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  1. I’ve watched him for a while, there was a point last year where he looked awful. He really needs to work on his kicking game in order to succeed further - watch him against Samoa in 2019. His end of sets are really poor. This year, however, he is much improved and I agree massively with your sentiment
  2. Explain, you’ve got me curious before I google it...
  3. Did you venture out? How did you find it? - I went for a pint at my local, which is 30 metres down the road, was nice to have something of normality back in my life with regard to that. HPA on draught was certainly a welcome return. Wandered up into ‘town’ at about 4ish - went to a free house pub, which was a bit too busy. Settled for one there before heading home for the evening. On the 40-minute walk back home saw 3 different police cars zoom up into town I assume for the drunk and disorderly. From the living room sofa from about 8 onwards I unfortunately whitenessed the worse of it. A group walked past the house to get in a car for a lift, a young lass decided to drop her pint glass on the floor as she ran for the car. Upon locking the house up at about 10:30 I decided to sweep up the shattered glass from the pavement in case anybody fell on it or somebody did something stupid with a shard. One lad walked by and called me a c**t repeatedly and demanded I sweep faster. One older lass called me a stupid ###### for dropping my drink everywhere! - I suppose it’s what you get when so many have been locked away for so long and it’s their big opportunity to return to the pubs, otherwise it felt well organised and somewhat safe in each of the locals I visited. 95% of the people were also in good spirits and very respectful.
  4. The north coast of Norfolk really is a fantastic place to explore.
  5. With them not being in the World Cup it’ll be a no to all 3. Luai and Mulitalo will he aiming for Samoa selection.
  6. I’ve never met a Welshman who can’t pronounce Rhondda! Maybe it’s just my experience of Cardiffians who get the pronunciation spot on
  7. Unfortunately not from anybody in union, believed to be from somebody/some people already involved with domestic RL in Wales
  8. It’s a load of rubbish lads, ignore them.
  9. Inspired by the thread started by Sports Prophet. The sane idea applies but to your community/amateur club. It’s tough to keep children and adults involved especially with the increased distractions of modern day living so this could be a good idea sharing exercise. Whats special about the offer of your club? Do you do something a bit different? Why do players choose you and not another club down the road?
  10. About 18 months ago I took my Mrs to a calligraphy course in Arnold, Nottinghamshire. Dropped her off and had 4 hours to myself in the town centre. 4 hours too many. Utterly depressing and regressive
  11. https://hecanplayfor.weebly.com/lebanon-2020.html Lebanon will struggle for depth. At full strength they’ll go well. But if they get 5/6 withdrawals through Australia call ups or injury - they begin to scrape the barrel
  12. Billy Magoulias There’s a few exciting youngsters coming through but yeah they’re nowhere near the level of England, Samoa, France. See... Chaise Robinson, Peter Manouzelous, Nick Mougios,
  13. Little tidbit of info from training tonight. Euro XIII clubs must utilise grounds with seating/a suitable stand. The draw will also be seeded.
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