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  1. Hoghton Road, Sutton, St Helens had a dog track when Highfield played there.

    From wikipedia

    A short lived greyhound racing track was opened by the St Helens Greyhound Company. The first meeting was on 2 July 1993 and the increased income helped the club make a profit. The racing was independent (not affiliated to the sports governing body the National Greyhound Racing Club) and was known as a flapping track, which was the nickname given to independent tracks. Despite the rugby team leaving in 2000 the last greyhound meeting was held on 9 October 2001.

  2. 3 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    yep, the Unicorn, drank in their often... Dandelion - what sort of name is that... oh just popping down the Dandy for Shandy... doesn't quite ring ...

    Not forgetting the Upton Tavern - is that still going... use to be in the middle of nowhere/country side.... then build huge amount of houses,  no don't lived in by Liverpool folk not interested in RL....

    best to forget that ruddy 70's modern building of a pub in Hough Green... needed knocking down when it was built... anyway yer have Netherley creeping up to Hough Green if yer don't watch out..eeeek

    The Dandelion is supposed to be a gastro-pub, after the Black Horse was closed for a while, then a refit, renaming, opening for a bit and then  covid who knows what the future holds

    The Upton Tavern is still going, probably the most refurbed pub in the whole of Widnes but it never seems to change after each update

    70s modern building pub - the Sporting Ford? Anyway its gone , burnt down to be replaced by houses I think, it was a rough & ready type of place and also close by on the Upton Estate another modern boozer now gone The Sundowner


  3. 3 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    Plastic Scousers, say they’re from Liverpool but aren’t. It’s like saying Gateshead is in Newcastle, it isn’t, it’s a different place. 

    As Greta Thunberg says:

    Plastics here, plastics there, plastics flippin everywhere

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  4. 19 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    None of Huyton, Knowsley or Kirkby are in Liverpool either, and nor is Halewood. Speke is though. The distance from the city centre is irrelevant, the city boundary isn’t a circle.  

    Its what people identify as though, not who they pay their council tax to.

    Cultural influences extending beyond political geographical boundaries 

  5. 26 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    the one by the pubs (think one was Black Horse can't remember the older one on the road that has the school as was - Wade Deacon) ... on the corner, hard to park... the missus mam lived in Hough Green, never called it Cronton but as you say...

    Just to confuse matters there is also a Black Horse in Farnworth (now a tapas restaurant), a bit further along the same road with a chippy next door 😂, but I think you are referencing the Black Horse (now The Dandelion) in Cronton and the Unicorn pub on the other side of the lights which goes back to about 1746 I believe with a chippy across the road and is difficult to park. There was another pub in between the two Black Horses near Pex Hill (Bears Paw I think) but its a private house now.

    Its all changed round there since I was a nipper

  6. 6 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    even more scousers live in Warrington than old Warringtonians (or whatever the word is to describe such) .

    The part of Huyton we lived was closer to Widnes, just through Cronton... than Liverpool.

    and not many of the old chippies anymore (on me high horse now) - you know the little ones that was an old terrace house front room, took yer plates to be warmed and fish and chips with musy pea's put straight on.... eeee somethings don't change for the best.....

    could help you with the first point but would probably get a red card !

    Regarding 'Cronton', the same discussion as above regarding boundaries and identities but in a microcosm, some people in Hough Green now say they live in Cronton 😂 my mother lives next to the Widnes Tigers, now the Parklands club. Hough Green not Cronton!

    I remember when Cronton chippy used to attract hungry punters from all over 

  7. 44 minutes ago, redjonn said:

    Many oldies stick with the Liverpool corporation boundary... also it decided which maternity hospital too.... e.g. all our kids born Oxford Street Maternity centre of Liverpool as missus insisted that maternity so would be   "true" scousers (as I say older generation that we are). As distinct from Whiston Hospital maternity which would have been as we lived in Huyton when we married.


    Currently residing in Salford and I stand to be corrected but I think they shut the maternity unit at Salford Royal a few years ago, so no Salfordians are being born anymore unless the sproggs are dropped at home in the bath

  8. 32 minutes ago, redjonn said:

     I wouldn't have said Huyton was Liverpool, whenever asked where I lived I always said Liverpool but then qualified it by saying... well just outside a place called Huyton... as most would not have heard of Huyton so said nearest place they would know.


    Used to do the same with Widnes, especially when I was overseas trying to explain where I was from.

    Maybe nowadays Huyton is classed as Liverpool though it never used to be. I suppose in the future Widnes & St Helens may go the same way. Big change in the demographic of Widnes in the last 10 -15 years with all the new houses being built and seems most of the new arrivals have that plastic scouse twang 😛

    Its noticeable (and worrying) to see rugby posts & pitches around the town being replaced by football goals.

    Rugby League is becoming a niche sport in Widnes unfortunately.

  9. On 25/11/2020 at 09:40, Chronicler of Chiswick said:

    It was in the Fulham days, at the back end of 84/85, against White haven Bramley and Swinton on Cup Final eve. Can't claim Roots Hall, but I bet that I'm the only one on here that's been to a game at Meadow Lane, Nottingham.


    I would wager not knowing this board 😁 what happened to the other Fulham fans who were there that day?


  10. On 25/11/2020 at 09:09, Harry Stottle said:

    How would you describe them LR, apart from nervous, jittery, can't look, elation, euphoria, brilliant, stupid and more but all that is in the stands and on the terraces,  the competitiveness is on the field between the player's, competing to stay up.

    I would describe them as desperate relegation battles, with added jeopardy.

    Not good for the teams involved but can be gripping to the neutral

  11. 14 minutes ago, HawkMan said:

    I haven't trawled through these pages, so I don't know if this has been mentioned,  but for me Corn Whisky is tops. Genuine old style wild west gulping whisky. Luckily I can get it from a specialist shop in London's Old Compton Street, very hard to get, and at about £30 a bottle is expensive but worth it. 50% alc (100 proof)



    so is that what the cowboys used to drink? You see them gulping it down in the old westerns, always thought they must be hard core 😂

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