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  1. I think if Rovers win this game they will win the final and that will make them the Leicester City of SL .
  2. As I've stated in the other game the pressure will be on the favourites Catalans, but this time I've got a hunch that Rovers will win this game .
  3. Saints should win and I think they will,but they have had pressure on them before in St's Leeds big games and they know . Different teams ,different time ,but you never know
  4. It could happen and you know it . You've only just lived down " you'll never win at Wembley " what's it going to be like if you get this monkey on your backs ? It hasn't happened and it shouldn't happen,,, but it could and dont you know ig !
  5. It will be good for a new name on the trophy ,but our sport may be small at the side of the FA PREMIERSHIP ,but there is also a very small number of clubs guaranteed to win their league
  6. We all want to see our own team win ,but if a team who has not won SL in its present format gets to the GF I.E Wire against a team who has won it other than our own team I would root for Wire for good of the sport
  7. Granted and you are not the same team who were Chokers and it's a different period of time , but you are still hurting from it .
  8. Most teams have an anthem now I think Wires could be " In the year 2525" with a question mark on the date
  9. Back to normal again everyone slept since last nights game . A bit below the belt resorting to slagging off all of Leeds . Ok to denigrate Primley park Alwoodley , Chapel Allerton, Bramhope ,Adel , there is nothing wrong with places like Gipton , Seacroft and Halton Moor and Broadleas etc
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