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  1. I see some fixtures are arranged for southern teams in October - is this wishful? What’s the situation up north?
  2. A big name, big reputation and has always wanted to give RL a go. The question marks will be over how many times he actually makes it on the pitch.
  3. Mascord Brownz will be the place to keep an eye on.
  4. Semi Finalists - 4 Nations Quarter Finalists - Federation Shield
  5. Just watching the highlights from Leeds Salford last night. And at 78 minutes at 48-12 Gil Dudson gives his all to track down Ash Handley as he breaks 80 metres to score and does a grand job in almost getting there. Not sure if it’s been mentioned elsewhere but the NRL went crazy for Papaali’s effort recently - this was applaud worthy stuff from Gil. Good to see from the prop.
  6. As a Trinity fan can I ask your opinion on Jowitt? Is he on the wing out of necessity or is that just where he’s going now? Thought he was going to burst on the scene and excel but didn’t impress me today.
  7. I thought generally Wakefield were poor and Catalans switched off for a bit making Trin look a bit better than they actually ever where - their attack was flat and directionless. I thought Innes Senior (on loan from Hudds) looked useful though - very keen and a bit of a handful, bright future for him.
  8. Agree with you both, games are two injuries away from losing all competitiveness. It’s tough enough with 17 players let alone losing a couple early on.
  9. I see they’re on offer on the app but my account isn’t able to watch it due to needing to pay for the service. I can’t find a link to do this on the app itself. Anybody able to help? On a side note - good work on Super League’s behalf, about time they offered full match replays.
  10. FB: Ryan Papenhuyzen - Melbourne CT: Dane Oostendorp - Manly U20/ LK: Bill Cullen - Easts Tigers SR: Lachlan Stein - Glebe RMC PR: Brae Verheyen PR: Ji Van Heeuwarden - Tweed U20 HK: Blake Barbuto - St George HK: Trent Shield - Beenleigh
  11. Since it’s return I’ve been absolutely overjoyed at the skill level and entertainment it has provided. I was worried that mistakes would be high and intensity would be lacking but it hasn’t been the case for me. Positivity alert: we’ve got a cracking sport and a cracking product on our shores.
  12. Agreed, clever recruitment that shouldn’t require immediate turnover to spend a few years becoming competitive in the championship
  13. They’ll get promoted without doubt
  14. Matty Fozard signed, always rated the lad. Hardworking, versatile and a very good skill set.
  15. For what it’s worth, we’ve got 4 ex-Dragons at Worcester, including our head coach.
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