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  1. It's not who you would like to go down its who you think will go down
  2. Tetleys is a bit too Leedsy for a Bradfordian although the brewery is no more just like Odsal you might say
  3. Not till Huddersfield stop shouting Fartown he replies
  4. Wardy will have his lads up for this ,that'll put the Cat among the pigeons if they win . Cats by 12
  5. Wigan are the form team they will win this by 14 and if wouldn't surprise me if they won the title
  6. The Wakey Cas stadium Derby has gone quiet
  7. This is a benchmark it will give an indication as to wether Leeds are on the upgrade . I will put the kibosh on it for Leeds and tip them by 6
  8. I once witnessed Warrington fans doing quite a bit of damage at McLaren Field many years ago and I didnt like them for years after .However I changed my opinion years later after they thrashed Leeds twice a Wembley and they were quite gracious
  9. Yes would think they are collectors items
  10. I never look forward going to Headingley when they are playing either Hull clubs ,that's no slight on most fans of those clubs who are fine its just a feeling I get. My other Club Bramley its got to be Bradford either the Northern version or Bulls . Bit of feeling there
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