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  1. England are playing a 3 test ashes series against the Kangaroos
  2. The same Qantas that has a partnership with Emirates, the Airline of the UAE, where being gay is illegal and people are jailed or worse for it .double standards come to mind.
  3. Really? These numbers dont seem to back that statement up https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/salford-city/attendances
  4. Isnt a new liverpool team in his plans?
  5. roughyed8

    The Final

    First thing to worry about is where are we playing next season.
  6. roughyed8

    The Final

    Love it , the fat goalkicker smashed into the fence
  7. I know it does, just couldn't resist. I am in full support of any expansion of our great game
  8. Depends how many beers you have had
  9. Pitch is for CFL which is larger than NFL at 60m approx wide should be ok
  10. Will there be an option for none of the above! If we are going to re-brand then it needs to be something that stands out and grabs the attention not a crest that looks like a primary school badge
  11. And the game finished a good ten minutes earlier than they were last year,
  12. This is Kris Radlinski''s testimonial video, not as slick as the NRL compilation vide on for Mullins but shows he was pretty good?
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