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  1. 2 hours ago, RigbyLuger said:

    We're shocked he gets riled up easily when he was upset about cameras in dressing rooms?

    Wilkin even complained that it wasnt right that he could hear the Leeds players celebrating in their own dressing room 

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  2. 10 hours ago, The Mighty Trin said:

    It's only till the end of the season, to help them get relegated then he will sign for our promoted friends from Fev in exchange 


  3. I wonder what the Cas fans think about him even now after him missing that GF being dropped on the Eve of the game.  I remember being in a bar in Philadelphia following the score on my phone and explaining to locals I said I know one man who wont be in cas town centre for awhile 

  4. 16 minutes ago, Wellsy4HullFC said:

    Don't think he was sacked by Leeds. He requested a transfer, did he not?

    The fact they let the MOS from the previous season leave so easily though says something else.

    He had two final warnings one for chasing a student with not so good intentions dont know wether he caught him and the on field homophobic remark on national TV and at Cas played all that great football and then that loss in the GF cant have been helped by his stupidity and missing the game . 

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  5. If he's been dismissed surely it cant be because he moaned about having to return to Wigan HQ for debrief . Must have gone further than moan . My flight was once diverted to LBA and we were bussed to MAN airport as I was only 3 miles or so from home i wasnt to chuffed . Lol 

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  6. 4 hours ago, RL Sonja said:

    Hats off to fieldofclothofgold. I went to the books to check the facts, rather than relying on my obviously failing knowledge...  

    You are quite correct. Eric Ashton was captain of the winning 1960 World Cup team, not Neil Fox. Ashton also captained the 1962 Tour to Australia and Great Britain. An immense centre in his own right. Quite worthy of the accolade being discussed if it was awarded posthumously.

    I'd still include Fox as a worthy Sir though too - still a remarkable player.  

    JohnM my sincere apologies for the errors. Hopefully it doesn't upset the apple cart!

    I'm not normally pedantic, but I couldn't let that one go .best wishes 

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