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  1. https://www.rlef.eu.com/articles/1706/first-rugby-league-played-in-belarus
  2. Thanks. Now that it's on the TGG circuit you'd like to think that one of the budget airlines might pick up that ball and run with it.
  3. Does anyone know of direct flights to Belgrade from any northern airports?
  4. They'll need it with the Evil Empire's decades old destabilisation of the country!
  5. Sounds like it's an absorbing contest! Augurs well for the game in that part of the world.
  6. What an amazing documentary! And thank God for iplayer as the mother in law talked all the way through! But having noticed Tariq Ali's involvement, as director, it was bound to be a serious and quality piece of work. We'll done the Beeb for a change!
  7. And in the 3Rd test became the first player to have amassed over 100 points in Anglo- Australian tests. Quality player
  8. Significantly no clubs from the beleaguered Eastern regions. Shouldn't Super League clubs and Rugby League generally be better off focusing on countries like Serbia rather than a country at war? Just a thought.
  9. Perhaps the RFL could insist on clubs in Super League having to have a minimum of four example,50, 80 or 100 teams in their district /catchment area. Or alternatively, as in Australia in the 70's when they had the 13 import rule, limit the number of players in their squads from outside areas, thereby forcing clubs to develop their own local talent. Perhaps not a coincidence that Australia's dominance coincided with this rule. Just a thought....
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