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  1. A lot of french supporter are looking to travel to Wembley !
  2. I think I still have the right to have doubts and prefer other development project? I think we are wasting our time with this wacky project and that Superleague should work on a club in Cumbria, London, for a second club in France, rugbyleague territories with rugby schools, volunteers etc I am a volunteer who knows that to build something sustainable you need solid foundations, the day when your obsess investors will be fed up with throwing money, we will talk about it ....
  3. I am not from Leigh or England, but I have serious doubts about these affluences. amateur photos and videos show a stadium much less full than official photos. On the internet, it is more difficult to find the image of a paid ticket than a free ticket. if we compare these affluences with others in the same stage, this reinforces the doubts. as the first justification for this American project is to make believe that there is a commercial potential, these doubts taint this project. After saying another user, it may be a choice to fill his tribunes with free tickets but for me it can not stay long like that.
  4. I have big doubts about the crowds it seems to me exaggerated. some speak on the internet of less than 300 paid entries and many free tickets distributed in Toronto. In France when we make a free match with a lot of communication (Elite Finals for example), the crowds were much better! since everyone pays, there are fewer people but the federation is no longer in deficit!
  5. From the beginning I think this is one of the first problems to solve before talking about Toronto in Superleague. There is a lack of clarity in this business
  6. so far Toronto has not built anything! for the moment it is only a smoke screen! it's up to them to prove the opposite!
  7. No Its Thomas Perez from Dragons U19 to Ceret
  8. They were built in 1919, Its a part of the french rugby history
  9. Marginet was injured ?
  10. for me it's an evidence, my choice is Aurelien Cologni. he is French, he has a strong personality, he is a leader. with us and few money, he had results as well in terms of the training of young players than players in failure he has been able to raise (Bousquet, Cardace, Boudebza, Vaha Pulu or David Fifita ...) . he has manager of famous players (Beattie, Ohara, Leuluai, Pomeroy etc.) He knows perfectly the french players and will manage a group that can be subjected to many temptations. it's a big mistake not to give him a chance to prove his worth. This is the master piece that is missing Dragons to overcome a step. The problem is that he must be able to manage the whole without the intervention of the president...
  11. Coventry works with Oneills and must not manage his online store. We sell directly to the club replica jerseys but they are all sold and we do not have the new ones yet. Some rugby ball and some t-shirts remain on sale. In addition to jerseys, we work on a case-by-case basis, targeting products every year (beanies, caps, scarves, etc.)
  12. We have worked in the past with a major equipment manufacturer (duaring). We had a contract over several seasons, more expensive and less responsive than our local supplier (which makes people work in our city and our region). Moreover, we do not have the human resources to manage a stock, supply, shipment, etc. We tried well in the past but it did not last (it's always like that with the volunteers). We even launched our brand "Moulin of Origin" which we still have the rights but we do not exploit. Voici la présentation de la collection qui date de 2008
  13. Personally, I believe more in the development of clubs like St Martin, Salon de Provence or Villefranche than Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux (or Toronto-NYC). there is a real rugby league tradition, with volunteers, very good rugby schools etc. The problem is that we want to go too fast and we often neglect the basics in favor of what shines
  14. our logo has a history and its an original creation that is registered in the international register of brands, it is not a random animal chosen for marketing reasons like most other clubs.
  15. There is no U23 category in France Saint-Esteve XIII Catalan have 9 players older than 23 !
  16. No money, the club is in bankruptcy. Some players dont want to play before to have theirs defrayals
  17. I explain this for a few years in France when I am told about teams Aude, Vaucluse etc. The example of the Catalans shows that you have to have several strong links to make a successful merger: A powerful man who makes the connection (Guasch). A center city polarizing a region (Perpignan) A strong common cultural identity (like Catalans). To merge, you also need a stronger club economically than the others and it is necessary that in addition it is the club which owns the best structures. Many conditions that are almost never met together.
  18. Lezignan : Damien Cardace is back after injury during the world cup Walid Bouregba a very promising player is back from suspension Eloi Pelissier, Ben Pomeroy in starting team. A player to discover: Bernard Gregorius, best try scorer and player last season in Elite 2 and who is really a wonderkid.
  19. Does this rule apply to French players? Because with the rule of residence (5 years) Kuni Minga is considered to be a French player and can apply for the national team of France
  20. Applying a different price for a license according to nationality is very likely discriminatory. rugby union chose to set up quotas minimum for players trained in France To employ someone is expensive in France. If a player has a salary of 2000 euros must provide 42% more to pay + car + housing. Total between 3500 and 4000 € per month. Carcassonne who probably has a much larger deficit than announced in the press can not recruit foreign players.
  21. The rule in France is simple: as for Bosman, Malaja and Kolpak, in Europe you can not discriminate against someone because of his nationality. Papua is part of the Cotonou agreements with the European Union. Moreover the actual regulation of the FFR XIII is totally illegal and would probably be condemned by justice.
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