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  1. Opening sequences are done but we want to get some more filming in. Harry is a keen fly fisherman and we would like to capture some of that
  2. Oldham's squad is very strong should walk that league
  3. Harry has some nice feedback on a thread on our Facebook page - https://m.facebook.com/groups/1361836814234490/?ref=share
  4. Harold "Harry" Pinner was born 26 September 1956 and is an English former professional RL player who played in the 1970s and 1980s. I remember Harry as a child watching at Knowsley Road, he was the loose forward and skipper at the time, everything went through Harry He went on to play over 300 times for his local club and is now a hall of famer at St Helens. He played at representative level for Great Britain and England, and at club level for St. Helens, Widnes, Leigh, Bradford Northern and Carlisle, as a loose forward. Harry was born in St. Helens, then Lancashire, he went on to be the landlord of the Victoria Inn public house, in Newton-le-Willows, and Parr Arms public house, in Grappenhall, Warrington, did you ever go in there Harry played for England while at St. Helens in 1980 against Wales, in 1981 against France, and also won caps for Great Britain in 1980, 1985 against New Zealand in 1986 against France, and while at Widnes in 1986, against Australia. Only 3 players have scored drop goals for both England & Great Britain, they are Bobbie Goulding, Sean Long, and Harry Pinner. Ironically all X St Helens and Widnes players!!! Great trivia What are your memories of this fantastic player? We completed this interview with Harry in a studio in Liverpool, hosted with Radio Merseyside commentator Alan Rooney. It's part of a documentary we are creating on Harry, we have already completed more filming with former players who played with and against Harry and looked back through more memories with some on location filming. Bare with us though, making a documentary takes a long time but here's a taster.
  5. I've seen a photo of a Saints player tackling low which I cannot upload here. Shows how difficult it would be to police as that tackle didn't lead to an injury and hasn't been mentioned. You would have to penalise all tackles like this injury or not
  6. You've shown were you stand by claiming they are attacks, not everyone shares your view. The RFL said they will take on board the considerations of all stakeholders, do you agree they should listen to them all and consider all aspects? Or ignore them and outlaw a currently legal tackle without due consideration?
  7. That depends on if you consider it an unfortunate situation from a desperate tackle or an intentional reckless 'tackle'
  8. Yes but they pretty much changed the threshold probable red became a yellow and so on from memory. Think outlawing a specific tackle after one game isn't really comparable though
  9. I did sorry, but take your point yes often in that case it's an ankle tap but all depends how close
  10. I've seen safe tackles quite textbook with shoulder and wrapped arms around the lower leg particularly when chasing a player who's broke the line
  11. In a statement in response, the RFL said: "Nobody wants to see injuries to players and we wish each of them the earliest possible recovery. "We have listened intently to what the club has to say and we fully understand their position. We have also reiterated to the club that our approach to reviewing the incidents they refer to is consistent with all cases previously where clubs have cited incidents and alleged serious injuries to players. "We assure all clubs that we will consult, consider and decide whether this type of tackle or technique is acceptable in our sport. "As with any change to the laws of the game or to on-field regulations, we will undertake a thorough review with all stakeholders, including coaches and the laws committee, but any changes cannot happen in-season." Copied from another post
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