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  1. Not quite. It's not exactly recent, it's been going on for weeks now...
  2. I didn't bother. I had a bag of Wotsits and went to bed instead.
  3. A bottle of whiskey later, Marlowe is home and fighting the urge to ring a pizza.
  4. Marlowe is getting ready to go to Asylum for Yo-Yo with a VERY large whiskey.
  5. Well perhaps after a few lessons I'll be able to entice someone into taking my bottom bracket apart too...
  6. I was expecting this to be as a result of your moving your "coffee maker" upstairs. How disappointing that this wasn't the case. -_-
  7. Both - they're both just service others' needs and receive nothing in return.
  8. Not even started it yet, just not had time. Poor show, I know.
  9. I should have a working radiator in my bedroom within the hour.
  10. Today is a very boring day at work. I've not received any emails or texts to liven it up either.
  11. My last week working 13 hour days... one of four nearly over... I can see that 8 hour Friday edging ever closer...
  12. Glad you're all okay. I have a car on Friday night and nowhere to go in it. I'd love nothing more than a bit of a drive. It doesn't have to be back in Hull until noon on Saturday either, what a waste.
  13. It's lovely. Great food, fab service. You should take the missus/mistress.
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