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  1. Is this the same thing... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Rugby_Football_League
  2. Haha I didn’t make my point well enough. It’s great they’re investing in ‘rugby league’ but I’d hoped it would be an investment on their own shores.
  3. This is more about the potential for Americans investing in the NRL not rugby league. That saddens me.
  4. A European league based on capitals only, which European capitals have or or are suitably surrounded by some rugby league activity? here’s my 8 - Moscow - Kiev - Belgrade - Amsterdam - Oslo - Ankara - Prague - Athens 7 rounds Final before a Catalans super league game.
  5. Ended up playing rugby union in Cornwall I believe. Most definitely retired now.
  6. There was, yes. It’s back in the mixer I can tell you as much. Whether or not it comes off very much remains to be seen.
  7. Yeah most of the Union players are very much players who gave league a go for 6-10 weeks in the summer - got noticed, got rep honours. Then went back to the lure of youth RU in South Wales whereby you’re playing with your pals, in your community with away games maybe 30-45 mins away maximum, club houses and a scholarship with one of the 4 Welsh regions. Very few stay on at RL. The need for an U18 academy in South Wales is huge. But it needs added incentives. A Wales U19 tour to Australia every other year. Game 1: Sydney University Game 2: Lebanon U20 Game 3: Australia Schoolboys Game 4: Australia Schoolboys A West of England academy and a proper Midlands academy to reduce mass trips to the north every other week.
  8. Kieron Lewis is at Huddersfield. Kyle Huish is at Wigan. The rest I think are back in South Wales. There are a few English-born Welsh junior capped players at Leeds, Wigan and Warrington academies however.
  9. I posted this on another forum a few months back... WALES 1. Harvey McDaid (St Helens Youth) 2. Shaun Webber (Amateur RL - Wales) 3. Billy Glover (Widnes Vikings Reserves) 4. Finn Swift (Amateur RL - Wales) 5. Joel Davies (quit rugby) 6. James Machin (amateur RL - England) 7. Iestyn Hopkins (Amateur RU) 8. Ieuan Badham (Hull FC Youth) 9. Keenan McDaid (St Helens Youth) 10. Ewan Badham (Amateur RU) 11. Teifion Thomas (Amateur RU) 12. Jacob Lee (Amateur RL - Wales) 13. Lewis Hall (Warrington Reserves) Subs: 14. Adam Young (Amateur RL - Wales) 15. Matthew Jones (don’t know) 16. Will Smith (quit rugby) 17. Kyle Huish (Wigan Youth)
  10. This actually sort of already happens. In Queensland and NSW theirs a section on their registration for each season asking where their parents and grandparents are born.
  11. Thanks buddy, I have all of those. Unfortunately Hoeter is great-grandparentage. I was due to update the lists mid-April but COVID has put paid to that as I’ve only had one lot of Aussie team lists to work through.
  12. Welsh hat on... Rhys and Ben Evans - did they play at Wire together? Curtis and Connor Davies both at Fax together. both sets of twins/
  13. Didn’t rugby league in Belarus take its first baby steps a year or so ago? Am I right in saying that? Your plans sound amazing mate
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