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  1. They're still touring.......... we're off to see them at Nottingham in December. Magic our Morris
  2. Houston win the ALCS and will be in the world series, Red Sox's will they won't they season comes to an end.
  3. I learnt something today. I learnt that I am not allergic to a wasp sting. ....... even though this was the worlds biggest wasp.......... the size of a sparrow it was....... ferocious beast......... plucked the sting out of me kneck with a pair of pliars........ I've seen smaller seagulls.......
  4. And now,,, live from Welford Rd.... BBC Radio Leicester, with commentary from Rory Underwood, presents Bradford Northern V Batley in the Regal trophy 2nd round replay.
  5. The benefit is that you wouldn't be at the match, so no one would have to stand next to you listening to you whinging all through the game
  6. The wheels fall off the Red Sox bandwagon as Houston take a 3-2 series lead
  7. Be careful, the forum royalty would decry you as a heretic for enjoying the Tri-Nations series. Great jersey btw
  8. Houston take game 4 to level the series at 2-2 with an impressive 9th innings haul.
  9. Red Sox take game 3 of the ALCS and a 2-1 lead over the Astros. And set a post season record of a 3rd grand slam.
  10. Yep I get that. Unfortunately you met the person who hates their job enough, that they go out of their way to to get back at their employer by making customers not want to return.
  11. I would hazard a guess that its because most people hate the job they do or the employer they work for.
  12. Red Sox take game 2 of the ALCS with 2 bases loaded 4 run innings.
  13. I think we should change your name from Gingerjon to googlejon. You are an ever reliable source of useful information
  14. Seeing as I've just been to see the latest Jimmy Bond with Mrs V. Here's a classic .......
  15. did a sh*t workman put it there?, was it upside down?
  16. Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
  17. Well done Toulouse and welcome to Super League. Now that the experiment / vision to invite French clubs into the English structure is paying off, isn't this the right time to make Super League a 14 team competition? This could be a big opportunity for rugby league in Europe, but I think the game would be shooting itself in the foot to try and run with only 10 English teams. It's 14 for me. Go big or go home.
  18. You can't come on here being all positive and thankful. I think you should re-read the Forum T&C's and post a dozen negative comments by way of contrition.
  19. And what do the forum members who don't support Saints think?
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