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  1. Me too. Watched Wigan lose, spent a night in a fab hotel, conference went well and then home to watch FC beat KR in an awesome display. Couldn't have been better.
  2. McGregor's been copying Haloman I think. It appears he's been biking over the globe for centuries. Oh, and his eyes are red y'know.
  3. That's ok. I drop my other half off at work in my dressing gown. It's not like anyone's going to be looking at me whilst I'm in the car.
  4. No thanks. I watched my first speedway match tonight. It was rather enjoyable, although it took ages for Great Britain to win a heat.
  5. I am immersed in dust in the library, getting bitten by Dracula.
  6. Neither will I. I'm in for a good night if Gurner's testimony is anything to go by...
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