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  1. So, we know who is winning the Cup, do we? I remember thinking Wigan would slaughter Sheffield. I was certain. Fortunately, I wasn't daft enough to put actual money on it.
  2. Thanks. I kind of knew that. About 5 years ago, I was struck by the thought that fax machines had come and gone in about 20 to 30 years. Technology moves apace.
  3. Does she know how to use the office fax machine?
  4. That reminds me of an AC/DC song.
  5. For me, the answer is "Anyone but London." HTH Oh, and "Anyone but Salford."
  6. Please let both this evening's scores stay as they are. London winning at Catalans and Salford winning at Hull. Can it get any better?
  7. That must be game over! Great result for us. Ian Watson walks on water!
  8. I genuinely don't know which is giving me more pleasure. London' performance or Salford's. Hope they stay as they are.
  9. England hoping for rain to avoid defeat? That was a joke. I hope.
  10. ... you have to start paying lots of bills.
  11. You mean he's getting paid? Real money? My God! It's worse than I thought.
  12. What has your scrotum got to do with your benefits? Or is that how you applied 'pressure' to the benefits clerk?
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