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  1. Glad to hear someone's got a plan. And it isn't Baldrick!
  2. When trying to establish the link between one variable and an outcome, it is normal scientific procedure to keep all other variables constant in order to 'prove' the link is solely between the one variable and the outcome. Excluding pre-existing conditions means that your results correctly identify the causal link between cv and death because you eliminate any other causes of death, such as pneumonia.
  3. Well, if you're thinking of taking up comedy as a career, my advice is, "Don't give up the day job."
  4. I'm expecting another defeat, and probably a heavy one, for last year's Grand Finalists. At least I was there.
  5. Nah! Just an empty vessel making a lot of noise. A bit like our PM and it's as well I don't meet him as I'd want to throttle him.
  6. Not mine! I must be odd! I'd like to meet great leaders from more obscure civilisations. Darius or Xerxes from Persia. The pervert in me would opt for Cleopatra or Nefertiti. Yes! Nefertiti for me. I doubt I'd survive the night.
  7. That was difficult. I know my eyesight is deteriorating, but 4 out of 10 is not good. One of the four was a total guess! In my defence, I play patience so much that the card outlines are burned into the screen, which doesn't help with the readability. I guess screen quality must play a part, too.
  8. Fair does Eddie. We don't often get much credit for our crowds.
  9. I know what you mean and feel your pain. At my full load (about 10 pints, but I occasionally managed 13), I often couldn't get to my feet either.
  10. No way! He deserves a medal. If it wasn't for our mobile phones, my wife and I would have to talk to each other!
  11. This is what gets up my nose with the Irish and Scots. They all bang on about how wonderful Ireland and Scotland are, but 99% of the buggers live somewhere else, mostly England. If Ireland and Scotland are so wonderful, why don't you live there?
  12. Angry at yourself? Why? You didn't get this ###### deliberately. You are not at fault. Don't blame yourself. In some ways, you are blessed - you have a loving family who are happy to do the heavy lifting for you while you are unable. I know it's trite, but "Count your blessings." You have a loving wife and a daughter. Keep fighting and if you need to vent, we are here, so scream and shout all you like. Good luck!
  13. Is the Kyle show still on? I thought he'd been sent to Coventry. Is Coventry anywhere near Tunbridge Wells?
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