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  1. Trinity coach Ken Traill had a speaking part and because of this he got paid. I used to work with a man who went in Traills pub and he told me everytime the film was shown on TV anywhere in the world Traill received a small cheque
  2. Kenny and Albert Eyre Leeds also 1950s Jack and Peter Lendill Leeds Jack Lendil played stand off in the CC final Leeds v Barrow 1957 .
  3. On FB it was posted on a page called John Holmes Reluctant Hero by his brother
  4. just read elsewhere that the date of the unveiling of the statue has been booked for the home game against Wigan in July . I wonder if the sport has been resumed by then?
  5. If it goes ahead Cas will be favourites imo with this draw
  6. A Leeds player is self isolating because he has been showing symptoms, he will have been in contact with team members. I would have thought postponement was automatic
  7. Yes he did look. Very upset and as I said elsewhere ,maybe he's thinking he should have counted to ten and spoke in the morning
  8. However the emotions get to you Pearson is The owner/ chairman of the club and not a fan I wonder if he's ruing his immediate reaction and not " COUNTING TO TEN" .
  9. Pearson looked a bit rough, wonder if he had a shouting episode with Radford
  10. Yes I thought that too ,then Leeds did Wire . Crazy so far this season
  11. Yer all squares apart from Cohen and Neil Young ,oh and hes now a naturalized American
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