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  1. 44 minutes ago, DI Keith Fowler said:

    I'm not, currently the RFL, FA and RFU only recognise 3G as a technology. What is being called 4G, 5G etc. is marketing for products which while may be better than predecessors are fundamentally the same 3G technology otherwise they wouldn't be allowed. 

    I think from when you said hockey you're thinking of 2G astroturf i.e. sand without rubber infill. 

    I have also seen reference to Synthetic and Hybrid pitches - where do these fit into the picture?

    We probably need a separate 'plastic pitch' thread to discuss 😂

  2. 16 minutes ago, DG70 said:

    Rowley is an upgrade on Marshall and they do have a fair bit of quality on paper, but as Brian Clough once said, " We have a good team on paper, unfortunately its played on grass"...

    To update Cloughie, We have a good team on paper, unfortunately the game is played on plastic 🙂

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  3. One reason I stopped watching Widnes, aswell as them serving up garbage, was that the garbage was delivered on a plastic pitch. I know it offers other benefits to whoever owns the stadium but I like my rugby played on real mud. I am just old school I am afraid. Now my rugby fix is at grass roots level, union and league. I am non-discriminatory in my loathing of the round ball game 🙂

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  4. Updated list of freebies if anyone is interested.

    Just send me a PM to sort out collection / postal arrangements.

    I am based in Salford (week) & Widnes (most weekends) for collection purposes. All in excellent condition except 1.


    Widnes v New Zealand, Tour Match, 5th November 1989

    St Helens v Auckland, Tour Match, 1st November 1987

    Warrington v New Zealand, Tour Match, 29th October 1980

    St Helens v New Zealand, Tour Match, 12th October 1980

    Great Britain v. Australia, 2nd Test Odsal, 5th November 1978

    Widnes v New Zealand, Tour Match,  12th September 1971 (front cover torn, some pages written on)



  5. 2 hours ago, redjonn said:

    Too be honest the type of experience is more common than we like to think, in my opinion.

    At all clubs but speaking at the womens SL final with people on our table the lady mentioned that she had gone to the Saints v Leeds men's play off semi. Her comment was she would not go again to saints because of the behaviour of some of the fans, shouting abusive comments towards them and specifically her elderly friend and daughter.  Now I use to live in St Helens and as such a fan so its disappointing to hear.

    In the above instance it was at saints and I have experienced such as well their when visiting with my wife, whom a Leeds fan, plus I hasten to at other grounds, Hull FC my wife refuses to go anymore, Wigan she also has stories to tell from being verbally abused by drunken people - in those cases by other women. Other ground's too. as well as the club she supports Leeds with regard to hearing some commentary. Now my missus is no shrinking violet being from Toxteth Liverpool and not one I would tangle with but she is respectful of others and for her to be so persuaded says the sport does have a problem which we lock away, if we consider it to be a family sport.

    I always obviously make the point that they are a very small minority, but it happens at almost every away match we go... their is some drunks that can't stop themselves whilst others we can mingle and chat with.  It gets harder to convince her it is a family game to take our grand children too.

    This, to me, is a bigger problem rather than the actual crowd on Saturday, which it can be argued is low for understandable reasons. If people, and family groups in particular stop attending because of the anti-social behaviour they have to deal with, where does this leave the sport and trying to sell these show-case events?

    Basically it appears the grand final is an excuse to get on the ale / gin / whatever else just after breakfast, magic weekend is an opportunity to do the same the whole weekend and nobody can really be bothered with the Challenge Cup anymore.

    The thing that stands out that I read in these threads is die-hard fans saying never again! This is a problem...


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  6. 54 minutes ago, David Shepherd said:

    How much of the current Leigh squad is being retained?


    I would ask the same question about the Featherstone squad too as it is likely to have a bearing for both these teams. Are they both likely to be weakened and others strengthened? 

  7. 3 hours ago, Harry Stottle said:

    And that is all I am saying Dunny, blame it on whatever people want to, the simple reason that one of the team's is from France will result in a lower attendance.

    Imagine if both teams were from France, as pointed out above. maybe an alternating neutral venue is the way to go here as per the Champions League. This would negate the comparison as all the variables would have changed

  8. 3 hours ago, Saint Toppy said:

    I thought that restriction was now lifted. Man Utd are permitted to play in front of a capacity stadium again now and had over 73K there this weekend.

    Why would a rugby game at the stadium be limited to 45K when a football game can have over 73K ? Are rugby fans more contagious than football fans or something.

    Didn't the old Wembley have a reduced capacity for the Challenge Cup Final (98,000) compared to the FA Cup Final (100,000) because rugby league supporters eat more pies?

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  9. 1 hour ago, Jill Halfpenny fan said:

    They've not been great but then performances have given people plenty of reasons not to attend.

    Having said that, the turn out at Swinton last Sunday was way in excess of anything I've witnessed at other away games I've attended.

    somewhere in the region of 700-800 which is a good turn out 

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