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  1. You don't need to read carefully, as that is after the words "also includes".
  2. That's fair comment. I feel if he was at any other club he wouldn't be getting a chance, but you are right, probably harsh.
  3. Exactly right. Ruthless. All round skills are just slightly sharper. Or in reality they have a couple fewer weaker links in the 17.
  4. I actually think Walmsley should be binned for that. We shouldn't just be giving him a free shot.
  5. Saints' outside backs have been poor, and they have people missing there. Roosters have been patient and ruthless.
  6. Since I praised Makinson he has run into touch and knocked on with the line begging!
  7. That is just basic stuff. Saints shouldn't be giving penalties in the opposition half, they should have all the energy.
  8. Yeah it does feel like that has gone backward for no reason.
  9. I've never been one for complaining about commentators, but Terry O'connor is ruining every game he is on.
  10. Great start from Saints. JWH is a tool isn't he? Obviously don't tell him I said that.
  11. I think it's a bit odd to try and just put development down to one source. Players develop over a long time and they have many influences at amateur and pro level. The more quality clubs, pathways and opportunities for players the better.
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