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  1. I find it hard to understand how such a competition could work. Without speaking of money, clubs like the French clubs have worked hard for years to maintain a competition of a more than adequate level with the support of institutions, rugby schools etc. (Besides, the Spanish team only exists through the presence of French players) How one could create a championship ex nihilo without any base. last element, the current crisis shows that the time is more for industrial relocation (and sports too) than to continue in this endless globalization.
  2. Since 2017, I had put forward this idea of basing a French team in Nouméa and that the distance with Australia was less than that with Papua or Auckland. I had even sent a letter to this effect to the president of the federation and created topics on the forums to launch the idea. The new Caledonia is economically isolated and this team could be a link with the Australian continent nearby. Everyone could be a winner: rugby league, Australia, Caledonia, France, etc.
  3. I hope you will not make the same mistake again as at the beginning of the epidemic by continuing to play in front of crowds ... It is certain that this stupidity has cost the life of some of your supporters ... Dead for going to see a rugby match ....
  4. You have the answer now You have too late. Now people may die for going to a game https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8146565/Scientists-Iceland-claim-FORTY-mutations-coronavirus.html?ito=social-facebook&fbclid=IwAR3UiiY_0J06B0vtiFTscjk3ej2Q9GdfaFPNjUdwY3aKgje7cO7F_OoJg3E
  5. This is theory ... It means that you are going to sacrifice thousands of people while maybe by the second wave there will be a vaccine. You could at least have played these games without a crowd ... but as always the economy is privileged compared to humans.
  6. bravo this weekend the RFL contaminated hundreds of people!
  7. You are not stronger than the others: you must stop all collective competitions and training as quickly as possible
  8. You are not stronger than the others: you must stop all collective competitions and training as quickly as possible
  9. Many people thought like you in France or in Italy "It is a media manipulation, collective hysteria etc" except that this lightness to cause contaminations and deaths. The faster you react and adopt the right behaviors, the more you will preserve your family and especially your elderly. Be careful the elephants are coming
  10. I have the impression that you completely underestimated this pandemic. The virus is everywhere in France and it is only a question of days or hours for you too, players, staff etc will also be affected and all the competitions will be stopped. We are part of the same community and we must be united; Leeds' attitude towards the Dragons is totally stupid. Let's be smart because we're going to need it!
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