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  1. On Spotify and other podcast providers. Kristian Woolf talks about his move back to the NRL. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6ppJv2AAFEnPbPgt0ZIuXE?si=gQuqkJRTSHGWdWaIhn6yDQ&utm_source=copy-link
  2. New Season, New Show. A 2023 special with Mark Dunning head coach of Bradford Bulls, James Bell Saints and Scotland star, Ian Smith former referee and Nick Dwyer if Teardrops charity Just for fun check out our quiz and Rugby League chat.
  3. Download and listen later. Rugby quiz on Spotify. Mark Dunnings talks about Bradfords pre season, James Bell Saints and Scotland , former ref talks about sending people off Co host Keith Hyland and Teardrops manager Nick Dyer join me on YouTube and Spotify here https://open.spotify.com/episode/11cUsvZNoPkni5vBEeyLtC?si=jW2rNaWpQLyxeVhFOA8fig&utm_source=copy-link
  4. I don't think increasing the salary cap would have much of an affect on this particular issue. The clubs will pay what they can or are willing to pay. Supply and demand, not many clubs or opportunities for young players, so many drop out it's a huge issue for RL. I've long since argued we have enough players, the playing pool is big, its just lost in late teenage years as clubs won't or cannot pay a decent wage to enough fringe players. If there was more money and they could offer more cash to more players the pyramid would be better served.
  5. I imagine at 18 that £20k is attractive and more money than you've had before, still on that at 22 when you may want a car and house and it doesn't look as good. And you have no qualifications or work experience.
  6. I just think they cannot afford more and are in a position to make very low offers as there's no other clubs competing money wise. It's different for the very top players, good money on offer it just drops dramatically after that first few tiers. Clubs use all their money on the top players and use the carrot of the big time to get fringe players in on barely anything.
  7. Yep, a supermarket job would pay around £20k basic, I doubt there's many moving from academy to 1st team above that and the rest well below. The potential to earn good money is there, and a driver but in reality how many make it? And those who do what happens when their career is over? Financially we don't pay enough to fringe players to entice them
  8. It's hard for people to understand and accept this is the situation. The experiences you've described there are the same as mine. Almost becomes worthless money wise if not I'm the top 20 of a top 12 club. I know wages that don't cover travel, essentially paying to be part of a club.
  9. Tomorrows walk if you wish to download to your phone/device. Meet at Hatton Arms around 8.50am for a. 9.00am start https://www.komoot.com/tour/617836832?ref=aso&share_token=aDFaaIpnErxdcgxttvt4Sr8yLzR2sKp0hISwCQcxx6PS19me6y
  10. This is true, but can you get people excited about a new sport if there's no professional team? The eternal question, is it top level first or bottom up? I think the wish list would be both, but the money and resource required to deliver this over a long sustained period is beyond many sports. Sadly we have to try different methods, none have worked professionally sadly. I think new markets can now only be reached by the other forms of the sport, womens, wheelchair etc. Money wise we struggle to service the core market, so reluctantly I feel we have to secure what we do have in SL and championship and somehow support L1 whilst using other forms to spread the sport.
  11. I seem to remember it was cost related and they did want them just couldn't afford them. Was one advertised a few years ago, I was interested until I saw the salary of around £20k. What standard or experience would you get for that money? You need to pay double, then with car, pension etc. It's an expensive roll. How do they find it? Tax clubs and fans? I don't know
  12. Very true, starts as a hobby, becomes a passion you can earn money at then becomes a job IME.
  13. Which is one of the problems, so many players leave the game as there's more money working for Amazon with no quals than full time SL. Granted theres a chance of climbing the ladder, but it's a risk as your not developing your CV outside if the game.
  14. Also available as an audio podcast. Check out Christmas Special with Joe Batchelor, LMS & Keith Pollard from Dockhouse Rugby Pod on Amazon Music. https://music.amazon.co.uk/podcasts/dadc0608-e15b-4b4a-bf09-ffef7ace5f28/episodes/b311d682-2086-4b67-9d9b-6b675653650e/dockhouse-rugby-pod-christmas-special-with-joe-batchelor-lms-keith-pollard?ref=dm_sh_UmdSwMNlcFXOb6CRRrW9g8Fi8
  15. We had the pleasure of current players Joe Bachelor and LMS along with former Hull KR forward Keith Pollard for a Christmas special episode including a light hearted quiz which we had fun with. Should have been called battle of the generations . We also had a chat about Joes England experience, LMS house renovations and Keith's 13+ sending offs here and in Aus, some of which made the cut, most having to go into the archives for another 18+ show sometime . Fun Christmas special with special guests and plenty of laughs link here. PS. How long to cook a soft boiled egg?
  16. This is the challenge with expanding, chicken and egg. Not sure of the answer indeed if there is one
  17. Yes they can, but it has to be out in context that the person criticising may not understand all the rules and how they are applied, after all anyone can have an opinion it doesn't mean it's correct or valued. Others are also free to dismiss yours, mine and other views as easily as they can be made. Lots of people slagging off refs is not proof the ref didn't have a good game.
  18. We've done a few episodes with Ian Smith and he helps explain why things may appear inconsistent but I'm reality the ref is fully aware and is judging fairly.
  19. Fans want the ref to ignore things in favour of their own team, using 'consistency' as their excuse to abuse.
  20. This is a common criticism. However, when refs are lenient and the game spills over they are abused for being 'weak'. Fans are poor judges of refs as they favour one side and as Kate seem to concentrate on the ref more than the game. I've long since given up worrying about the ref, I just watch the players and game and enjoy it more for the experience. So many times I enjoy a game then read social media to see people saying ref ruined the game?????
  21. It's not called road tax Cyclist haven't your correct but often people ask why, emissions is another reason why
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