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  1. So you think this element is optimal? Team A knocks on. There are two potential outcomes: Team B gets the ball and when they are tackled that is zero and they get 7 tackles. Or. Team B doesn't recover the ball, so they get a scrum and have 6 tackles. A scrum is contested, so in scenario 2 there is risk and one less tackle.
  2. Club call. The game's never been the same since it's demise.
  3. I quite like them, follow them on Twitter, they can be quite lively. Solid choice for a bit of entertainment that won't bring the crowd flocking, but if its just about entertaining those who do come, I'm sure they'll do a good job.
  4. Aye, I can appreciate that. Tbh, the easier thing is to just have a 20m restart like we did for a long time. It was a bit of a knee jerk to a few negative tactics imo. I would add, with the changes, I don't think keeping it easier to referee has been a clear objective!
  5. I agree. It was mentioned by another poster about trying to get them along and then they'd go onto town afterwards, so make the stadium experience part of their fun night out, they have a great facility with loads of space. Another way of tapping into this segment is through family tickets, engaging with Primary schools will help you target these under 30's. An RL match should be great for a boozy night out, a family night, date night, or one for purists to enjoy the match only. It's purely my opinion, but I expect if you surveyed under 30's about why they don't attend, it won't be overwhelmingly price.
  6. But did you have enough to go to the match? RL tickets are reasonably priced. Whilst I applaud any creativity, there is a reason that this pricing structure just isn't seen at sports clubs, theatres, concerts etc.
  7. My response to that would be to suggest that the reason that 21-30 year old are not coming isn't due to price. Good luck to them, but I'm not buying the logic that they under-index in that segment so just reduce the price.
  8. Spot on, it makes little sense. If you want to target under 30s, engage with them, it doesn't always have to be price.
  9. I'm not sure I get the under 30's price band. I think there is clear logic for students, u21s, families, pensioners etc. but I'm mot sure why a 28 year old fan is discounted.
  10. I genuinely hope that's true, but I think the reality is closer to the fact that there are always sporadic decent crowds depending on the feelgood element created by that club. A little like we sometimes get thousands of away fans for these games. I suppose we'll see over the coming two weeks. But Hull KR are on a high, so you'd expect a decent turnout.
  11. Yes. I think the knock on piece has clear logic, if you dive on the ball it is tackle 1, which is a disadvantage to putting a scrum down and making metres from that scrum. But while they have adjusted that element, they have simply flipped the disadvantage. Now you can make 10m from a knock on and it be zero, or make 10m from a scrum and it be tackle 1. I always found the RL laws in general to be logical, now I think they have tweaked without considering all impacts and we have inconsistencies.
  12. Doesn't catching the ball on the full in goal get you 7 tackles? Not an error.
  13. Those two things are quite different. The purpose of 1 is to keep play flowing without creating a disadvantage. So if you drop on a ball from a knock on you don't lose a tackle for no gain. But a 20m restart sees you get the ball 20m upfield and then given a free tackle. So in reality it's likely to be zero on the 27m. Other than being called zero tackles those two passages of play bear no resemblance to each other.
  14. It isn't concocted by the media in the slightest. The way zero tackle was introduced made perfect sense - it fixed a problem. The example I have given is a 7 tackle set, there is nothing misleading at all with it. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - that is 7 tackles and comes from a 20m tap restart.
  15. So a knock on can lead to a 6 or 7 tackle set depending on how it is gathered by the opposition (or not)...
  16. I resisted the obvious Powell jokes. Chambers, on the other hand has done a rather nice job.
  17. I think it's fair to judge him like that - we should all judge things based on our own preferences, styles, principles etc. In fact, for it to be entertaining, there has to be a conflict of views. It'd be rather boring if there were 20 posters saying 'well said' on his comments.
  18. haha, I must admit, that's how I watch the game nowadays, I used to understand every nuance in the rules, and I just don't anymore. I'll wait and see what restart happens.
  19. Genuine Q, do you get 7 tackles if yiu get a scrum from a knock on? In fact, do you even get a scrum nowadays?
  20. I don't mind DB spitting his dummy out. I enjoy the game having villains and talking points. It's all fun. But it's nonsense to suggest people should keep quiet.
  21. Is Rowley a worthy contender? I would add that I like Rowley and enjoy watching Salford, but they dropped into the bottom half of the table after making the Semi Final last year. It feels like Peters should have been in that slot, and Wellens has recovered the team well to finish level at the top.
  22. This bit in bold is it. It's a bit silly claiming we can't be critical of a person's actions just because he does good stuff too, or claiming it is a vendetta and so on. People think he behaved like a brat and are calling him out on it. He is within his rights to act like a brat, people are within their rights to call him out. It's all good.
  23. Three of those appear perfectly sensible nominations. Salford have dropped from 6th to 7th and that gets you nominated?
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