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  1. Leeds have been involved in the "Watersplash " final forever remembered for the torrential rain . Let's hope this is the only " Corvid" final . Both teams gave us a great game it deserved a full stadium
  2. Best wishes to both teams .I'm sure the winners will still enjoy the celebrations in a somewhat subdued capital.
  3. When that song was out and one of the rare occasions I was in town at that time of night I was glad to get in taxi for home .dont know what it's like now
  4. Anyway back on subject it was a relief moving from Chapletown road to a stately home . When I went to the RL office on Chappy road we used to leave 3 to guard the car and one to nip inside .which is worse Chapletown or Moss side ?
  5. Took a lot of living down that fracas in city square all them years ago the club nearly went under
  6. Put it this way I was annoyed when they celebrated promotion I at ER and the in the City ,but what happened in Liverpool t other night I dont feel as guilty . Scousers can get away with it cos they're supposed to be cute
  7. I am A dyed in the wool Loiner Maurice Bamford and Liz Dawn accent et al ,but if Salcord win I will wholeheartedly congratulate them . I would love them to breakthrough
  8. I meant root for both this keypad is playing up something awful today
  9. In the boom years from say 2004 yes I saw young families moms with young kids in Rhinos gear . Leeds United fans were early middle aged men . Now things have appeared to change back even though many fans based in the city riot for both ,but the profile seems to have switched back . Rhinos and RL in general bas work to do
  10. When it was 17K two seasons then it was 16k plus that jumped from 12 k in the 90s that tells you they attracted lots of new and casual fans who are not guaranteed to to be there when performances dip I.E two terrible relegation fights ,these new casual fans not used to that . I am confident that when things get back to normal they will be back up to 14_ 15 5 k average ,but 17k like in 2004 and 2005 is not realistic .even for a city with the population of Leeds RL is not that big a sport ALAS
  11. 17 k was the highest for 2 seasons but that is. Unrealistic to sustain that ,but the reason. For the drop was the stadium rebuild and have t had a full season the to build up the attendance level . 15.5 k is a realistic figure to achieve and maintain for Leeds and I think when things get back to normal that will be done . Also I have nothing against small towns or even fans from small towns but the city of Leeds in RL have grown to expect these kicks from them . Cant move it to St Helen's their Sinusitis stops them speaking coherently. Sorry
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