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  1. Gutted! I'd kick the cat, but it died a year ago. Another coat of paint on the posts and that first conversion would have bounced clear. "Sack the lazy painters," I say.
  2. Getting nervous now. Time for the boys to go to work. Good luck, Salford! Bring the cup home with you.
  3. I like what you did there. Does it come with barges?
  4. Forgive me for this, there is no offence intended and I certainly don't want to belittle Huddersfield but, I don't really care what happens. There is no relegation this year and we are in the Challenge Cup Final in ten days. Fill yer boots Huddersfield, 'cos I don't care. PS. I just hope we avoid any injuries.
  5. I'd like to echo JD's earlier comment, thanking OF for 'standing in' for him. A sterling effort. I enjoyed following the game on here last night. Thanks, mate.
  6. When people were asking how Hastings would do at Wigan, I did say that it would depend on the Wigan coaching staff. If they let him play his own game, he would be brilliant, but if they tie him in to the Wigan structures, he would struggle. Those Wigan structures have been great for the team over the last few decades, but they don't suit the cavalier that is Jackson Hastings.
  7. As a pedant (and please don't take offence), there are 2 semi-finals each year and they can't be in both, so the most they could have been in is 7 out of the last 14. But I know what you mean. I hope Salford win, but I think Wire are due a win against us as we've won the last 4 or 5. May the winning streak continue!
  8. If it's free, then it probably is worth it. There could be other reasons to have a smart meter, but just having a smart meter will not save you money. You have to reduce your electricity consumption in order to pay less. If, for example, the smart meter allowed you to use more environmentally friendly electricity*, such as wind generated, and the environment is important to you, then get one and enjoy your environmentally friendly electricity. * I don't think it can.
  9. ONE slice! That makes you practically a vegan in my book.
  10. Hmmm! You predicted a win for us last week, iirc, and we got thumped by Leeds. Do I detect a new strategy from Chronicler? Fwiw, I hope you are right.
  11. Of course there's room for optimism in West Hull! A quick glance across the river should lift your spirits.
  12. Your chemist will be able to provide a cream for your itch. I think Salford will win in a close contest.
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