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  1. hard to see a way back here without a massive investment. The condition will just deteriorate further and the refurb bill get even higher
  2. I've got loads of Huyton RLFC programmes if anyone's interested
  3. maybe he wore a white suit so they couldn't see his dandruff
  4. I thought it was Dirty Wiganers' Stadium
  5. Interested in the Huyton programme. Will send a PM
  6. Thanks for the advice Rupert. Rugby league does exist outside the super league bubble and not every one is a SL fan.
  7. its all a bit boring if your not a fan of a SL team I find. I don't bother with SL games now either
  8. heard it's been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances
  9. just sounds like more loopy fixtures for me with the 10 remaining SL clubs re-drawn
  10. what a waste of cardboard, just give your team £25 instead
  11. must be American chicken, the French would be furious
  12. Shouldn't this thread be re-titled Super League disaster thread?
  13. not a bad effort for a small town in Cheshire
  14. Get rid of the scrums I say, an infield 6 man line out would be a better way to restart the game and offer a fair competition for the ball. It would also give the tall lads an RL playing option
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