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  1. The injuries look painful, but not life-threatening. Something to be avoided if at all possible. This got me thinking about American Football. They have decades of experience with artificial playing surfaces, so must know a thing or two. Their players wear knee-length "shorts", which must mitigate these injuries. (I think they pre-date AstroTurf, tbh.) Is it possible for RL players to wear similar when playing at Belle Vue. Are they permitted? Do they pose a different risk of injury? Anybody know?
  2. It is a complicated language when you delve into the fine detail. Spare a thought for my poor Greek students who are trying to learn English! It is City got past Bayern. In this case, it refers to the relative positions. You can't really use the verb form here. City passed a stern test provided by Bayern would work, but it is awkward. It can get even more complicated, City got passed by Liverpool, means Liverpool are now higher in the table than City. (It is in the passive voice and should be "have been passed", but uses an informal structure with "got") I use Liverpool in a purely hypothetical way, of course! Edit to add. It really isn't worth getting your (anyone's) knickers in a twist over it, which is why I didn't, and wouldn't, pull anyone up over it. I waited until you insisted you were right. I hope I haven't offended you.
  3. No, it isn't. We are past the point of no return. "Past" here is a preposition. We have passed the point of no return. "Passed" here is the past participle of the verb, "to pass". (Note, "passed" is also the past simple tense of the verb, "to pass", as in "I passed my test yesterday") HTH
  4. I love it, John. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.
  5. He illustrated much of my youth and never failed to raise a smile.
  6. Oh, how I would love you to win that! How great would the journey home be? Hoping.
  7. Always look on the bright side of life!
  8. If you know a guy called Vlad, you might be able to add nuclear strike to your list.
  9. No room for Dave Dee, Beaky, Mick and Titch? I shall hang my head in shame.
  10. It's snowing here. Well, actually a mix of snow, hail and rain. Nothing unusual in that, you might think, but I live in Crete. It is freezing cold outside. Good job we've got central heating!
  11. To add, I've just googled "patterns of tyre tread wear". Some images, explanations and advice on there. Good luck.
  12. I don't have much knowledge of the mechanics of cars, but I did get a wheel alignment done here in Greece about 12 years ago. From what the guy who did the alignment said, you should try to look at the pattern of wear on the treads. If your wheels are out of alignment, you might see a line of wear in the tread. Properly aligned wheels should spread the wear evenly across the width of the tread and not leave a wear line along the length of the tread. If your tyres show this wear pattern, you should get them replaced. If they don't, the garage should be able to correct the alignment on the existing tyres. If you are in doubt, think about this. Your tyres provide the only contact between your car (containing you and your loved ones) and the road. It's a small price to pay for your safety. Ask any of the many bike riders on here and they will tell you not to take a chance on your tyres. HTH.
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