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  1. You really are confused, but so am I. As far as I understand Batley are more like Swinton but they own their own ground
  2. I thought that, aren't they Rochdale Athletic?
  3. I found the following which are outliers in my collection. If interested in either or both please PM with your details and I will get them in the post to you: Keighley v Workington (Wednesday 6th May 1964) Rochdale Hornets v. Keighley (Saturday 6th January 1968) regards
  4. Leigh seem to be building a platform for success
  5. it could be the 'Wembley of the North'
  6. Good effort. The next home game is v. Leigh on Good Friday so hopefully will be pushing towards 6,000. Looking at the Widnes website seems like hospitality packages in the South Stand are selling well too for this game. Not sure who gets the benefit of this though - the club or the council. Anyway, onwards & upwards...
  7. and so is the beer selection ! Anyway, looking forward to Sunday v. Workington, hopefully crowd will be 3000+
  8. Caldy RUFC (Level 3 - National League 1 currently in 4th place) and Wirral RUFC (Level 5 - North Premier) are both semi-professional and operate at a higher level than Waterloo who are currently Level 6 - North 1 West, so they tend to pick up the best local RU talent from either side of the Mersey at the moment. The demand seems to be well served with the clubs in existence at the moment and I think it would be tough for Rugby League to try and grow in this small market. Back on topic, it's good to see RL clubs developing facilities as this is one area that the Union clubs have an advantage.
  9. So to summarise this, they are staying at the AJ Bell for 2022 whilst various feasibility studies are carried out with Moor Lane option not being without complications
  10. Especially if he didn't like the Christmas jumper you were wearing !
  11. I have also seen reference to Synthetic and Hybrid pitches - where do these fit into the picture? We probably need a separate 'plastic pitch' thread to discuss
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