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  1. Leeds are looking to see if there is anything in the budget to pay for preseason camp
  2. It's just had a mention on CNN .I would have liked it better if they had not implied he was primarily a RU player
  3. Dont or cannot understand it ,but that's me for you
  4. Many years ago we were both browsing the same book section in a bookstore in Leeds and got chatting. Really nice fellow I always remembered that and I used to enjoy his posts on social media. Terrible news RIP
  5. Yes just seen it died suddenly apparently. Condolences to his family friends and all his many former team mates RIP
  6. When I lived over there in Philadelphia I noticed there were lots of sports that hardly got noticed. I remember watching Lacrosse on TV which I enjoyed very much ,but I noticed they were playing in front of very sparse crowds, well could t even call them crowds . Association Football has only just got a foothold over there after many years of trying and that is the world's most popular sport .
  7. Valencia is a great. City been there a few times mad keen on football.
  8. I just looked up third Lanark that so and so destroyed a club and robbed fans of their club
  9. We need to be aiming at 65 to 73k for the GF and right now OT is the only one that can provide that
  10. We have a good relationship with Man Utd too did they tell RU where to go when they wanted to jump in to our spot
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