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  1. I like to let the staff at VRG towers see what they can achieve with a little hard work, as I said to the chaufeur chappie washing the limo on christmas day," if you get on with it you could be done for tea time" I like to give them little incentives
  2. I've finished one of my christmas books and one of my christmas cheeses
  3. not quite, sounds more like you've hit the stage of life where slippers and video recorders serve a purpose
  4. yeah, they'll have it, you could tradi it for that ride on tractor thing they have in the advert if i have that tune in my head all night I'm blaming you btw
  5. I've been offered some work for new years eve, I'd be tempted apart from the fact I'm already working
  6. I have tested the christmas mug and it works, the handle does all that it should, the tea doesn't leak out of the sides and there is sufficient room across the top to get a digestive in
  7. DKM's, if Shipping up to Boston doesn't get you pogo-ing across the floor at the end of the night...nowt will pass me a stout and turn it up to 11
  8. edited for accuracy ( and me ) and can the bacon be not very crispy....in 2 slices of bread and butter.....proper butter not margimarine and a mug of tea no sugar in the tea
  9. fantastic achievement,well done I do quite like the look of the tray in the bottom left corner, nice big bangers...............
  10. obviously the smokers round your way are fair weather ciggie fans, every pub in Hoodtown has at least 5 of em stood just outside whatever the weather
  11. the snow makes no difference to some big van drivers around Hoodtown, one came past me this morning, he was swerving in and out so much I thought he was trying to dodge the feckin snow flakes
  12. snowed in Hoodtown before midnight, then it just about thawed straight away, now it's coming down good and proper I may have to send Jeeves out to warm the car up
  13. we were in Mass over the summer , didn't rain for weeks, bloomin red hot it was, luvvly
  14. it's good to hear the bangers are going down well as for accesorriiessses, twangers are the way to go
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