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  1. You should see the comments in the Nottingham post when a tram breaks down and nowt can get past it.
  2. for the neutral fan that was a proper cup tie, .............. but as I ain't, and as I thought at half time, Salford could have won that game, Warrington aren't going to let Cas off the hook
  3. t'internet??...... pfft, I've already explained to my gaffer at work that when I get his job I'm pulling all the computer sockets out of the wall. It's now become something we rely on, rather than something that assists us..... who the fuff needs an app to order organic carrots to be delivered to your to your house? just sow the seeds like the bloke you are ordering them from...
  4. If you opened a £1m bottle of wine, how long do you let the wine breath for? I allow wine to breath every time I take my mouth from the bottle
  5. But is it one slice of bread folded in half with 2 fish fingers in it..... or a whole slice of bread with 4 fish fingers on it and another slice of bread on top?
  6. On the topic of "drink" , last night I had my 1st pint of beer in a proper pub beer garden in over a year............. words cannot describe how much I enjoyed such a simple pleasure
  7. Heston Blumenthal would claim this as his own idea and make millions
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