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  1. 10 hours ago, burnleywelsh said:

    I think most from the UK have already booked flights and accommodation already. I doubt that fans over here are waiting for tickets to go on sale before they organise their weekend. I know I have.


    1 hour ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    Same. I'm not gonna wait and see if I can get a ticket before booking flights and hotel am I? Not like tickets are gonna sell out or anything. 


    1 hour ago, EssexRL said:

    Ditto. Plane and hotel booked. 

    Aye and me plus 3 more. We can't wait, and none of us even like Wigan.

    If there was a game like this every year in big cities around Europe I'd be there with bells on every time, so fingers crossed if Toronto go up they'll make good on thier promise of playing in Copenhagen, Belgrade et al.

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  2. Jebus, if playing after the main event isn't bad enough. What the bl**dy h*ll is that?

    It's nearly as bad as the ball stuck on a stick they give London after the MPG.

    Do whoever is organising these things not understand image?



  3. On 2/21/2019 at 11:38 PM, CanaBull said:

    50% off at one of the local charity shops, picked up a hardback copy of Terry Pratchett’s Raising Steam for $4 (£2.50 or so).

    My joint top author.


    And a good story too, although not his best. The only thing that annoys me is, the main character is supposed to have a Yorkshire accent I believe but unfortunately he hasn't got it right, too much 't' for me. Unless that is actually how we sound????

  4. 23 minutes ago, HaxbyKnight said:

    I'm not scoffing at all Yorkie. There is no such thing as a bad idea, and maybe your suggestion will lead to another incentive to promote the Knights, if this one doesn't take off. It's good to have a reasonable debate, even if opinions differ.

    Oh no, I know you aren't. Apologies it wasn't meant to be a derogatory term, just trying to put a point across. Yes I agree you brought up a lot of things to think about (like I've got any input at all) and there is nothing like a healthy debate to through up ideas, some may good, some bad and some indifferent.

    Anything that progresses the Knights is a good thing.

  5. I suppose it just goes to show you can't cater for all, what one finds an attractive proposition another may scoff at. It must be very difficult to run a club and please all but the Knights seem to do it well. 

    I really don't think home advantage is that much of a thing, unless you have a quirk to your ground like you've mentioned. Other than that it's 13 v 13 on a rectangle pitch.

    Still if something like this ever came about (not likely I know) I would support it fully, but this wasn't really about crowds/supporters it was more about capturing North Yorkshire and help opening up a larger playing pool.

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