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  1. to expand upon this, given these unprecedented times my view is that the players should be playing fewer games not more
  2. maybe the lights at Belle Vue weren't up to standard
  3. I suppose it depends how much it costs, think I read somewhere Newcastle wanted £100,000 for the privilege of hosting
  4. Surprised that no one has suggested the LSV yet? The Bernabeu of South East Wigan
  5. Little Etihad seems like a good place to locate a 'Manchester' team
  6. Just checked out your club crest - is that a cannabis leaf?
  7. I would regionalise from the old division 4 downwards with 20 team divisions. Its just crazy that clubs like Stockport have to cram in 46 games in a season with trips to Torquay (their 1st game last week), Bromley Dover, Maidenhead etc etc. Below that the National League North and South could be split in 3 or even 4 divisions of 20 teams for more local derbies and if you're happy were you are playing, even if you win the league you don't need to move up to the next Tier
  8. couldn't you just play in the Kent league anyway and leave the pyramid for those clubs who want to be part of that?
  9. not sure how urban you are but I find 'freecycle' works to get stuff to an appreciative home, at least here in Manchester / Salford
  10. my favourite pizza topping is quite simple, a margherita with lots of thinly sliced serano ham. The best pizza in the world (imo)
  11. maybe having to play twice a week clubs will have weekend teams and midweek teams
  12. this thread is up there with the best imo
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