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  1. it's a pity that France does not create a Treizist camp in New Caledonia that is much closer than the Fiji Islands or even Papua New Guinea.
  2. The Catalan dragons are the result of the merger of two historic French clubs. They continue to train many players We can not compare the creation of Toronto and the emergence of football clubs. It's a bad comparison. Some sports have developed because of the development of a diaspora that has exported a culture. this is not the case with Toronto trying to apply a model of economic development
  3. The Catalan Dragons have a history and have the best rugby league school in the country. lans has
  4. I do not like Toronto for several reasons: The first is that this team is not a Canadian team. She has no history and does not correspond at all to the idea I have of a sports competition. I am French but I do not forget where the indentity of our sport comes from. If commercial franchises are the future of our discipline and well I think that I may be changing favorite sport.
  5. Toulouse has a treizist history and a lot of positive points. First of all, the candidacy of Toulouse is not based on the will or project of a patron but of a team that is linked with the oval table (a club of 600 partners). This project does not date from today and it is now supported by the whole French treizist community. Toulouse is in the center of a Treizist region (Villeneuve, Saint Gaudens, Albi, Carcassonne etc). If we compare the candidacies of Toulouse and Toronto: a traditional club scheme and the other that looks more like a NRL franchise project or American sports. Toulouse has a public potential at least equal to Toronto.
  6. we have gary Lo in our league and there are rumors about his behavior in Castelford. Someone would have info on this subject?
  7. could someone give me details about Garry Lo? we have it in our championship now!
  8. I am very surprised to see such a serious magazine do this article on Montpellier. Julien Lasserre has a very bad reputation especially in Montpellier, a club in which he had brought foreign players without knowing how to pay them. View of France, this project seems very dark, with funding totally unknown and the main question is that of the support of the municipality (in France nothing can be done without them) and especially the question of the stadium in a city where competition is very very strong. It is probably for these reasons that this team will only start in DN1 championship and that the federation also seems not very optimistic. It's a shame that this magazine is only interested in France for such an uncertain project and that the cover of the championship of France Elite 1 which is of a good level is also light.
  9. Gradually the dragons won the hearts of many supporters of Elite clubs. imagine, for example, that Wigan and St Helens decide to play in NRL and every week NRL clubs come to England to play in a new stadium, with entertainment, shows etc ... For me the solution goes through a development by the base by choosing clubs to grow, especially not in large cities where treisites activity is very small but in medium-sized cities with already structures and especially volunteers!
  10. A final that arrives very late in the year with exhausted volunteers, hot temperatures. Other possible reasons: a match in a city in peripheral of the zone treiziste. A team of St Estève XIII Catalan without public, Carcassonne without money at the start which helped a lot by the federation builds a very competitive team. We could add the little communication in the department and the city. No enhancement or show around this final. An aging public often polarized by the Dragons. Despite all that, I think there was more audience than two years ago in Avignon.
  11. I'm from Lezignan, I participated in the organization of these matches and I do not believe at all in this rumor. There was a good understanding between the clubs and I think that it was the internal problems of carcassonne and the election of Marc Palanques that put an end to this adventure rather than the differences in point of view of the three clubs To participate in the 1895 Cup, it would be necessary that our clubs sacrifice the local championship, and it was already complicated to set up an organization for a match (which players, coaches? Etc), I do not dare to imagine this on several matches with displacements! We saw that participating in the Challenge Cup was already very complicated for our club and it probably cost a trophy to my team (but we had so many good moments in this cup). I repeat myself but the solution will go through France.
  12. even the presentation of the trophy is not Canadian !
  13. For having participated in the project aude xiii cathare I can tell you that it was totally different from the Catalan Dragons The dragons are a club resulting from the merger of two other clubs in a department polarized by a single city (Perpignan) and under the impetus of a person with ambition and financial means, with to make the connection the feeling to belong to a "Catalan" community. Aude XIII Cathare is a project that was born by the will of elected officials of the department. these elected officials favored the regrouping of the leaders of the clubs of Carcassonne, Limoux and Lezignan to create this team which was just a group of players to first make matches as one-off events and see if there was a common future possible. But unfortunately, the department of Aude is one of the poorest in France and this French administrative division has less and less means and is directly competing with other more efficient (Community of Communes or agglomeration). In this context, we must know that if the clubs still exist it depends on the will of cities and their mayors, and without these elected there would be no competitive teams in Limoux, Lezignan or Carcassonne. To succeed in a project in the aude, it would be necessary to gather several elements: But the Aude has no money, no leaders, no powerful cities, no common identity. So I think it will be easier to develop a Cumbrian team to go SuperLeague than an audi team in champiosnhip. For me the development of rugby league in France will first of all go through a complete and detailed study of existing clubs, their means both human and financial. With these elements, target clubs should be defined for development in key areas. I spoke of administrative divisions in France, I can take the example of Salon de Provence. City of 45,000 inhabitants but in the center of an agglomeration community of 150,000 people! A city with a treizist tradition, a club in progress, a federal structure for young French players etc. this could be an ideal target certainly less glamorous than Bordeaux, Toulon or Montpellier but not saturated in high level sport like these other cities. We must stop believing in the development of clubs in big cities that magically create teams capable of targeting the super league. I remain convinced that the championship of France Elite has a future: in places with a history, a fervor, in small but renovated stadiums with more profesionnalism to showcase the show on and around the field because it is also one of the great lessons of the Catalan Dragons. Sorry for my approximate english I used an online translator
  14. The level of the best teams of Elite is rather comparable to small teams of championship. Matches against teams from the balkans or irish would have no interest
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