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  1. Glass half empty or glass knocked on the floor watching your beer soak into the carpet
  2. Just says Sky beat off late interest from BT. No mention of how much money is involved from either of them
  3. It's 3 years guaranteed income. That's got to be good after this year's shytestorm
  4. I agree with your sentiments, and hope he is in a better place mentally and emotionally. In answer to your question, no I don't.
  5. I enjoyed the documentary and thought the honesty of the comments from players and coaches stood out.
  6. Changed me mind. Gonna listen to Kylie instead
  7. cheers chap, you've certainly got some miles on the clock
  8. just out of curiosity chap, how did you get to be at Russia v Georgia game?
  9. no mate, wasn't going to make the day any worse by throwing money at it as well
  10. The Nottingham game would have been at Harvey Hadden Stadium
  11. We've noticed a definite reduction in wildlife at VRG Towers this year. Our neighbours next door and opposite usually have housemartins in their eaves and they return year after year. They returned about a fortnight later this year and there weren't as many swooping overhead over summer, I read that there was a major storm in the Mediterranean in the spring that took a lot of them, and there hasn't been a single dunnock seen in the garden. I grew sweet pea / sunflowers / passion flowers / and put bee friendly boxes and water and mud trays out for the bees, and that did work and we had a good number but still not exceptional and very few butterflies and ladybirds.
  12. 1988/9 I got my 1st car, and took a mate to Wilderspool to watch Warrington v The Pride of Yorkshire, Castleford* * I knew Cas were the pride of Yorkshire because it said so on the sticker I'd put in the back window. It must have taken 2 & 1/2 hours to get across the peak district from Nott'm via Chesterfield to Warrington. I found a side street to park on and we walked up to the ground, as I'd never been before I said to the bloke on the turnstile " which is the Cas end?" He said none..... we're playing Halifax today
  13. Hull FC have definitely taken the lead in the 2021 shirt table, 9 out of 10.
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