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  1. Good to see Rugby League getting mentioned on CNN it was mainly their interest in Prince Harry first time the reporter said Rugby World cup ,Harry is big on Rugby ' then in next bulletin he Said Rugby League WC with an emphasis on League . Must have been a few got in touch to correct hi.
  2. I remember a game at Headingley Leeds v Warrington and Bailey ( yes I know ) crashed Into Mozza could hear the bang all round the ground. The timing of the collision meant that Morley went down and Bailey was stood over him Mohammed Ali style how he did . Then for rest of the game it was Bailey who was shaken ,stunned and went missing, Morley carried on his go forward and carrying as ever . That to me is toughness
  3. I think Bramley joined a year later
  4. Hear hear it annoys me especially at big games, why cant they wait till after the gahbefore they take a drink? They would enjoy it much more . Its almost as bad as when they do that wave instead of watching the game
  5. There are lots of regular buses from Leeds Cith centre up to Headingley, but it can take awhile to get there . Roads are very busy, it's a densely populated student area .Best to set off early
  6. Lots of Leeds United fans weren't happy when the club announced they were going to build a new stadium on a disused power station site . The club at that time before there slump were on the up and that was the only site they could come up with .
  7. The bottom line is people ,fans get used to going to their own grounds wether they are good or poor . They grow an affinity to it
  8. Not being pedantic, but it's ok for you to advise the Leeds club what's best for them when you cant spell the suburb correctly. Would you spell other areas of the city without an E . I.E Armley ,Bramley, Stanningley, Farnley , etc
  9. Well they wouldn't open their books to protect Charlie Buchan , but it opened up a can of worms a few other clubs did the same notably the club who used to be called Newton Heath . Hence the hatred
  10. My favorite ground was always CP the place oozed history. I used to get goosebumps when I walked in
  11. Hey why is it that a thread comes up about new stadia it always comes back predominantly on Leeds and Headingley and E R ? Any way Cas and Wakey are getting a nes rival for artist impressions of nes Satadiums Leeds united are releasing new illustrations of their new 51000 redeveloped Elland Road
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