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  1. I can’t speak from firsthand experience but I saw what they sent as kit to a USARL club. The shorts were like basketball style and the jersey had a sponsor saying ‘sponsor here’
  2. Great stuff. This fella was at the Wolfpack in the early days wasn’t he?
  3. Just watching myself, even my Mrs is asking questions...
  4. Lift a championship trophy at Belle Vue? or at Old Trafford? Top 5 for me.
  5. U12 Bridgend 10-8 Aber Valley U14 Bridgend 38-6 Cynon Valley U16 Aber Valley 42-30 Torfaen OA Rhondda 34-22 Bridgend* 600 fans attended throughout the day at Sardis Road, which is officially a dual code ground (see image) - fantastic to see. - *Questions and efforts now have to be focused on what open age RL looks like in South Wales next year. 3 welsh sides in the Conference South (Cardiff withdrawing last week causes concern). The South Wales Premier featured today’s grand finalists plus two reserve teams from the conference south. Ideally teams from Swansea and/or Neath-Port Talbot could join a relaunched Llanelli side. Heck, if the sun is really shining let’s bring Newport Titans back.
  6. Denied entry to League One. BoD pulls first team squad for NW Men’s league. Junior sides (Belle Vue Bees) continue going from strength to strength. Wait for above juniors to mature into adult players and relaunch Manchester Rangers open age.
  7. 3 years ago I hoped for such a thing. not long after I discovered Mascord Brownz and all their wonderful stock. Thanks for the heads up nonetheless mate
  8. Seconded... I use to work with a lad from Wakefield, who wasn’t a huge RL fan at all. I watched the 2013 World Cup game England vs. Ireland, final score was 42-0. He came back into work the next day absolutely buzzing. ”smashed them!” ”How good was that Burrow lad?” ”England were so good mate, clinical!”
  9. Weren’t there rumours he was going home to play in Elite One? Limoux I believe. No offence to the French top tier but that’d be a waste of talent.
  10. https://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16679/wales-name-u-development-squad U14s will have 3 sessions with Lee Crooks (U16 Coach)* https://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16680/wales-name-u-first-team-and-development-squads Two U16 squads named (a firsts and a development) * The sour note here is that there are no players included from Cynon Valley Cavaliers, who are in their debut season and sit 3rd out of 6 teams in the U14 league.
  11. Don’t bother replying to him. He has a history of strange and ridiculous statements and ideas. He wants to ditch international teams as we know them and have Europe as one team.
  12. It happened with the 2017 format: all in Sydney. makes sense financially, for now.
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