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  1. I know it does, just couldn't resist. I am in full support of any expansion of our great game
  2. Depends how many beers you have had
  3. Pitch is for CFL which is larger than NFL at 60m approx wide should be ok
  4. Will there be an option for none of the above! If we are going to re-brand then it needs to be something that stands out and grabs the attention not a crest that looks like a primary school badge
  5. And the game finished a good ten minutes earlier than they were last year,
  6. This is Kris Radlinski''s testimonial video, not as slick as the NRL compilation vide on for Mullins but shows he was pretty good?
  7. A quick search on BARB gives the super bowl getting 85,000 viewers on sky, so that would mean 3.4 million tuning in on the BBC at 1am on a Monday morning, when that is similar to some of the 6 nations games were getting at that time.
  8. That size of crown would eclipse the union international games that have taken place this summer which in anyone's eyes must be a massive positive result.
  9. It was Father's Day yesterday and unfortunately some of us had prior engagements with family and couldn't make the game.
  10. Gene Ormsby is from Audenshaw, went to Audenshaw high(big union school) and was introduced to league when they started playing it as well, liked the game, started playing for St Annes and was snapped up pretty quick by Warringon academy.
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