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  1. I'm steering away from cross code. I will be commenting on a subject on another forum , but right now I'm watching Wigans own Kay Burley with Andy Burnham. Back on topic ! Old Trafford? Wow I didnt think it was in that state . They must be watched very closely how mr Burnham goes into getting funding for this stadiums repairs .
  2. That is what I hate about big games . I dont drink before a game . Hate having to stand up and let them go to relieve themselves every few minutes and then doing that silly Mexican wave instead of watching the game . I love a few beers after a game . I dont think that will change much ,but 3pm KO would help
  3. That's one of the reasons we have a good relationship with Manchester United playing in middle of their season . I think they once rejected the other code ru when they wanted to play a RU WC game there . Also we should have Aspirations to play in front of 70K crowds too
  4. You beat me to it and I'm Leeds and I dont blame him going to Oz ,but he got a couple of rings with us .great player and nice lad
  5. Maybe test the ground in France ? If Cats start to have a long period at the top and got to the final designated there .there is usually a good following from English clubs too
  6. Well it has become a tradition going to Old Trafford just like Wembley when the Challenge Cup was big . It is quite Central for Rugby league fans .yes I know we get many fans nation wide for the event . We should think carefully before this change is decided. Our sport developed a good relationship with Manchester United too . We do need to have aspirations for for a capacity of over 70K otherwise I would say move it permanently to ??? Elland Road ! SORRY SORRY JOKE JOKE . Seriously seriously until there is a stadium other than Wembley with that capacity I would stick with Old Trafford. I like the KO time of 6pm ,but moving it to Wembley would it be better having it start at 2pm or 3pm ?
  7. Wigan up to the Maurice Lindsay era were going through a bit of a low patch even relegation. Then they had a great rebirth Leeds tried to follow suit and hit the Buffers which almost had us relocating the 4 miles os so to south Leeds ER .I think Wigan also had financial problems too. Wigan and StHelens are two towns that are rightly called RL towns Leeds since the 1960s the advent of Revie era could not be regarded as RL town and the demise of Hunslet and Bramley . We used to get a lot of our young talent from Hunslet area too. And the mining community. I think had it on their own doorstep, Wigan built a great side in 80s 90s ,but it was mainly bought
  8. Myth right now . Leeds are like the Labour party successful once in a generation.
  9. Most teams have an " annual stinker " Salford fans will be hoping that's theirs out of the way
  10. They have kept their powder dry and start of this season it was " he's now got the nucleus of the squad he wanted, no excuses now "
  11. But that wouldn't do your club any good .nice of you to honour the great Bramley legend by adopting his name by the way .Although Bramley did help you out on one of the other times you went bust
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