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  1. Old Bramley fans get a sour taste at the mention of Covenants ' if sold only to be used for sport and recreation '
  2. I said what I said because I meant there are some people I take what do and say serious, but not him and me I always wear a Poppy and always will .
  3. He is a religious crank ,still believes in Adam and Eve and Eve was created from one of Adam's ribs and all the human race came from these two . Believes in Noah's Ark . So Ho Hum
  4. Those three Grand finals 2007 08 09 .in that period these two teams were clearly by far the best in SL .
  5. The Late great Harry Jepson once told me and several others about the Hunslet _ Leeds rivalry in the City . He said it came to a stage that they had to stop the preseason charity game The Lazenby Cup because it was played with such ferocity players were getting major injuries in front of crowds of 20k . All for a pre season " friendly "
  6. I honestly haven't a notion . I think I'm really looking forward to 2021 season
  7. Well another flood could be curtains for Kirkstall
  8. Weve had this conversation on another thread ,but here goes. Leeds United their stadium holds now 37 K and for last few years they have been averaging over 30 k last two years they have averaged 35k . Leeds RL crowds in 2004 and 05 they had 17k which later settled down to 16, then a healthy 15 k including the relegation battles. The jury is still out on how they're going to do after the redevelopment we haven't had a full season of the ground being fully open . Leeds like all RL clubs have a job on their hands attracting crowds back after the big lockdown even town and city centres seem quiet A city the size of Leeds normally has two soccer clubs . The only thing that will affect Leeds RL crowds will be a sustained losing slump ,but I am concerned about people coming back into the habit of watching from the stadiums after the lockdown
  9. As for the Magic Weekend ? I always thought it was about taking the game to a non RL area ? What good would it do taking it to ER ? I cant see hotels ,restaurants pubs and shops etc doing much more business, most RL fans live on the doorstep anyway .just watch their game or one more then home like they always do when they come to Headingley or a game at ER
  10. I lived in USA for many years and came back at least once a year and used observe the changes in the city . Part of that time was the demise of Leeds United and the rise of Leeds Rhinos . I noticed that Leeds United fans seemed early middle aged men whereas I saw young families of Rhinos fans children in blue and Amber .I then thought this Rhinos brand is working I was wrong criticizing it . Now its swung back again Leeds United mania has swung back again. RL will, never rival association football in the city it's not like the 1950s early 60s football is The global game ,but we need to Keep our spot in the Sun .Club shop in town ? Even the football club had to close their shop a few short years ago
  11. Leeds Utd have been almost selling out for last 3 seasons or so 35k the present capacity is 37 38k while the Rhinos pre Headingley redevelopment was say 14 15k and with a couple of relegation battles they have remained steady . If Leeds United consoldate it will be a couple of years before ER gets done IMO .provided Leeds RL continue to challenge I dont think their average will drop
  12. Those uncontested scrums are a bigger embarrassment than how the old ones became. I dont need to go through it again ,but at least they looked as though they were packing down for a reason. These uncontested scrums are getting worse , I've a stiff spine ,but I can bend better than them . Soon they will be just gathering in a group and the scrum half will roll it through their legs . OH wait !
  13. I have to admit I miss the proper scrums ,but these uncontested things are an embarrassment. Why didnt they abolish the scrums instead of having this charade . What concerns me though if they do permanently abolish the scrums would it end there ? Would they then start to look at reducing the teams from 13 to say 11 ?
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