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  1. Oldham RLFC supporters group - The Big Night Out An evening at Typsy Cows with former players and supporters group. The big interview with St Helens local Mickii Edwards
  2. 28th Dec An annual walk done between Xmas and NY each year Walk and talk in aid of mens mental health, a gentle stroll round rural Warrington, no fund raising just strolling and chatting, great to be outdoors chatting away from judgement. Focus on fun, physical and mental health, usually around 8 miles. Actual walk link with details https://www.komoot.com/tour/617836832?ref=aso&share_token=aDFaaIpnErxdcgxttvt4Sr8yLzR2sKp0hISwCQcxx6PS19me6y Dave PS contact for further details
  3. Other Nations are miles away, no end of Internationals will change that. We need to play the top teams regularly
  4. Quick fire fun questions with Pip Birchall of St Helens and Ireland. Take a peep as we look forward to the Womens World cup We've done several shows on the Womens game, they don't get Kota of veiws but it's certainly growing. This was great fund and Pip is a great guest
  5. We will add this as a podcast soon, hopefully later today, oddly it needs some work to convert to audio only. You can follow now through Spotify or others but Spotify seems to be the most popular. Here's a link below to the podcast version, using a tweet I shared. Rugby League Podcast Link below Video ref at this game Saw the whole incident Liaised with the on field ref Police couldn't guarantee his safety after match at Hull! Insightful Download and listen later https://open.spotify.com/episode/6AIa3OyqnbaM62FU5JSBcP?si=kUNq8LRLSgGepne8ZafJ4A&utm_source=copy-link
  6. Now available as a podcast Leigh Chairman Derek Beaumont 3 episodes - It's all about Leigh, was there a hint to the name change here? 1st linked here - download and you can listen later
  7. Now available as a podcast Leigh Chairman Derek Beaumont 3 episodes - It's all about Leigh, was there a hint to the name change here? 1st linked here - download and you can listen later
  8. Hi All, If possible would really appreciate a thumbs up' like on the YouTube channel please. Oddly enough the bizarre algorithms in YouTube work in strange ways. It's less to do with veiws and more to do with reactions, positive or negative, up or down helps push the video up the searches. If I try a search I usually get RU links, or old links to RL fights, be nice if we could try to bring some more positivity around RL. This is where a small message and thumbs up or down massively helps on the YouTube feed. So even if you don't have an hour to watch, a quick message and like will do wonders please We know our limitations, we will never earn a living from this, we fortunately have lived away from this and only do this for enjoyment and to help spread a positive message in our small way. So apologies for all the spam, our long term goal is to pull back from promotion and just do shows with guests, but until we can climb these pesky searches we need any help we can. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my ramblings
  9. Nice to hear what he says about the people of St Helens.
  10. Maybe my poor memory I remember a Wales, Ireland game, I'm sure it was pretty much mainly UK players, so yes maybe plenty of heritage players but from UK rather the down under. I could be wrong though as I don't recall the teams as such, just that it was a great game to watch
  11. Tonga National rugby league team coach Kristian Woolf the full episode is here. Covering time at St Helens, what he thought when he arrived, coaching Tonga, the World cup, heading back to the NRL and coaching the Dolphins with a legendary coach
  12. Forced substitution - NFL De-merit points - Cricket 20 minute sin bin - RU Bookings - football
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