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  1. If Salford are looking to bid for Gigg Lane surely a bid for the A J BELL would be feasible too ? In the 90s Leeds Rl were in severe financial trouble and nearly got bought out by Leeds United new owners Caspian and the RL side would move to ER 4 miles to the south of the city while the RU club would stay . I would not have moved with them . Not long after Caspian left and Leeds RL would have been homeless. I wonder what that great RU legend who is now part of Sale and once had a little stint with Wigan thinks to his club
  2. I'm not excusing him I am saying if be is guilty he is not the only player in the game to make racist comments on or OFF the field. If Guilty he should be severely punished and a warning to those who've got away with it to cut it out
  3. If Clubb is found to have made that comment he will probably get a severe punishment and deservedly so, but remember we've all heard people make racist comments and it probably wasn't the first time it was made on the playing field by other players
  4. Rainy nights in October are bad for mersey side sinuses .After all these years you're still hurting
  5. The Player who is alleged to have made that remark he will have played in the same team as players of that heritage . Nothing more to say
  6. If we're upset about it now what's it going to be like In two years time ?
  7. You seem to be whining about Leeds recently, don't know why Leeds are still a long way from being as good as Saints . A few years have passed
  8. How many times in recent years have Leeds had these injury pile ups at the start of the season ?
  9. For whatever reason it doesn't look like all is well at Cas
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