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  1. The great Ray Batten passed away on his 75th birthday RIP Ray
  2. Every time a RL Expansion club fails I feel for the fans the game loses forever when these clubs close
  3. We either have scrums or we dont .What weve had since " uncontested " scrums is just an embarrassment.
  4. If Toronto does not reform it will be another group of fans that are lost to the sport . How many times has that happened since 1980 ? Fans who have embraced RL ,proud of their new clubs only to see it disappear. .Very sad . I remember one Wembley occasion seeing Kent Invicta supporters coach drawing into the carpark they had their offiall banner on the coach all proud to be part of the RL community.
  5. I just dont know ,I'm back at the stage I was when Leeds were in relegation trouble
  6. Has this Mush Jampot been on here before under a different guise ?
  7. Leeds cant afford another 65 minutes like last week .hope they're working on lots .
  8. Old Bramley fans get a sour taste at the mention of Covenants ' if sold only to be used for sport and recreation '
  9. I said what I said because I meant there are some people I take what do and say serious, but not him and me I always wear a Poppy and always will .
  10. He is a religious crank ,still believes in Adam and Eve and Eve was created from one of Adam's ribs and all the human race came from these two . Believes in Noah's Ark . So Ho Hum
  11. Those three Grand finals 2007 08 09 .in that period these two teams were clearly by far the best in SL .
  12. The Late great Harry Jepson once told me and several others about the Hunslet _ Leeds rivalry in the City . He said it came to a stage that they had to stop the preseason charity game The Lazenby Cup because it was played with such ferocity players were getting major injuries in front of crowds of 20k . All for a pre season " friendly "
  13. I honestly haven't a notion . I think I'm really looking forward to 2021 season
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