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  1. "Hastings said". Was that a human or computer? Try to talk to a human. Seven years ago, I got a notification from LV that my policy was about to expire. I was in Greece at the time and couldn't use the 0800 number quoted on the documents. I got through to them via their overseas roadside assistance number. They transferred me to LV and, after a short chat, everything was fine. I must say I was impressed with LV, but I wish companies would quote a UK phone number that can be used from abroad. There are sometimes ways round problems, but you have to find them yourself. Good luck.
  2. I haven't watched much of Liverpool this season, but I have a thought on this. It may be nonsense, but ... The loss of Sadio Mane may be more significant than people think. Yes, you've lost his attacking prowess, but he also provided a foil for Salah and Mo looks a bit out of sorts. Also, the forwards used to press really hard and prevented teams breaking out of their own half. This tactic is not working as well without Mane and this puts extra pressure on your defence. Perhaps the real problem is up front?
  3. A good win, but, if I were Guardiola, I'd be fuming about United's last 2 goals. Still, it's always nice to beat your local rivals. And, no, Haaland will never get bored with scoring goals. No true striker ever has nor ever will. When they retire, they may get bored with being unable to score more.
  4. In answer to the op, I'm definitely not booking a return flight to Manchester for this game.
  5. How many of you have actually met Mick? How many have talked with him? I have. More than once. He lives and breathes for RL in general and Bradford Bulls in particular. If he lets his passion cloud his judgement, he is not alone here. If you don't like his style of commentary, don't listen to it. Better still listen and decide which bits to take on board and which to ignore. Don't try and close down someone with a passion for RL in his veins.
  6. I tend to be a bit pessimistic (40 years of following Salford does that to you) and, although we have been a bit of a bogey team for Huddersfield of late, I get a different feeling about this version of the Fartowners. I think they may win today. I hope they don't, but... One thing I do hope for is that whoever wins today goes on to win the GF. Let's break the Leeds/Saints/Wigan stranglehold on the trophy. So I hope Salford win but I fear we may not and I hope the winner wins the big one.
  7. Thanks John. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
  8. In general, try to avoid waste. Others will know better than me, but buying smaller quantities where possible or splitting larger items into portion amounts and putting in the freezer. Don't be silly with 'best before' dates and look online for tips to revive food that is past its best. As an example, bread that has gone dry can be revived by sprinkling with some water and giving it a very quick (10 seconds, maybe less) blast in the microwave. Good luck to one and all, especially those caring for vulnerable relatives.
  9. Not referring to any particular comment. Just wanting to point out what you eloquently did. There's a very long way to go and sport does not always go to plan.
  10. Compared to resolving issues in UK Rugby League, exploring the outer reaches of the universe is mere child's play.
  11. Just a small point for those who think City are nailed-on for the title. Errr .... they are not actually top of the table at the moment. Incidentally, as a City fan, I think they were bloody lucky that Palace's third 'goal' was disallowed. At 3-0, Palace might well have gone on to win.
  12. I notice that you omitted the Guardian. Your distinction between 'reporting' and 'journalism' is interesting. Was it deliberate? My personal gripe with 'journalists' is their poor standard of grammar and spelling. For many of these people, who make their living by using the language, their grasp of the English language is not as good as it should be. IMO, of course.
  13. Why are we going back to the moon? Maybe Neil Armstrong left his filofax behind?
  14. It does kind of spoil the effect. Anyone stuck at Piccadilly bus station has a right to be miserable.
  15. After johnh1 said he was going to look at flights, I've had a quick look on Skyscanner. There's some great ones - out on Friday, back on Sunday, ranging from £214 to £350. Tempting fate, I know, but ...
  16. Deep sigh of relief. What was it you said? "No problem, Tony?" Sheesh. Nerves shredded.
  17. God! You are showing your age, John. Newton is so outdated. Quantum theory is the new way to go. The ball can be in two different places at the same time, so when you next shout "Forward!" at a Leeds pass, you know you are wrong.
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