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  1. We have played several times in Whitehaven, Workington or Barrow. For me one of the keys to the development of rugby league in England is a cumbria club in SuperLeague. This passionate supporter people deserves to be represented at the highest level. I know it's hard to overcome local rivalries but the example of the Catalan Dragons proves that it is possible. This would give a boost to our discipline.
  2. The decision of the RFL is stupid that goes against the spirit of and the foundations of this competition. And then wanting to charge others for these own failures is a big ######.
  3. I have the answer to my question : France was represented by the half-time secretary of the federation! Simply amazing!
  4. Was France represented at this meeting? He does not seem to see any Frenchman?
  5. London should take Toronto as an example of communication. With regard to the average spectator in Toronto, if the best attendances were largely exaggerated, the average spectator must substantially approach that of other clubs like Leigh, Toulouse etc.
  6. It's strange but the article has been modified and important information removed (Who is argyle? Who are the people around him?). Decided for once that there was some information on this "project". Finally it's still confusing and things seem hidden ..
  7. From 16 to 19 ans they were in France Older players have also regained the international level thanks to the Elite (D.Fifita, Pulu, Vunakece, Boudebza, Ford etc etc). And it's not just the Dragons in France! There are national academies (Pole France in Toulouse, Carcassonne or Avignon) that do a good job in connection with the clubs.
  8. if we look at the list of players this season of Dragons: most French players have gone through the championship of France Elite. Julian Bousquet, Remi Casty, Tony Gigot, Fouad Yaha, Benjamin Jullien, Mickael Simon, Benjamin Garcia, Mickael Goudemand But on the contrary, many players who have been in the U19 academy team of the Catalan Dragons and who play with the French league now are not among the best of this championship.
  9. According french newspaper, at half time Holdbrook talk to Moore to put pressure on him. Asking « if it was him or Bird who was arbitrating and to stop from getting influence like that ». I do not understand that someone so bad must still be allowed to officiate at this level!
  10. I just learned that one of the young rugby players from Halifax ERA who was taking part in his team tour in France died. He drowned in the cavayere lake in Carcassonne. Our thoughts for his family, his friends. https://www.lindependant.fr/2018/09/06/carcassonne-un-jeune-britannique-de-16-ans-retrouve-mort-dans-le-lac-de-la-cavayere,4690583.php
  11. Two former Lezignan players win thé trophy yesterday with Pt Chev. Tua Tualima and Abraham Papalii
  12. France should be the priority of the development of our sport. We already have structures, volunteers etc. It does not miss much! A second club like Toulouse in the Super League to have a player tank that would allow the team of France to compete with England. An Elite championship strengthened with Belgrade, an Italian club, another Spanish that could compete with the English Championship clubs as there is little in Challenge Cup.
  13. I dont think Its possible to compare Toronto to Toulouse or Dragons. France is a country with a real tradition of rugby and rugby league. Often I read on this forum the words "expansion", etc. We mix everything! For example, the Dragons played two finals with 9 French on the scoresheet. Toulouse beat Halifax with 12 French etc. Toronto can not be compared to these French clubs, which have a history, rugby schools and other clubs in their wake
  14. I am quite surprised and disappointed to see the little interest in this beautiful competition! my club had the honor to play CC games and these are our best memories, almost beyond our national titles! It's a historic competition that puts very old clubs with a glorious past on the same line, police teams etc and the superleague clubs at the top. In the context of professional sports where teams have become companies, it's a real breath of oxygen! The RFL should communicate on these elements and make it a real popular celebration! a kind of Magic Weekend but with a soul!
  15. Carl Puigdemont, leader of the independantist congratulates Dragons Several activist are very delighted to see the flag of Catalunia and to heard their Anthem in Wembley
  16. There may be some people who come after, but that does not mean much. I think that does not justify the gap. Below a picture during the match
  17. WPs are better at communicating than for counting. I watched the Skysports video again, where there are more angles of vision. There are up to 500 people in beergarden (and I am very optimistic) The stands are far from being 60% full. At the time of the hymns there are about 1100 people maximum in the weststand. On the East stand, we see on the English try in the first half they are empty on the sides and on another picture take by an English supporter we can see that it's the same on the other side! I would say that the attendance for this match Toronto vs KR was closer to 3000 than 7000 ... But it's already a great success:
  18. he was in talks with several French clubs
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