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  1. 16 minutes ago, north yorks trinity said:

    I'm talking about the suggestion that today's game would put people off attending the Samoa tests which seems an odd extrapolation to me. My criteria for an exciting game are any one of: a big event; skilful players on show; a result that matters; a close game. I think the Samoa tests offer, at worst, at least one, possibly 2-3 of those.

    It's quite simple. At some stage, you get fed up with being an international RL fan and decide to go and do something different instead. 

    When the RFL are signing the England team up to play a curtain raiser to a Featherstone Rovers game, I'd argue that we have sunk to an all time low, and we've seen plenty of lows as RL fans. 

    That is hardly something that motivates me to nip online and book travel, hotels and tickets for the Autumn. Quite the opposite. 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Hopie said:

    My view is things have been going badly for some time and I don't really see any improvements. I wasn't expecting a Silver bullet, but has anything been gained? I think your examples of things being good are very simplistic, and don't take into account wider context or are just good for hardcore fans, such as more games to watch for current subscribers or more video refs for those who like that sort of thing (even when there is a lack of cameras/production support).

    I've posted elsewhere about Cas being strong armed into short term changes at the expense of long term improvements but more specifically, the TV deal feels like another Stobart affair, where we give something away cheaply and will have to wait long time (if ever) to recover true value from that aspect of the product. "Every game on TV" will soon be finished as the fixtures go onto a Sky app/streaming service (I think today shows that games moving to a streaming service means even those who want to watch the game won't always do so) and therefore will not attract any new viewers. That's before you look at some of the basic production values to the extra "Sky" coverage, and the switch of freeview partner from Channel 4 to a variety of weak BBC productions, some main channel, some minor channel, some not on any channel and the loss of some Challenge cup coverage and the weekly highlights/magazine show. The massive hit we took on the contract was always going to be tough, but I think they gave the other games away to spin it as a victory when for me it clearly isn't.

    I disagree on the additional games point somewhat, but broadly share some of your concerns about what value we're going to squeeze out of some of it. 

    I do think every game live is a good thing, but the concern I've always had was that I'm not convinced there is a commercial market for games 3-6 for each SL round. By that I mean a market that will pay, either a broadcasted, or individuals in decent numbers. When other sports have done this, they have had decent markers to sell into. We now have broadcast quality coverage of all games, but we're not seeing broadcasters across the world pick this up. In sports like Union, they have other markets, in reality, we don't, and the markets we play in, like France and NZ have no money to spend on RL. 

    But that doesn't mean the things we are doing are wrong, I think they are the right things to do, and we have to give it a go, just like addressing standards is so thing we have to do, even if it ultimately doesn't work. 

    Where I do think IMG have mis-stepped tbh is that my personal view is that our geographical limitations is our biggest barrier, and they have made no affort around expansion approach so far, and give no indication it's on their pad. Imo, by limiting our reach, we are capping our appeal to fans, spectators, broadcasters, sponsor and other partners. 

    But I'm cool with what they are doing within the existing pool, I just don't see it massively changing without moving into new pools. 

  3. 1 hour ago, JonM said:

    This is not the RFL's doing really, is it?  It's the FFR XIII who "organised" the whole thing. England's job is to turn up and play.

    The only part of this that is down to the RFL is OurLeague, which I assume is all contracted out - and given that it's a free stream, presumably done on a small budget. 

    Did the RFL not know that Toulouse were playing Fev tonight at the same ground?

    The starting point of this was flawed. And the execution was poor. I logged into SL+ just fine to be fair, using my TV app, but the quality isn't good enough on a large screen and it was dire. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, north yorks trinity said:

    Agree. But whilst this won't exactly whet the appetite for more (though I'm enjoying it compared to, say, the Euros or the T20) I don't believe it should actively be putting off our core support from attending future matches.

    Why not? If this is how we do internationals now, why should I spend a fortune to watch England play in the Autumn? 

    There is only so many times that people will go out of blind loyalty. 

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  5. 21 minutes ago, gingerjon said:

    Cut it how you like.

    Triple header is meat raffle budget thinking. Shoving an international, or even two internationals, on a day when the main selling point has been a domestic second tier club game is revealing about priorities and planning.

    The problem is that we have dropped even lower than internationals being underwhelming, or disappointing, or below potential, to being actively harmful to the sport. 

    I wouldn't blame anyone seeing this from being put off buying tickets to the Samoa series. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, gingerjon said:

    Something like that, you're there for the whole experience of which the game is part. It's not like the atmosphere was lacking.

    Play a rugby game in an athletics stadium with 3/4 empty stands is a bit different.

    I get it, and I'm sure you could have a great time (although there were plenty of complaints about the announcer guy starting chants!). 

    And I understand why they use this ground in Melbourne, but some of the sightlines must be horrendous. 

  7. 15 minutes ago, Coca1 said:

    Firstly it's important that we share our own views about the sport. I understand that those who do comment are interested in the sport, but comments using rubbish, does not help. We are exchanging views about the sport. Surely we can express our views without making comments, which have no substance or relevance. If you have any information or data that supports your views please share. I follow the sport and have read reports, which claim the cup is not popular as it once was. 

    The nines I am advocating is totally different from what you are stating. Also I am focusing the event on the families and children. This event won't be of any interest for individuals like yourselves. I rather you did not attend. 

    Giving my own view that an idea is rubbish is hardly offensive, I'd suggest you are being rather thin-skinned on that. 

    If you could get a 70k event from 9s, then go for it. Also, I'd argue that a 9s event would be the same as our Magic - a huge pee up and wouldn't be a family event at all. 

    In Union many of their 7s events are very much aimed at the boozy fancy dress stag and hen crowds. 


  8. 11 minutes ago, Coca1 said:

    Usually Prize Money derives from Sponsorships, and gate receipts. I just don't understand the concept of the Challenge Cup and the Fascination of Wembley stadium. Find the whole thing rather puzzlingly. 

    Rugby League is all about the community and the family of Rugby League. Having a two day event of Nines, with all the fans integrated together, would be absolutely awesome event for the Rugby League Community. 

    I do worry about where the sport is headed. Every decision that they made has really destroyed the sport. They seem to moving the sport away from the community and families and taking it into the wilderness. What is also astonishing is the comments that are provided on here. It seems everyone has forgotten what the sport used to represent. 

    This decision will take top clubs back to more lower division grounds than for a long while. The internationals are being held in heartlands. They hardly seem like decisions to take the games away from the communities. 

    9s is a rubbish idea that has never ever been seen to have any interest in the slightest in this country. 

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  9. 11 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    I'm taking in Ukraine v Belgium. Ukraine should be a couple up if it wasn't for poor final decisions in the box. They've had far more of the game and Belgium have done hardly anything at all.

    And as things stand, Ukraine will end up going home with 4pts! 

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    That's not helped by Scotland being awful and getting knocked out and then England being terrible (despite going through)

    I did consider whether it has been my own personal boredom with those two teams, but there has been a fair few cases of trundling through the last game. 

    I'm not enjoying this 3rd place qualifiers, it's all a touch too easy. Unless you're Scotland of course 🤣

  11. 3 hours ago, gingerjon said:

    The positive from the first and third games especially is that England never really looked particularly rattled at any point, and found ways to take the sting out of the game whenever the opposition looked like doing anything. That is a plus compared to pre-Southgate.

    Also, last night, again, there were a couple of chances, and a silly offside, which could have made a dire 0-0 into a decent enough win.

    They are very, very boring to watch though and if you're not winning then that in itself becomes unforgivable - even before you get to systems not working and players not fitting in.

    This is meant to be sort of enjoyable.

    You sound like me in the Steve Price era at Warrington. 

    That's exactly how I feel now. I'm not going down the route of slating Southgate, but it is difficult to watch this team at the moment. 

    One thing I would say, I think the tournament started like a house on fire, but I do think the excitement level has tailed off markedly. 

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  12. Just now, wilsontown said:

    Yes, but the 1895 Cup is integrated with the Challenge Cup - so changes to the Challenge Cup format will presumably affect how the 1895 Cup works. But no doubt we'll find out soon enough.

    I don't think it is integrated any more is it? Wiki suggested that stopped this year but I'm not close to it, so apologies if wrong. 

  13. 1 minute ago, Dave W said:

    It only ever seems to be supporters of SL teams who complain about season tickets not covering cup games. 

    This was never a problem in the pre-SL era. You just paid or you didn't bother going.

    How did this mindset of entitlement creep in? 

    There is no sense of entitlement, it's buying behaviours that have built up over decades. 

    But lower division fans aren't turning up for these games either, they are demonstrating the same behaviours. 

    Apart from maybe where they are playing a higher division attractive team. Hmm. 

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  14. Just now, Red Willow said:

    Paul Carrige played over 60 NRL games and Mark Corvo probably over 90 NRL games and often top the worse import ever rankings. 

    Hastings and Croft both discarded

    Just saying.......



    Yup, could make huge lists of players under these categories. 

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  15. 24 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    Irrespective with the meagre number of games he has played in the NRL and the form he has shown, he is a dead cert for being a top star over here.

    Surely you've been watching the game long enough to be careful of making statements like that Harry! 😆

    I hope you're right, the more quality in the comp the better, but I don't think there are any guarantees. Similarly unknowns can come and do very well. I often make the point in discussions like this but one of my favourite Wire players in the SL era was Brent Grose who was pretty much unknown. 

    Some players just embrace the British game and thrive. 

  16. 15 minutes ago, wilsontown said:

    What I'm not seeing here (which admittedly is not as important as the Challenge Cup) is what the plan is, if any, for the 1895 Cup next season.

    Well, this press release, and thread is about the Challenge Cup, so not sure why there would be details around the 1895 Cup. 

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