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  1. We pay respect in a short discussion to the late great Clive Sullivan. Such a hero of Rugby League it was a pleasure to spend time remembering him and highlighting his achievements. Please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment on YouTube and support our efforts to bring some exposure to our great sport and the hero's who have played and continue to entertain us.
  2. Tonight's show we discuss numbers. Including stats on Jake Bibby big Mose, Zak Hardaker, Michel Shenton, the championship and more
  3. It's as if this thread was set up for me to plug our new podcast and video episodes We are new so please be kind we both played albeit not at the top level, reserve grade was our top experience, we have our coaching badges and have various experiences. We have completed some specials and some follow ups, we don't want to be a review show but will do some reviews occasionally, we prefer to discuss topics that interest us such as tactics, changes, International, spread of the game and guests. We have recorded one special with ex SL referee Ian Smith, due out next week, a special o
  4. This point was picked up on our episode due out later this week I believe
  5. A brief review of games and predictions for the next round We've recorded an episode on Clive Sullivan due out this week. Also a special longer episode with ex SL referee Ian Smith, also due out later this week.
  6. We asked former SL ref Ian Smith many of the points from this thread this morning, episode coming soon on Dockhouse YouTube channel and iTunes etc. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxE2HKdRQnvg4PJLj2Z52mQlG_gD1_1i7
  7. Possibly, but it would also encourage not taking a player to the floor as you are punished by having to roll away. I'd like to consider or discuss the opposite to encourage taking to the ground and discouraging holding up. The opposite being allow a few seconds holding down, which as you say often happens anyway, and calling held sooner if held up to reduce the wrestle. I realise there may be some unknown or unintentional consequences to this
  8. Happy to out these questions to our SL ref tomorrow. News and updates soon
  9. I don't believe the reason for removing scrums was to speed up the game. It's a temporary measure due to COVID, reducing the amount of contact between players.
  10. If we did a follow up episode what could we expand on? If you could leave thoughts on the YouTube link the team will pick these thoughts up direct
  11. I like him, he talks through a coaches perspective and talks about what the teams are aiming to do
  12. Used to get that for A team games at the Watersheddings.
  13. Good point. Pet hate of mine the lack of space after the dead ball line also
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