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  1. I’ve zoomed in on right hand and it says world club challenge, so I’m assuming that’s that.
  2. The challenge cup is a beauty and instantly recognisable, I recognise one as the Regal Trophy and is the one next to it a BBC SPOTY award? What are the others? Many thanks
  3. I see a bloke in two French jerseys!? One is Lezignan
  4. So May 1st marked the start of the publishing of our 2021 lists... https://hecanplayfor.weebly.com @hecanplayfor on Twitter and Instagram
  5. This is by Shawn Boatin on Twitter. Fantastic producer of quality content about the grassroots game. @GRMshawn I believe his handle is
  6. I’m personally hoping he opts for Wales but that’s just my selfish stance.
  7. Lachlan Walmsley aside (Scottish heritage) I see Whitehaven have named Aaron Purewall and Guy Graham, two ex-Scottish RU junior internationals. That’s positive - more of the same now Scottish rl is back up and running.
  8. Just this morning I’ve seen that Anglesey have a team called Marchogion Knights - they will aim to play 4 Friendlies this year. Good luck to them.
  9. WRL have only just started to rebuild things in North Wales alongside NW Crusaders. Things have been non-existent (aside from the Cru and North Wales Origin rep sides) in the last few years. These 3 are the initial signs of the rebuild. Important to remember the lack of large population centres in north and mid-Wales. 4/5 clubs is optimum, sustainable and achievable I’d imagine
  10. Some adults and juniors, some one but not the other. 1. Torfaen 2. Cardiff 3. Aber Valley 4. Rhondda 5. Bridgend 6. Gwendraeth 7. Wrexham 8. Valley Cougars 9. Conwy 10. Flintshire 11. Cynon Valley
  11. It’s launched by the Raiders, it’s essentially what Raiders used to be before becoming WWR as an amateur outfit then semi-pro. Llanelli based amateur sides have struggled in recent years for decent numbers but it’s good to see them back. A team in Swansea is a must over the next few years
  12. He’s a teacher at Bradford Grammar, head of rugby and athletics according to his Twitter. Not sure he’d be in a rush to give that up but would have the holiday
  13. https://www.coventrybearskitshop.co.uk/Coventry-bears-satellite-clubs Some decent kit available (in adult sizes as well) for those who wish to support the Bears further in this superb venture.
  14. Is it still the plan to leave Queensway? I remember a football ground was touted a couple of years back? As good a place for NWC the ground may be, it’s not the best for spectators or attracting new fans.
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