struggle. Those Wigan structures have been great for the team over the last few decades, but they don't suit the cavalier that is Jackson Hastings.

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  9. 13 minutes ago, ELBOWSEYE said:

    Can't see wire losing this, strong squad, never say die attitude, playing well, experienced something like 13 of the last 14 semi finals. 

    As a pedant (and please don't take offence), there are 2 semi-finals each year and they can't be in both, so the most they could have been in is 7 out of the last 14.

    But I know what you mean.

    I hope Salford win, but I think Wire are due a win against us as we've won the last 4 or 5. May the winning streak continue!


  10. 2 hours ago, Bearman said:

    I have just been offered a free 2nd generation meter from my powered supplier.

    Is it worth having one?

    If it's free, then it probably is worth it.

    There could be other reasons to have a smart meter, but just having a smart meter will not save you money. You have to reduce your electricity consumption in order to pay less. If, for example, the smart meter allowed you to use more environmentally friendly electricity*, such as wind generated, and the environment is important to you, then get one and enjoy your environmentally friendly electricity.

    * I don't think it can.

  11. 11 hours ago, ckn said:

    Working class genes with centuries of lard and stodgy in a diet marrying a wife who feeds me my food’s food. I think my body is genetically used to stodgy food so burns cholesterol for fun and doesn’t know what to do with healthy stuff.

    For example, lunch today, bruschetta, home made with fancy tomatoes and stuff. Dinner, pasta, veggie basic one.

    In fact... today was a vegetarian day. My forefathers would be ashamed... I will go eat meat for the hell of it now, maybe a slice of ham.

    ONE slice! That makes you practically a vegan in my book.

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