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  1. 4 hours ago, Tommygilf said:

    At what point do Red Bull and Max, with their 4 cars on the grid, think about taking the nuclear option on Sunday? My worry is that I don't trust Max to choose not to crash.

    Max is an exceptionally talented driver.  So much so that he is able to make an intentional spot of gamesmanship with his positioning look like a genuine mistake. He was very clever at Brazil when he guided Lewis off the track on that corner, but with his petulance and frustration can trip himself up, as it did at the weekend with his corner cutting and heavy braking. This season has been brilliant to watch. I an seriously looking forward to sunday

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  2. 3 hours ago, GUBRATS said:

    Complete madness , don't see how you can race on this track 

    I'm not a fan of this track after watching that complete lottery of VSC, yellow flags, red flags.

    There needs to be some reconfiguration made to allow cars that are damaged /have crashed to get off the track.

    Seeing drivers going straight into the back of stalled or stopped cars with no way to get out of the way is ludicrous.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Exiled Townie said:

    A man who got an artillery shell stuck up his rectum caused a ruckus on Twitter on Friday.  The man – who understandably remains nameless in reports – told staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital that he is a military collector.

    He said he had accidentally fallen on an explosive device dating back to World War 2 when he was having a clear out of his memorabilia.

    A man who had an unfortunate encounter with WW2 artillery is causing a storm on Twitter (Photo: Twitter @Captainjamtart)

    Did they need the Royal Horse Artillery and a team of horses to retrieve it?

  4. 15 minutes ago, Bedford Roughyed said:

    Blood pressure is 173/105 and I’ve felt grotty all day.  Might have to go to doctors….

    Mate, get it checked out by a GP. If you have a Blood Pressure monitor* then use it for 5 days. Take a reading in a morning and afternoon about 12 hours apart.

    Each reading should be best of 3 and about 2 minutes apart. Record the lowest of the 3 in the a.m and the lowest of the 3 in the p.m.

    Provide these to your GP as information they can use to help you.

    * You can purchase one from the British Heart Foundation for around £25.



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  5. 1 hour ago, Yorkshire viking said:

    Is the two leagues of ten going ahead . If so who will be in it . Is it top ten SL clubs clubs in top league . Then the bottom 2 Sl clubs and top 8 in championship for second league . Or is it invitational ? 

    If you actually knew as much about rugby league, as you try to convey by your recent questions, you would know that no one here can answer that question.

    You'd be better off writing to Maurice Lindsay to get the latest news, ......... assuming you know who he is.

    Just remember to avoid having a Twickenham postmark on the envelope.

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  6. 6 hours ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    Well that's Christmas ruined. A family member has just been out shopping and they have come back home having bought exactly the same thing I have got them for Christmas and so I have had to tell them and now they are in a foul mood. 

    I take it that said purchase isn't edible or suppable, at least it proves you pay attention to what they like.

    Claim a few reputation points and tell them the one you bought was 5 quid cheaper

  7. 5 hours ago, Robin Evans said:

    Approved today. Fabulous. 

    Confirmed as a grant to each club, and not a loan. 

    £2 million is not loose change. Very good news.

    The statement does say, a grant of up to £2m each for Castleford Tigers, Wakefield Trinity and Featherstone Rovers.

    So it looks as though each club will have to show/prove they can/will spend all of it and not whack a chunk of it in the bank for a rainy day.



  8. If Cas are now to stay at Wheldon Road, I for one would welcome it. If the MDC are willing enough to slope £2million to each of the 3 clubs, and the Junction 32 developers are keen for a quick and easy repurposing of the site without a rugby ground, then the planning permissions for a new Wheldon Road will get nodded through tout suite.

    Maybe when all this is over, Cas will be one of the clubs in a better position to plan for their future. A ground they own and don't lease/pay rent for and land they own and can make revenue from. 

  9. 56 minutes ago, Big Picture said:

    They do have it wrong, what they were talking about there are divisions.  Then again they were stupid enough to be thinking seriously about putting all the Sydney teams in one division and lumping all the rest into the other so the Sydney teams would all get off lightly in terms of travel and the other teams would do most of that.

    If we have all the teams within a 3hour bus ride of each other in one division, we could then have all the teams that have to get on an aeroplane in the other.

    The "National Express" premiership and the "Easy Jet" premiership.

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