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  1. is that a ham batch or a cheese and pickle batch? * * it's a cob btw
  2. Would each club be able to have a designated person to wear said garment? If no team won away, and only home teams won, could we get rid of the play offs? Or would Salford rebrand themselves as Salford Old Trafford ?
  3. The terraces are bouncing, must be close to a full house
  4. Because it doesn't matter how many teams are in a play off system. Once you decide that the team that finishes top at the end of the regular season aren't worthy of being declared champions, then you can create as much false jeopardy as you can sell tv subscriptions for.
  5. seeing as at this point, you'd be spending some of your winnings....... will you be getting a round or two in? I'd happily be a non executive advisor if my expenses are paid in brown beer and scratchings
  6. I wondered if this thread was announcing that he'd won the euro millions last night
  7. One of the benefits of winter rugby at Cas, was that the groundkeeper would throw half a shovel of rock salt across the bog floor. It stopped you slipping and disinfected at the same time
  8. Rile number 4 has already been taken. Which takes us to rule number 5 - pick a fault with someone's attempt at assistance without offering anything of use yourself
  9. no cutlery.....you must have got through 50 poppadoms to shovel the lamb balti
  10. I was bought a take away 10 pint cask of neck oil last year. Bloomin lovely it is. It was on as a guest ale in one of our locals recently, so I was drinking that. Me wallet needed a defibrillator when I got a round in and realised it was 6 quid a pint
  11. I'll be cheering for Huddersfield, like all the other free thinking fashionistas
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