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  1. Several new episodes recorded today and more guests lined up over the next few weeks.

    Andy Mazey, Rochdale Hornets Chairman and former Swinton Lions Chairman joined us for several episodes on RL funding, development, being a Chairman of a RL team (twice!) And of course 'no context questions' segment just for fun.

    These episodes are being edited ready for release soon.

    Please check out and subscribe to our rugby 🏉 show here

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  2. On 11/10/2021 at 21:32, Dunbar said:

    That's just the ridiculous situation of the games authorities explaing the particular way in which they won't be following the laws of the game this year.

    And even that hasn't been followed as 95% of the play the balls show no effort to get the foot anywhere near the ball.

    We can spin it any way we want but the situation is a farce.

    Im not saying I agree, I was just pointing out how it is currently policed 

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  3. 7 hours ago, redjonn said:

    I guess depends what you mean main RL trophies... but lets not forget that 7 different clubs have won the leadership/top of the league shield.  If we think that it shows competitiveness then that is an achievement.  We of course as a sport don't help by down playing it as the hub cap... 

    In the last 4 seasons only 2 clubs have won the Premier League... In the last 16 years only five clubs won PL and if we take away teams that only won once then only 3 clubs won majority of Premier League in those 16 years.  It doesn't seem to be a problem in soccer... but we in RL seem to get obsessed and want to level down rather than look to other clubs to improve to match the best.


    PL also has Europe to play for, meaning top 4 is a real achievement and down to 7th or so often gets you into Europe, this means interest across more teams and positions, so not a fair comparison.

    PL has many more teams and no loop fixtures meaning you don't get the over familiarity and the disinterest that comes with it 

    Don't think anyone is asking for leveling down but they do want equal high standards to reduce repitition.

    I do take your point, but don't feel it's comparing like for like. A more accurate comparison would be the NRL, but again there are differences there 

  4. On 10/10/2021 at 19:05, Dunbar said:

    Actually, you have to gain your feet, be in control and play the ball with your foot.

    But hey, that's only the laws of the game.

    The point is that punishing any offence at the play the ball is the height of irony when 99.9% of them are illegal. 

    They came out at the start of the year and said they would blow if the ball carrier didn't gain their feet and be in control when playing the ball. As long as they made an attempt to play the ball with the foot they wouldn't blow for that.

    So the reason the ref blew is they believed the ball carrier wasn't clearly stood up

  5. 1 hour ago, fighting irish said:

    I think it's arguable that Yaha would have made it to the line but Makinson's arm hitting his head was the difference between him (Yaha) being pushed into touch or not therefore, it should have been a penalty try.

    I also believe Maloney deserved some kind of retaliation, a penalty against him, ideally (when Matautia punched him) because he used the elbow/forearm initially but normally a retaliatory clean punch is punished with a sending off, (or at least a sin-bin).

    While we're at it, what about Maloney's kick to touch being batted back into play by a man who's foot touched the ground (out of play) before swatting the ball back onto the field.

    Oh and (here's one for unapologetic pedant) what about the last minute ruling against Tompkins for an incorrect 'play the ball'? There were scores of ''roll-balls'' throughout the game, but with minutes to go, suddenly it's a crucially important skill/rule (which just had to be enforced).

    I was disappointed with the standard of refereeing and I believe Catalans had the worst of it.


    He wasn't punished for roll ball you have to gain your feet and be in control to play the ball.

    Don't play the ball unless your set, if the defender is messing around the ref will call a pen. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, idrewthehaggis said:

    Recognition deserved. The Honourable Carnster from SRD's own forum describes the monopoly of three as "asphyxiating" the game.

    The structure is contrived to ensure such dominance and is ensuring its decline.

    There is apathy at the top and disinterest at the bottom.

    It is too easy and repetitive to keep interested if you win all the time, especially when some "curious" refereeing decisions enforce that monopoly. It is also dismal and demoralizing if you are at the bottom,

    Imagine the difference today had Catalan won. The joy, colour and delight in Perpignan. An explosion that would light the game there for years.

    Meanwhile in St Helens, once the celebratory bus skirts the couple of hundred fans who'd turned out, the town will return to Sunday evening silence.  And by Monday the weekend thrill will be all forgotten, like a one night stand. 

    Agree with everything apart from the ref comment 👍👍👍

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  7. Just now, Mark S said:

    We need to face facts the no one at the RFL has any clue how to promote an event. For a smallish budget you can advertise on YouTube and Facebook (using video). Using new networks like TikTok can be cheap and very effective, getting an influencer to join in on a light training and gym session could have great results. 

    That is modern marketing, not posters etc 

    SM can be cheap but it needs to be more than a few posts, like you say young influencers are the way

  8. 1 minute ago, 7723 said:

    I think that is part of the problem with RL in the UK. Obviously Catalan being in the final was different this year, but saints were there again, and won again, it gets boring. It isn’t the top teams fault either, it is up to the other teams to catch up, there just isn’t enough quality over here to have 12 great teams. I think this year has also been one of the poorer years for superleague, the quality hasn’t been great.

    I do think there's enough quality, it's just not spread round.

    Teams pick their Academy players from anywhere, so the best youth go to the best teams, so difficult to stop this repeating over and over 

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  9. 9 minutes ago, paulwalker71 said:

    Really enjoyed that. A compelling game from start to finish, with the outcome always in doubt and 100% gripping for the neutral such as myself.

    As for the crowd, it didn't actually look so bad on TV except when it panned to the Catalans end - but that was inevitable given the circumstances that we've debated to death. However, the atmosphere came across as absolutely banging on the TV, so well done to the crowd for that at least

    One of the best atmospheres I've been part of for quite some time, struggling to remember another final like it recently 

    97 challenge cup was great, this I believe beats the others in between IME

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  10. 2 minutes ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    On my way back to London on the train from Manchester and at every stop NFL fans are getting on the train Crewe Srafford the train is rammed full of them.

    I remember a train from London to Leeds years ago rammed with RL fans heading to watch a GB v Australia tests.


    I'd love go an NFL game, it's rare so an attraction.

    Same three teams winning all the main RL Trophies isn't rare or attractive to neutrals 

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