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  1. Agree with this, some excellent players on show. Was impressed myself by Toronto’s full back (Blake Mahovic) who after a quick google turns out to be a Cumbrian who had a stint in Wigan’s academy as well as some time at Manchester Rangers.
  2. 42-6 win for Toronto. Crowd over around 500-600 specccies based on the photo I saw.
  3. Some familiar names on both sides, should be a great game. I notice a couple of Canadians in the DC line up, I assume they’re being loaned some players from Toronto. Will be keen to see the crowd figure, the match seems popular on TWP’s social media channels but I’ve no idea what to expect in terms of attendance.
  4. I’m sure it was ATLANTISMAN (Paul) and I’m sure he alluded to Girona with 12 SL clubs plus 4 French teams.
  5. Slight overreaction from them. Yes the game up here has issues but the standard has been excellent with some absolutely incredible games this year. Plenty of skill and talent and the quality of youngster coming through is immense.
  6. Isn’t this actually rumoured to be happening? Sure it was mentioned on a French thread
  7. As a full time teacher myself and hearing that Jermaine’s attention to detail is ‘meticulous’ something will surely have to give there! Either that or he doesn’t do sleep/family
  8. Valencia’s ‘owner’ ended up having a run out for Bath this season as they were short on numbers and that’s honestly, to my knowledge, the furthest extent of the link.
  9. My heart had a brief moment of being full with hope at this common-sense, much needed idea… alas, we’re dealing with RL here
  10. If I was an owner of a big club like Leeds, Wigan or Saints I’d genuinely be looking at funding a team like Coventry. For £100,000 a year give or take you’re bringing into your umbrella an ambitious club in a city of 400,000, largely untapped financially and 3 community clubs. Makes absolute sense to me for the price of a 32 y/old Australian for a year.
  11. Having been to SJP several times, as an NUFC fan, and considering the layout of the ground; it wouldn’t hurt SL/the organisers to have a family zone… the Leazes end has an excellent family/games zone on Level 5 with various games, consoles, food areas etc etc. Sell £20 family tickets to all local schools and community RL clubs across the country and I imagine you’ll suddenly see hundreds of families take advantage knowing it’s a ‘safe’ zone with family at the heart of its offer. The Gallowgate/strawberry corner could offer your cheaper, lager lout, stag/hen day out and the rest of the stadium serves itself price wise. An additional thought I had over the weekend… There we’re championship and League one games as well as junior internationals - why!? Surely there’s 2,000 or so fans at these games who’d otherwise be inclined to attend Magic if there was a blank weekend so that magic was standalone. On the Friday, along with a Thunder game have a junior international double header with Wales vs England and Scotland vs Ireland. Give all players 4 free tickets to Magic on a day of their choice and you’ve instantly brought the event to parents/aspiring players from afar as Belfast, Dundee, Cardiff, Pontypridd and London.
  12. Toronto have held trials, announced partners for their upcoming Canada cup game against DC. All of this is ahead of the expected 2022 NARL season.
  13. https://fiasco.design/project/rugby-league-world-cup-2021-branding/ Stumbled unexpectedly across this earlier whilst looking for an unrelated logo for a French rugby league club. I assume the organisers didn’t proceed further with this? Interesting nonetheless.
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