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  1. That sounds like a mating frenzy! How many cats do you end up with?
  2. When I was young, I read the Sun for the #### on page 3. Since my 18th birthday however, I haven't bought the rag.
  3. You do realise that you have become a parody of yourself, don't you?
  4. "They never just say 'poor'"? I seem to remember Jiffy saying that (or perhaps it was "pooer"?) quite a lot. He even got criticised on here for it.
  5. I understand that and I agree. I was talking about the technical quality, not the fact that Salford won at Warrington (again!). PS. Remember that I live abroad and have to use a VPN, and my local internet speed is about 8Mbps.
  6. I 'watched' the Sky highlights. They were poorly edited and did not make easy viewing. You're right not to go rushing to firnd them.
  7. Not the 'grammar police', Bob, but I made the same mistake about 50 years ago and my dad explained that it is MEMENTO (derived from the same root as memory) and not MOMENTO (derived from a moment in time). Sorry if I come across as a know-all barsteward, but you know, 'if the cap fits ...', I'll wear it!
  8. It was not put on the website for your personal pleasure. It was put there to show what is out there to the thousands of people who haven't a clue about what is out there.
  9. Later rather than sooner because the Tories will do everything possible to avoid a vote of no confidence as they know it would destroy them. Much as I would like to see it, it won't happen soon.
  10. I think you're right, CR. We have pulled off a few shocks against the Wire recently, but I just can't see it this time. Warrington by 30.
  11. Anyone who "rides roughshod" over the DUP gets a merit badge from me.
  12. I can handle the truth! It's your version of truth that I can't believe! Not aimed at gj!
  13. I never thought for one moment that you were with the in crowd. I would have thought Groucho's comment about not wanting to belong to any club that would have him as a member applied to you as much as me. Take care, mate.
  14. "happens to us all eventually." Hmm. I've never ended up in bed with a "Thatcherite w@nker" personally, but I'd love to know which one you woke up next to. Was it Keith Joseph? (For the avoidance of doubt, the above was definitely tongue-in-cheek. )
  15. Resistance is futile! Get it off your chest. You know you want to and you'll feel better.
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