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  1. Ryan Giggs dad, Danny Wilson, played for Swinton in the 80's Giggs played for Salford Jnrs youth teams until he signed youth with M.U.
  2. Thought he was Bullboy at Bradford
  3. Braddy in the Bear costume is a legend in the mascot world, he was also Bertie Bee the Burnley FC mascot and is famous for rugby tackling a pitch invader
  4. England soccer "The Three Lions" Germany "Die Manschaff" sp Holland "Het Oranje" France "Les Bleus"
  5. And Australia dont play in it! , its basically a bunch of park players from various countries having a holiday in Melbourne and playing a few games on surburban park fields.
  6. The race was at halftime of a GB tour game 1992, the word on it was all the GB players had money on Oudenryn to win and made a mint, take of that what you will
  7. To be fair when Edwards signed it was pre fixed term contracts and he became a wigan player for life, or until a the club deemed him surplus to requirements or another club came in with an bid acceptable to wigan to transfer him.
  8. Yet Union still has competitive scrummaging that intails longer close contact and they do not seem to have mass outbreaks of covid at clubs.
  9. Oldham away days were done on Barlows coaches. Plenty of great sundays when Oldham would take hundreds of fans away. https://davidbeilby.zenfolio.com/p911750344
  10. There are plenty in the US that think California is a different country already!
  11. Got XL amd its a generous XL
  12. Picked mine up today, it looks fantastic
  13. Please wtf, shot clock penalty St Helens dont need a ref giving soft penalties to them
  14. The painters overall, classic kit, got many "admiring" glances wearing it on a night out in Faliraki in 1991
  15. Whitebank stadium would be a fitting venue for such a prestigious event
  16. Nah, unless you class the Prime minister as D list
  17. I know, I might cancel my Sky subscription in protest ?
  18. My name is Roughyed8 and I am a Rugby League addict???!
  19. Sky have announced they will be showing all R3 and R4 NRL games live?? https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12202/11988912/nrl-16-games-to-be-shown-live-on-sky-sports
  20. England are playing a 3 test ashes series against the Kangaroos ??
  21. The same Qantas that has a partnership with Emirates, the Airline of the UAE, where being gay is illegal and people are jailed or worse for it .double standards come to mind.
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