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  1. West Wales. Better than last years. Still not sure the colour scheme will ever grow in me.
  2. Wow! How close were the longhorns? Great effort.
  3. No idea. Was thinking the same thing myself earlier. His Instagram shows him holidaying and visiting various places around the world. No sign of training whether that be on the field or in the gym.
  4. Hasn’t Luis Roberts been promoted from your reserves already? Good news for Welsh rugby league.
  5. I’ve a feeling he means the ‘East’ conference else he’d have said 14 teams.
  6. If you’re on Instagram I suggest you follow Toulouse S&C coach Adam Innes as he posts some fascinating and insightful behind the scenes stuff on the Toulouse players. Marcon is particularly fast but interestingly in speed training all of other wingers get a % head start based on their difference in sprint times over 30 metres.
  7. How typically rugby league if this isn’t happening again!
  8. I’m not sure what to read into it but on Facebook there’s a private group called West Wales Raiders Playing Group 2020 of which there are 30 members. I imagine all are South Wales or south west of England based (Cowburn, Kislingbury) and have been training together for a couple of weeks. The question would now be how quickly can quality additions arrive and settle?
  9. It mentions there will be a great quantity of coaching staff and that’s good for many reasons. Kim Williams, for all his talents was overstretched last season. He had way too much expected from him alone. Aaron will have more coaches working with him. This will be beneficial for the time Aaron decides to move on
  10. Do you have confidence that this trip will bear fruit financially for Catalans and boost the profile of RL in France, audios?
  11. They need a half back to complement Wakeham, Koroisau could do it but that requires Lovodua to be available to play 9.
  12. Club wise... who will feasibly be stepping up to Elite One level over the next few years mate?
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