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  1. Sky news also reporting Bryant's death in a helicopter crash.
  2. My ten-year-old hasn't been french kissed. Godd luck explaining that to him or her!
  3. Wow! A while thread about me*! I like it! * and a few others I could mention
  4. Sorry, Bleep, but I'm not surprised, given your self-proclaimed arsey attitude. Try putting yourself in the interviewer's shoes. Would you employ yourself?
  5. Look! I know we once had 14 on the pitch against Castleford, but 24 has got to be stretching it a bit!
  6. I watched for about 40 minutes and I was very impressed with the quality of the feed, if not the rugby. (Tbf, there was a gale blowing the length of the pitch and the players were struggling with it.) Even the commentators were trying hard not to be one-eyed. All in all, a very good effort. Well done to Barrow RLFC!
  7. Clearly. The big issue in football over the last year has been racism. We (as in the English media) have, rightly imo, made a huge fuss about Bulgarian racism and yet here we are, with racism being prominent in English and European football still. Think Sterling at Chelsea, United players at City, Balotelli in Italy, among others. Of course the actions of three assholes make the news. It is news. "Thirty thousand people don't commit a racist attack" just isn't news.
  8. But does she know better than you how to load it? My guess, from personal marital experience, is "Yes!"
  9. I'm sorry, but if you have to ask that question, the answer won't help you.
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