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  1. 6 hours ago, bobbruce said:

    1/ Tomkins

    2/ Young

    3/ Farnworth

    4/ Percival

    5/ Makinson

    6/ Lomax

    7/ Williams 

    8/ Walmsley

    9/ Leeming

    10/ Burgess

    11/ Bateman

    12/ Whitehead

    13/ knowles

     There’s still an argument for the half backs and hooking spots with a few players in contention but no certainties yet. I think the rest of the team baring injuries won’t be far off. 

    No place for Jack Welsby?

  2. 6 hours ago, jacksy said:

    Hard to argue against though isnt it?

    Those 80s 90s Wigan teams were something.

    Compared to the style of game/rules/quality of player and the showers that this Saints team have faced these last few years..there is no comparison.

    Even as an FC fan i know  people who don't follow league would mention Wigan and KR before Saints.

    The Wigan teams of the 80s/90s were a full time team playing against part-timers, they spent money on overseas players and cherry picking the best British players like it was going out of fashion. That policy while getting them lots of trophies ultimately resulted in them almost going bust and selling off Central Park only to end up as arguably second class tennants at the JJB stadium.

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  3. 22 hours ago, Eddie said:

    There is RL in the area, St Helens and Widnes are no distance at all, and rugby there is a much better standard than Union in Liverpool.  
    Also watching the odd game while stuck in a hotel with nowt to do doesn’t mean Rooney and Giggs are big fans. If Giggs was a big fan he might be trying to work with Salford on their ground situation with the Salford football club. 

    Ryan Giggs dad, Danny Wilson, played for Swinton in the 80's Giggs played for Salford Jnrs youth teams until he signed youth with M.U.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    Cricket does, union does, NFL does, NBA does, MLB does, NHL does... 

    Its only really soccer that doesn't. Surely you don't want us to be like those n*bheads? 

    England soccer "The Three Lions"

    Germany "Die Manschaff" sp

    Holland "Het Oranje"

    France "Les Bleus"

  5. 13 hours ago, Griff said:

    Aussie Rules does have a world cup, actually.  Albeit they call it the Australian Rules International Cup.

    And Australia dont play in it! , its basically a bunch of park players from various countries having a holiday in Melbourne and playing a few games on surburban park fields.

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  6. On 12/08/2020 at 05:00, Farmduck said:

    Colin van de Voort - played for Penrith in the 80s

    Lee Oudenryn? Fastest man in NRL back in 90s. I think he may have beaten Martin Offiah in a match race which was put on as a special feature during the finals one year.

    The race was at halftime of a GB tour game 1992, the word on it was all the GB players had money on Oudenryn to win and made a mint, take of that what you will😏

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  7. 18 hours ago, Dunbar said:

    Clubs have always been prepared to invest in the best young talent to secure them.

    When Sean Edwards signed for Wigan as a 16 year old he got £35k as a sign on fee (he would have got appearance fees and win money on top of that as he played during the year).

    That £35k is now worth about £121k according to the bank of England inflation calculator and therefore around $215k AUD.

    Suaalii was looking for $480k for the first full year of his contract with Souths so hardly breaking the bank.

    To be fair when Edwards signed it was pre fixed term contracts and he became a wigan player for life, or until a the club deemed him surplus to requirements or another club came in with an bid acceptable to wigan to transfer him.

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