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  1. Danny Washbrook according to League Weekly, good solid player and very experienced.
  2. My joint top author. And a good story too, although not his best. The only thing that annoys me is, the main character is supposed to have a Yorkshire accent I believe but unfortunately he hasn't got it right, too much 't' for me. Unless that is actually how we sound????
  3. Is it this? http://www.totalrl.com/st-helens-loan-young-forward-to-york/ If so, great news. If it is in addition to this then even better.
  4. Doncaster is 20 minutes from York on train, and the added bonus of the women' semi-finals too. In fact York is a fantastic place to base yourself. Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Sheffield 1hr, Hull, Leeds, Doncaster and Huddersfield under an hour, London (Kings Cross) and most of the Lancahsire grounds 1.5-2hr. Cov and Worky a bit further afield but in all York is this best placed city to be in ? No I don't work for Visit York, but seriously if you are around the North with good rail links close by you've fell lucky here.
  5. I'm looking forward to it, I love going to new stadiums to watch rugby. Although there isn't much presence in Teeside there is a lot close by, In and around Newcastle, Peterlee, Catterick, Scarborough and let's not forget it's an hour up the road for us from York. Can't wait.
  6. As mentioned previously, very good presentation and professional which makes the organisers look like they know what they are doing. Some exciting venues, definitely will be going to Newcastle, Arsenal, Middlesbrough and Sheffield. A visit to the usual KCom, Huddersfield, Donny and Leeds will be on the cards. Will probably get along to Cov and Bolton too, and a trip up to Lakes, all dependent on timings. Obviously Old Trafford for Final is a must. The only negative comment is some venues getting a few games each, are we really going to sell Donny out 3 times over? I hope so but there
  7. How good is this? Very professional, and it's coming across as a big deal, which it is. Impressed, very impressed.
  8. Aye, I can't even fathom why they have done it, there is no real need to advertise to a wider audience other than existing clubs, who would have joined it regardless; they were obviuosly hoping to piggyback on the name of cricket but to what end? Why not just 'National 20's League' NTL?
  9. It looks like it is this: https://www.rugby-league.com/article/54079/rugby-football-league-launches-rlt RLT20, T being 'transitional' To be fair it seems a good concept, hopefully it will address the loss of a lot of younger adults that aren't ready to 'step up' to full open age.
  10. I totally agree there, fantastic at telling a tale and as I advocated before Giles Kristian is quickly catching him up.
  11. David I'll have a look into it, my favourite Bernard Cornwell standalone book is Gallows Thief (fantastic book) which is set just after the Napoleonic Wars about a sort of Private Detective so much in the same vein. I'll probably jump on to them when I've finished Lancelot.
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