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  1. Recently did a charity bike ride which involved climbing the 3 peaks.
  2. My only gripe with the Welsh jersey is that it doesn’t say Rugby League or Wales on the logo.
  3. Watched the grand final with my mum and dad, both are far from RL fans but both said he had something about him as a player and a person that’s worth celebrating and is attractive to the general public. Its been a pleasure to watch him since his arrival in the UK.
  4. The root of this issue, money. The USARL has never been particularly good at securing sponsorship for their domestic comp or the National side.
  5. I actually teach full time, so have very little time. But international RL is something I’m passionate about, so whatever I can do to help it. It helps that I hate doing nothing, especially in school holidays
  6. Just seen Nigeria have won the final, in a kit that isn’t the official one they released. Not a good week for Beastwear if rumours are true.
  7. Great to see! Are those kits different to the Beastwear ones we saw?
  8. Based on my research of Australian comps (state cups, Ron Massey, Sydney shield etc) They could definitely put out a 1-17, I’ll aim to get Ireland uploaded soon for you: 1: Josh Bermingham - Wenty 2: Roland Podesta - Manly U20 3: Toby Marks - Newcastle Knights 4: Api Pewhairangi - NZ Warrior 5: Corey Browne - Asquith 6: Brandan Finnegan - Cabramatta 7: Luke Keary 8: David Murphy - Northern Pride 9: Josh Daley - Wests Magpie 10: Owen McCarron - Val’ Diehards 11: Josh Curran - NZ Warriors 12: Dean Barnes - North Sydney 13: Jayden Griffin - Hills Bulls 14: Isaac Luke - NZ Warriors 15: Adrian Doyle - Penrith brothers 16: Jangala Bennett - Cronulla U20 17: Jack Mackin - Tweed Heads
  9. Glad you find it as interesting as I do. Plenty more to come, will keep you all updated
  10. Updated today. www.hecanplayfor.weebly.com 1 NRL player who can play for Switzerland. 2 who’re eligible for Sri Lanka, of all places.
  11. Will be updated soon. I can tell from my notes... Daniel Vasquez (Chile) is the only one to come up so far.
  12. 80% complete. also please note the competitions the research has covered so can’t include Brad Billsborough as it opens up a new competition to research. Connor Hampson didn’t have a squad number in 2019 so wasn’t included. Thanks for the info on Quinlan however.
  13. Yep, as you can see we had a lot of players return with German grandparents. The likes of Germany, Hungary and Poland would be even more well stocked if eligibility allowed for great-grandparentage.
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