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  1. Spoke to someone who still has playing links there - no problems that can’t be remedied by known sources AKA they’ll be alright. On another note… Maxime Rostang! What a find for SOA at half back, cracking start to life there as a young lad. Credit to Carpentras for producing him.
  2. A young chap called Lee Briers giving Australian’s a masterclass in game management in both 2000 and 2011.
  3. Lovely stuff by Limoux. Was that a chip over the top on tackle one!? 8-4 Limoux. KTC. If I was the Toulouse coach we’d have firm words at half time about ball retention and set completion. They’ve blown two good chances and countless field position this half.
  4. You then have an immediate reference point for coaches, players and match officials. Great idea.
  5. Battle of two experienced full backs as well - Miloudi and Maurel. Miloudi is a joy to watch at times whilst you can see the influence of Maurel’s experience. Both halves involved in a play the ball and he slots seamlessly into the kick option for the last.
  6. With ball excellent but been defensively suspect so far. Toulouse’s left winger is quick and strong whilst Sayah (prop) impressed me.
  7. Some are ok. Some just don’t suit the style. Fev, London, Toulouse - some of my favourites.
  8. That’s a fair point and one I agree massively with. If the video and examples used were better put together and selected the reaction would be infinitely better. Typical RFL
  9. It’s all part of the sport evolving into a product for the future. I feel there’s been a great deal of overreaction on social media especially from players of the game (I am one!) We couldn’t carry on as we were, it would have caught us out eventually and the repercussions for the whole sport may well have been costly. It will take a while to suss out what rugby league looks like and to ensure it remains an attractive and entertaining product but that’s the same with most things that embrace change. Someone earlier on in the thread compared RL in 2023 to RL in the 1983 - massive difference. We’ll say the same about 2043. I’m interested to see how it goes and believe that skill sets will evolve around these rules.
  10. You should be able to catch up on some recent international streams.. USA vs Jamaica, Argentina vs Brazil were both on YouTube I believe.
  11. Well done France. Well done Kenya. Let this fixture blossom over the coming years.
  12. The same ‘squads’ have recently been up to Warrington and St Helens for shortened games and mini-round robins. I’m pretty sure they ventured to London last season too.
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