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  1. From home to Toys R Us, then back home, straight out again to Sainsbury's (Hessle) to pick up some Quorn Rolls, then to Hessle Foreshore, then over the bridge to Barton, then back again.
  2. I cycled 20 miles today. Not bad for an unfit chocolate-face.
  3. I have sadly been awoken from a wonderful dream, during which I was visited by a broad-shouldered, ravishing Lancastrian gent and swept off my feet. Now I'll move from the sofa to bed and hope that the dream will reoccur!
  4. I am a bucket for other people's problems, which is not good as I have enough of my own.
  5. Not at all. Not had a drink for two weeks. What's the matter my dear?
  6. It was probably deemed to be in bad taste, as well as being in the wrong thread.
  7. There is something about your mother-in-law posts that makes my skin crawl. *shivers*
  8. Ah, the glo'al stop. I wondered what you meant for a minu'e there, that double 't' threw me.
  9. On Saturday I joined Gala Bingo for a laugh after a discussion with a mate who's already a member. I deposited a tenner into the account, and six quid later I've won
  10. I've got tickets for lots of gigs this year: Yeah yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, White Lies, Kings of Leon and Bloc Party so far. On the look out for Faith No More and hoping Motley Crue will do some dates as they're over for the Download festival.
  11. I'm tired and a bit down. I've loads of emails to reply to but my heart isn't in it tonight.
  12. I've had two posters turn up damaged at the hands of Royal Mail in the last week.
  13. In this case I wish I had. A mate has shown her true colours this week and it's not pretty. I'd quite like to forget that.
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