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  1. True, the service he's given and the way he's played, it'd be a shame for him to go out on anything other than a (relative) high
  2. Mary had said though that he's got the team that he wants, so I assume he's had a fair bit of input
  3. Can anyone over in Sydney shed some light on why the board have such confidence in McGregor? I know his is an expensive contract to buy out, but surely failure can't continue to be rewarded endlessly. Can it? https://www.dragons.com.au/news/2020/06/09/dragons-statement-paul-mcgregor/
  4. Before the 90's Super League convulsion(s), were there any other sports competitions /associations that used that name? Just thinking of the plethora of other sports throwing it around eg women's soccer superleague. Or is it another example of our game showing all the rest how best to shoot themselves in the foot with their marketing.
  5. '' With 300,000 people, New Caledonia has the population and also the economic capability to cater for a team in the Intrust Super Cup, which is widely touted as the second-best rugby league competition in the world.'' An interesting portion of the article, I trust Super Cup better than Super League? Assuming that they're inferring NRL is no. 1
  6. Red Star Belgrade play Partizan tomorrow. Does anyone have any idea of where it's being played? Im in Belgrade from tomorrow morning so it would be great to catch the game if possible.
  7. https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1706/first-rugby-league-played-in-belarus
  8. Thanks. Now that it's on the TGG circuit you'd like to think that one of the budget airlines might pick up that ball and run with it.
  9. Does anyone know of direct flights to Belgrade from any northern airports?
  10. They'll need it with the Evil Empire's decades old destabilisation of the country!
  11. Sounds like it's an absorbing contest! Augurs well for the game in that part of the world.
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