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  1. well it's certainly unique. Now if they'd been sent off and banned for a few games, making them unable to play for their parent club.........
  2. I wasn't taking the p. It was a suggestion from someone looking at your problem from the outside. The " Giants" club name has never caught on, it has no sway in pulling new fans in, or evidently not many as that seems to be the issue. As for club colours, you have a very traditional and well recognised jersey, but your marketing team are forever coming up with random designs that don't shout HUDDERSFILED RL , don't sell and are changed too quickly. ( and you're not the only club making this mistake). I cannot ever remember seeing a Huddersfield jersey being worn at a music festival / seaside holiday town etc. I have however seen many other RL jerseys at similar places. And until you do something to get that big stadium bouncing on a match day, you won't make people start paying attention and wanting to get involved. ............ and yours is not the only club with similar issues
  3. If huddersfield are trying to bring in New younger crowds then they need to grab their interest. Take a leaf out of Bradford Bull's book when we went to summer rugby and rebrand, bring in the razzmatazz. Also change the clubs colours and ditch the Giants nametag, they're boring.
  4. Bradford Bulls winning the Middlesex 7s at Twickers the day after playing a super league match
  5. Wednesday afternoon was sports afternoon. I remember an RAF sgt coming round, c1991 and asking how many more lads would be interested in playing rugby league. I asked how many already were there. He said "one" . Wondering who it was I asked him. He said "you"
  6. Are they trying to be ironic, or do they think loiners fans will buy any old rammel?
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