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  1. I stand corrected , I'm sure moving to the new stadium this season gave them a bump. I'm looking forward to see him in the tri colours next year though.
  2. And next season sub 10k Roosters crowds
  3. Can you pay on the door Sunday, or do I need to buy a ticket via the qwnsite?
  4. Oldham St Annes clubhouse is superb, massive main room that is in big demand for functions and players lounge with the walls adornex with signed shirts and photos.
  5. Viaplay also has the URC rights after BT and Sky dumped them.
  6. Commentator said Saints sold out all their tickets, any unsold were from the away allocation!
  7. If we can have video refs just for games that are televised then we should also be able to have the captains challenge in those games too!
  8. He was out on the balcony of the sponsors lounge chatting to the fans for the majority of the 2nd half.
  9. Roby has retired from international rugby
  10. Why not England v Australia full ashes Series Instead of a convoluted invitational game!
  11. The council paid for a multi use pitch during the Torex ownership years, when it was done Roughyeds were "kicked out" and the only multi use was as a landing pad for Mr Torex's helicopter
  12. They also had a local authortity that kept its promise on a new stadium when Hilton park was sold.
  13. Where is the 8pt try for McDonald trying to rip Percivals head off ?
  14. I have a recolection of Aussie RL on tv in the late 60s/early 70s when there was the Brit invasion with Mal Reilly, Phil Lowe etc. Also i think Granada's RL Live stopped in 91 when ITV got the Union world cup who Insisted no other rugby could be shown during their tournament.
  15. Oldham had XXXX in the early 90s think they helped fund Bob Lindner's signing. In the 80s they had Seddon Atkinson trucks, the logo was a capital A in a circle the team entered the field to the A team theme music.
  16. No their new landlords AVRO AFC did it with the money they got from moving from their Lancaster club base that was "Sold" to OAFC then bought back from them by OLDHAM MBC.
  17. Oldham RL sold watersheddings to the local council on the promise of a brand new joint use stadium for both the towns clubs. The plans were kyboshed when activists got Lib dem councillors elected on the single issue of saving the fields where the stadium was planned to go, the elected changed the make up of the council and the plans were scrapped.
  18. They are tackle tags, the defenders have to remove a tag from the ball carriers arm to complete the tackle,the ones on the legs are to replace the ones removed from the arms
  19. England women RU beat SA by 70pts this morning in front of a handful species. Do you think union fans will be all over forums calling for the WRUWC to be cancelled because it isn't competitive?. England's womens soccer team beat Norway 8-0 and N. IRELAND 5-0 in their group no one said those countries shouldn't be there it was all about how good the Lionesses were. As RL fans are we always too negative about our game?
  20. Just wondering if cricket fans are gnashing their teeth in the same way about the banks of empty seat at the T20 World cup games?
  21. A quick look through the Scotland RU squad shows numerous non Scottish born players, how competitive would they be without those heritage and time qualified players despite Union being played in Scotland unfettered for 150yrs. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotland_national_rugby_union_team
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