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  1. Hi All, Its been a while eh! The Dockhouse Media show has moved to new premises, it was a bigger job than they thought and they are now very busy with other sports shows, UFC being a very popular show with live broadcasts. So it means organising the Rugby show is just a little harder but will get easier when we manage to schedule regular shows. We have 3 guests confirmed for longer formats coming up over the next few months and more wanting to join us which is great. We returned this week to review the Challenge Cup final, took a while for us to get back into the flow having not had
  2. Brilliant, they are doing it right in this area
  3. I was there too, in fact went all three tests and at least a couple of club games
  4. Every Christmas the next sort after toy is difficult to get hold of as production is kept low enough to create demand as people become more desperate for the product. Less opportunities stimulates demand as it's reward is more sort after. Players will work harder and appreciate an academy contract more if fewer positions are available. If it's simply a case of more academies leads to more community players, we could double academies and therefore kids playing would also double, but this we pretty sure wouldn't happen. IME the community game has complained about scholarships and
  5. And you still can, the 1st team isn't going anywhere and there is likely to be many more opportunities with reserves
  6. That rationale makes more sense but I'm not sure those links in early stages are significant, not in my experience anyway. The community game is quite distanced from the pro game, with little overlap. I'd like to see this integration increased, and this could be done with or without academies. An interesting thought, but but the current situation IME has little impact regardless of academy. So many strong RL communities and amateur clubs in areas without academies such as Rochdale, Oldham, Widnes etc.
  7. I'm not sure I follow the theory that more academies attracts more players to community game. Kids starting rugby, are not aware of the professional structures and pathways, they just know they want to play rugby and run around a field. If they are inspired by the professionals then it is the first team, their hero's who they wish to emulate. Should a kid start due to an academy then it's the wrong reasons
  8. Journey players has been mentioned. This has been given as a reason against Pro/releg, as teams coming up sign the same players, never really building for the future. If Leigh had been assured of at least 3 years in SL would their recruitment be different? Would they give longer contracts etc
  9. I was involved as a player before that time, and as a parent after that time, but I've heard these mentioned. The U19s were called DDA when I played, and were similar to scholarships now, then when I was 18 the first Academy league started around 1991. How did service area work?
  10. In theory, the scholarship is planned to have little impact on the community game. But in my experience the reality is different. 1. The pressure on parents and players to play for top teams at u12s,13s etc means players move clubs creating 'super teams'. 2. Players prioritise scholarships, understandable as the training, facilities and coaching is at a more experienced and higher level. 3. Injuries through extra games. 4. Players and parents have less interest in community club as they have, half moved on. In addition, my experience is the pro clubs really try to supp
  11. I don't believe they could play in the competition even if they were self funded They can sign players on full contracts
  12. Sadly I don't have the data, if someone does it would be great to see. I can comment from my direct experience it's significant. You also have those who don't make scholarships and decide to leave.
  13. Players get picked up for scholarships, then get dropped before academy and don't return to the community game. That's one reason why numbers are down, as in my experience the numbers up to u14s are very good compared to when I played. Academies do affect the community game, maybe a necessary evil as without then you cannot lush the elite, but how many are elite?
  14. Answered above And yes, I've had conversations with people on Twitter who obviously had no idea what system is in place now let alone the changes, so agree they are loud but not entirely valued opinions, I've tried to explain my thoughts above
  15. Yes I understand, there is significant pressure though, John Wells waying in on Sky Sports. With this pressure, I do feel they need to back their judgement and articulate their reasons to squash this uprising, or offer an olive branch of sorts. As I mentioned just before, it is important to have the backing of the stakeholders, fans, players etc. We will likely learn more over the coming days, but I do feel this has more to follow. Let's see I could be wrong
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