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  1. District maybe pub. the spain team is largely made up of semi professional french players, some of whom play in the french second division. How do you want a team composed of Spanish players even reinforced by 3 English players to compete with a Championship club? it makes no sense !
  2. I do not understand how we can give credit to such a team and at the same time not establish links with the French teams. Salford who loaned 3 players to this team and replied to a French club that they could not help them develop their young players.
  3. I find this opposition to be dangerous. these players are just an amateur level ....
  4. even PNG can benefit. Without the contribution of Australian players, they probably would not have beaten Great Britain recently
  5. The situation in France is not glorious but receiving lessons from someone who has been in the system for decades is quite ironic, We must not forget that Tas baitieri was coach of the France team (and took also more than 50 points against Great Britain), he knows very well all the people who have had responsibilities of rugby XIII in France in the last 30 years, He himself has contributed and put in place the rules of eligibility at international level which are totally a fig leaf. One of the worst decisions you could make for France and other historic rugby league nations like Papua New Guinea and all that to make money. Going back to the topic, imagine that one day an English leave the club in the NRL championship and become more powerful and richer than the RFL. A club that would be more important than the national team ! . As is the case in France. I think that you English have a role to play in our development and rather than welcoming our clubs to your championship. It would be very interesting if you could play the role of mediator between the dragons and our federation.
  6. Of course we lack communication. let us not forget that it is he himself who has implemented the new eligibility rules which condemns the France team to be beaten by heritage teams filled with Australian players ....
  7. clubs have an appointment with the French federation to speak about a European cup of the clubs
  8. Lezignan - Limoux crowd 4800
  9. to pretend that it is possible to build a competitive club starting from nothing outside the traditional areas is to pass our old laborious clubs for and the people who take care of it for years for incompetent people. I would like journalists to do their job and rather than promote these obscure projects without investigating, tell us who are the people who are behind them? with what financial means? which economic model? I don’t think Rick Wilby, Eric Perez ou Dean Buchan have the capacity alone to carry out the projects.
  10. it would seem that they have only one sponsor which is the company of the person at the origin of this project. It seems a little light to be serious .. I find amazing to see that the media make a lot of noise around this kind of project and does not help the real clubs which work discreetly and in particular our championship of France.
  11. New rules 14 French players on the match day. other silly new rules in order to play the playoffs, a new player has to play 50% of the games...
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