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  1. squeezed out of a small market. Unable to compete with Warrington and St Helens, and Wigan and Salford. Not sure they actually serve any purpose any more! and I am supposedly a Widnes supporter
  2. we should have just took the 24-0 and regrouped for next week haha
  3. and we'll have an even bigger advantage if we're in League 1 if Swinton get their act together later on this summer, but then it's a really long road back and the future won't look great
  4. half the division not up to it really then this year, on early showings. It looks like a two tier league is emerging
  5. what worries me is that Widnes usually play worse in the second half
  6. What do Widnes offer to the Championship? maybe League 1 is the level now they look out of their depth
  7. Just wondering if anything is happening West of the Pennines?
  8. Our friend Celtic Rooster had previously posted this: CARLISLE & DISTRICT LEAGUE FINAL TABLE. Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Difference Points 1 Wigton (Carlisle) 18 17 0 1
  9. yes up to a 10 or 12 team league during the 80's, others on here will know more or can provide links, St Nicholas Arms were a team in it I think
  10. and for somewhere that used to have it's own league its very sad
  11. 90-0 Looks like the de-facto 4 team league unapologetic pedant mentioned, unfortunately. But early days. hopefully they give it a few years and teams get more competitive
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