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  1. Ive looked and it says it's only for online, so not on your virgin or sky box ,this right?
  2. One stadium for both Hull KR and Hull FC. One end in FC colours one in KR colours. Own offices but combined corporate. Season ticket is for any game in your end. So KR fans get in KR side for an FC game and can cheer with the away support.
  3. I like the alternative voice, sometimes football commentators are actually good at calling RL, their lack of history and depth with rh sport somehow helps, not sure I know why but it brings a different perspective
  4. Our most watched episode, almost 4K now, thanks for all the views .
  5. Heat maps of team and players. Not data for data sake. For instance the tackle count is quite predictable in the modern game, with zonal marking it's not like players can chase the game around. It really tells you if one person was targeted. I used to like sky's PTB map, showing how many PTBs in each others half etc. that was good. Gor bored of John Wells review, became a bit he ran here and they ran there. Sometimes good sometimes making the ordinary sound as if it was super intelligent when most teams run the same plays anyway. Need entertaining presenters, they make the show. Characters help bring something even when they are wrong I'm in a minority who like Phil Clarke
  6. Yeh I know, feel like your responding to a point I didn't make
  7. Im not obsessed with getting championship on TV as such. My point was about entertainment. To watch a game of RL, it can be as enjoyable, sometimes more so, to watch the championship. I know the crowds, level of the sport etc. Are what we want to showcase and agree, just worth noting that the entertainment factor can be equal and not necessarily obvious to a casual viewer.
  8. I think the championship is just as entertaining to watch as SL. Would a casual viewer realise the difference in standard?
  9. I do believe they should merge all their assets which in this case is viable/ish teams. Take them at the top to discuss and compromise, each side may have to swallow some pride, but it would be for the greater good of the sport in North America
  10. Eternal problem with human beings. Each want their own way, their own agendas, their own powers, so they go separate ways, it's how RL came to be and more recently the darts splt. We will see these splits, arguments civil wars for ever as humans will never change, IMO.
  11. Clubs get the same money just not separated for the academy so I was told. So no total loss of funding
  12. Trying to give this group a other push for followers https://www.facebook.com/groups/1361836814234490/?ref=share
  13. New episode, current Chairman discusses youth development in Rugby League
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