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  1. This, to me, is a bigger problem rather than the actual crowd on Saturday, which it can be argued is low for understandable reasons. If people, and family groups in particular stop attending because of the anti-social behaviour they have to deal with, where does this leave the sport and trying to sell these show-case events? Basically it appears the grand final is an excuse to get on the ale / gin / whatever else just after breakfast, magic weekend is an opportunity to do the same the whole weekend and nobody can really be bothered with the Challenge Cup anymore. The thing that stands out that I read in these threads is die-hard fans saying never again! This is a problem...
  2. I would ask the same question about the Featherstone squad too as it is likely to have a bearing for both these teams. Are they both likely to be weakened and others strengthened?
  3. Got a programme for this game in excellent condition if anyone wants it FOC. Just PM me and we will find a way of getting it to you! Thanks
  4. Leaving Catalans to one side for a moment, are Saints likely to muster much of a crowd? Obviously they have their stalwart supporters and hardcore but always feels it is limited even for a final, maybe 8000-12000 max on a good day
  5. Imagine if both teams were from France, as pointed out above. maybe an alternating neutral venue is the way to go here as per the Champions League. This would negate the comparison as all the variables would have changed
  6. Didn't the old Wembley have a reduced capacity for the Challenge Cup Final (98,000) compared to the FA Cup Final (100,000) because rugby league supporters eat more pies?
  7. somewhere in the region of 700-800 which is a good turn out
  8. Why not? Is there an un-witten rule somewhere?
  9. further update: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/salford-city-red-devils-stadium-21570388 If the proposed deal happens it seems like SRD would be tenants with the council owning the stadium
  10. Amazing. I didn't think clubs were producing programmes any more
  11. Just having a bit of a sort out and have a few hundred Widnes programmes available, home & aways including most clubs from 1975-1992. I am trying to catalogue them but if you want any particular club / match programme PM me and if I have it it's yours FOC! Cheers
  12. further developments... https://www.salesharks.com/2021/09/08/sharks-ceo-sid-sutton-aj-bell-stadium-bid-crucial-to-future-of-club/ Seems like Sale are waiting until Salford have found a new home and then will buy the stadium from the City Council
  13. Hoping for a Catalan v Saints repeat in the grand final in October, the two best teams in Super League this season
  14. will make fewer individuals more selfish is my take on it
  15. At magic weekend their SL derby rivals would be the Superleague Jones'
  16. Unfortunately I fall into this category but this has not been helped by the dross served up by Widnes this season. It was an early write off for me. Maybe next season with a new squad may spark my interest again.
  17. surely 12 divisions of 3 playing the other 11 times each for 22 games followed by a top 3 play off would be better? Less boring I think
  18. I lived in Widnes. People from Runcorn who were not eccentric were regarded as abnormal
  19. me too! but the South Stand gantry is still there though isn't it? The facilities in the South Stand were a later addition if I remember correctly
  20. Travellers Rest ARLFC? Seem to remember a team or similar named team from the National Cup in the 80's&90's but based in Widnes was never sure where they were from? Did they actually exist and where are / were they from - Wakefield area?
  21. Where to - any idea? Has he joined another club?
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