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  1. Actually, that's a bad example. I can imagine that, if I patted Les Boyd on the head, he'd take the next opportunity to punch my lights out. Les was never very forgiving. I think the reason to stop head-patting is to prevent the likely retaliation. On reflection, I think your use of LB as an example was probably ironic.
  2. I'm disappointed that this thread has descended into some bitter recriminations. Wigan won. Well done to them. Salford made them fight like hell for the win. Well done to my team. Can't we leave the bits that were unsavoury (there were a couple, before anyone denies it) to the disciplinary? They generally, though not always, get it right. Listening on Radio Manc, it sounded like a fantastic game and most of the earlier posts here support that view. Wigan scraped through this one. I hope they don't if we meet again.
  3. Games don't get much tighter than that. Well done to both teams. I'm disappointed, obviously, but it's not over yet. Just get to OT and I'll be there, yelling my heart out for Salford. Come on you Reds!
  4. A scruffy (hard-fought) win, but I'll take it! Sorry to see London go down, but Salford finish 3rd. Great season!
  5. Well, this wasn't in the script. Salford 4 - 8 Hull KR at half time. If it stays like this, all I can say is "Thank God we got this one out of our system now and not later."
  6. Daydreaming is a pleasurable way to kill an hour or so, but daydreams very rarely come true. If Salford do make it to OT (not win the final, just get to OT!), then I will have a panic-filled 48 hours. I will have to organise return flights, a hotel room and a ticket to the game, which might prove harder than the other two. Still, I'm not panicking yet as it's only a daydream. Pleasant, though. Edit: I will also have to rearrange my Friday evening classes.
  7. I think Salford will win this by a couple of scores. My only concern is our winning streak. All winning streaks come to an end sooner or later and I don't want us to finish 4th or 5th and our winning streak come to an end next week. I know I'm over thinking this, but I'm not used to being in this position. Perhaps I've got altitude sickness?
  8. I did mention the points difference situation for Huddersfield and Hull KR. And I do really understand what you are saying. I just feel that some of us are over-thinking this. In any case, it is VERY late to be changing fixtures. The Huddersfield game cannot be changed (Town at home on Sunday), so Salford vs Hull KR and Wakefield vs London would have to be brought forward to Friday. Are those changes possible (Sale RUFC)? Whatever, it is going to be one hell of a weekend.
  9. Because we would like revenge for the game earlier this season when they nicked it in the last minute. Seriously, I'm not sure we'll make it. Eight wins in a row has to end sometime and there is no room for error in play-off rugby. If we do make it to OT, I don't care who we play, in a one-off game, we can beat anybody on our day. Confession. I've already looked at flights. Out Friday night, back Sunday afternoon. £300 plus and my wife has already said I can go. Daren't book the flights for fear of tempting providence.
  10. I see your point but I think you are over-thinking this. The key game is Wakefield vs London. If Wakefield win, London are down and Wakefield, Huddersfield and Hull KR are safe. If Wakefield lose, London are safe and, barring a miracle score at Salford, Hull KR are down. I know that the points difference for Huddersfield is not much better than that for Hull KR, but I still think some of you are making a drama out of this. I do agree that, for entertainment value, all games kicking off at the same time would be better, but I'm not convinced it's as important as some of you are arguing. Perhaps if Huddersfield lose by 100, Wakefield and London could play for a draw. (Joke!)
  11. It's getting heated here. Come on guys, step back from the confrontation. Please.
  12. You would think so. However, it is now very short notice and really, would it make that much difference?
  13. Long spell of Salford pressure but we come away with nothing. Still 12 - 14.
  14. Just found the commentary on Radio Manc. Penalty just added. 6-14. HT
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