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  1. New rules 14 French players on the match day. other silly new rules in order to play the playoffs, a new player has to play 50% of the games...
  2. The club is very ambitious and definitely wanted to sign one or more very good players. Besides, they were (and still are) in contact with players who had a Super League or NRL experience. Tim Simona is a boy who wants went through very difficult stages and simply wants to play rugby league at the best level possible. If Lezignan can give him this opportunity to come back on the scene as was the case with players like David Fifita, Vaha Pulu, Ben Pomeroy or Eloi Pelissier etc it can be a win-win exchange.
  3. Second game withdrawal we should know more in a while ... a lot of lies etc it's going to be a real soap opera that risks getting fat in front of the judges
  4. I was right ... you have fallen into the trap of a crook. (you are not alone!)
  5. Its not easy to find good players even with a budget over 800k
  6. We did not have a lot of chances to beat Australia, England or New Zealand but now it's also the case with Pacific nations and other teams like Lebanon, the United States or any team composed of Australian players. France is therefore condemned even if it aligns its best team. I am also very surprised to see how little response to this management rugby XIII International. Seeing Australia lose to Tonga is a bit like if the French football team lost to the Algerian team composed of players of French nationality who do not go more than once a year in this country. Australian rugby league wants to make money at the expense of development.
  7. There would be problems of relations between the federation and the selected players (bonuses, living conditions there etc). Our current federation is too authoritarian and seeks to save money by any means. Jason Baitieri is probably right to put this problem in the light but he forgets to mention major reasons for the decline of our national team But the situation is more complex than that. for example, French players have the pressure of their boss (Catalan Dragons) and have to put their professional career ahead of the national team. Thats why we have to deal with a growing number of players who put their club career above all else. In addition, the eligibilty rules adopted in 2016 condemns France to lose against national teams composed of Australians, New Zealanders and English. The irony in these rules is that they have was proposed by Tas Baitieri, the father of the captain of the France team and the French federation said nothing when these new rules have changed the situation. If we want to promote the return of France on the international scene, we must impose Dragons and selected players to defend our team in France. We need to go back to eligibility rules that would favor real teams and not legacy teams. We can not want the show at any cost by destroying our development efforts. On the other hand I think it would be very useful if an English treizist leader accustomed to professionalism becomes President of the French federation to help our local championship to take a new step. In France, we have no one able to take up this challenge.
  8. it's a pity that France does not create a Treizist camp in New Caledonia that is much closer than the Fiji Islands or even Papua New Guinea.
  9. The Catalan dragons are the result of the merger of two historic French clubs. They continue to train many players We can not compare the creation of Toronto and the emergence of football clubs. It's a bad comparison. Some sports have developed because of the development of a diaspora that has exported a culture. this is not the case with Toronto trying to apply a model of economic development
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