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  1. "Pictures at an Exhibition" by ELP is a great live album.

    I also like Mountain Live, "The Road Goes Ever On". However, it's only one side that I really like - the live version of "Nantucket Sleighride". It's brilliant!

    My favourite live album, though, is without a doubt, "Live at the Fillmore East" by the Allman Brothers Band. It is sublime. 

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  2. On 01/01/2020 at 23:58, JohnM said:

    We have a hi-tech dishwasher. It has taken the combined intellect of the finest engineering brains in Germany to create a very quiet dishwasher that uses hardly any water,  has an innovative drying function and is connected to our router for remote operation. Why then,  does my wife think she knows better than the designers and manufacturers how to load it? ? ?

    But does she know better than you how to load it? My guess, from personal marital experience, is "Yes!"

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  3. 17 hours ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    You know you're getting a bit too obsessed with your airline management game when you spend 7 hours making a spreadsheet and doing endless mathematics and equations to evaluate the best way forward for your airline. :kolobok_ph34r:

    You are the new CEO of Boeing, aren't you? Listen, you can't fix the 737 Max with a spreadsheet. Just ask the previous guy.

  4. 42 minutes ago, North but south said:

    Your missing the biggest complaint. People want easy public transport, with good pubs nearby, and unless you included helicopter flights as public transport the aj bell simply doesn't have it. Salford keys does with the metro system.

    I want a Ferrari, but until they retail for £25000, I won't get one.

    There is a pub that I could literally crawl to from the AJB. There are, I believe, two bus routes that go past the AJB and, while I know they are not as frequent as they could be, a bit of planning could see you get there. Seriously, what do "people" want? Do they want the club to send a taxi to their door and take them to the stadium? If I could make it there from Whitby, surely anyone in Greater Manchester could make it there if they want to. It's not that difficult.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Robthegasman said:

    Not a Salford fan myself but the best thing I think that could happen to Salford is if they were able to play elsewhere other than the AJ Bell as it is an awful stadium to get to access wise.And Salford are treated like something I recently had the misfortune to tread in on the street ie ?? 

    I believe Sale Sharks want out of the place understandably so.

    Now if somehow a new stadium could be built say near Salford Quays perhaps between Eccles and the Quays that both Salford City FC and Salford RLFC could use say with a capacity of 15000 all seated as Salford FC have ambitions of Championship football one day that would solve two problems.

    Sorry Rob, but that is wrong on at least two counts.

    1. This 'access' thing is nonsense, as is the egress 'issue'. I used to travel to the AJB regularly from Whitby and I only once failed to get to the AJB. That was due to a traffic accident on the M62 near Huddersfield. The motorway was totally blocked and I turned round at Brighouse and went home. I believe Jodie Broughton also missed the game due to the traffic jam. Neither is there a real problem with getting away from the ground after the match (an oft-repeated myth). You just have a 10 minute wait while the pedestrians leave the immediate area and you're off.

    2. Building a 15000 all-seater stadium near the Quays solves nothing. Many Red Devil fans, including this 66 year-old, like to stand. Salford can't even fill the 12000 capacity AJB yet, so 15000 is pointless. Salford City are nowhere near Championship status yet, so there is no problem with Moor Lane for them yet. Why invent problems for the clubs to solve?

    3. Finally, I don't give a tuppenny one about Sale Sharks. If they have problems, let them solve them.

    Time for a rethink, my friend.

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  6. I've been waiting for good news before posting this publicly.

    My wife had surgery to remove a cancerous lump from her breast on Tuesday. The surgery went well and she was released from Heraklion hospital yesterday evening. She is sitting opposite me in our local taverna, drinking wine and waiting for our meal.

    First signs are very positive, surgeon is very happy with the procedure and the first post-op meeting with said surgeon is on Sunday. I am happy.☺

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