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  1. Tony Smith will have KR well prepared for this one and it's the legendary Danny McGuire`s last Hurrah at Headingley. I think it will be very tense at first, there have been signs of relief after Leeds recent wins ,but if they win this one the feeling will be one of " bring on next year" Hard to call ,but Leeds by 8
  2. Championship form? They've been playing championship form most of this season
  3. I think we might see a bit of heart and effort from certain Leeds Players after recent comings and going ,but that doesn't mean Leeds victory though. I think Leeds might nick it they're due a win . Leed by 4
  4. Maybe they've told him he will be living g re t free in Leeds Castle
  5. The money at present for a western terrace rebuild is not available. I dont think it will be contemplated for may years
  6. A roof needs to be a certain height and too high would block out the light ,too low would be dangerous climbing on etc
  7. LCC will not give permission to any Development which spoils the look of the Turnways
  8. I've never bought the Sun anyway and I never will
  9. No ! Just because Leeds St John's was a RU club 5 years before the split you cant say it's not a purpose built Rugby League ground ,Northern Union ,Rugby etc whatever . Elland Road is a purpose built association Football ground even though before Leeds City moved in It was used by Holbeck NU and before 1895 Holbeck Rugby. Union . It's still a purpose built soccer ground and Headingley is a purpose built RL ground and the DW Stadium is a purpose built association Football ground
  10. You're splitting hairs It was pointed out that two stadiums that are really built for Association football and to accommodate RL are better than Headingley. I was pointing out that it is a ground purpose built for RL , if you want to split hairs about 1890 5 years pre split people could claim Elland Road is not a purpose built association football ground ,why ?
  11. I've gone to a game at ER a d where I was they were all standing, bit annoying when I wanted to sit
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