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  1. I think people are overreacting here. I'm keeping my subscription. They upload great content when it comes to highlights and interviews. I couldn't make it Sunday but wanted to listen. When this didn't work, I put Radio Leeds on and it wasn't a massive issue. It might have been out of their hands as far as connections goes.
  2. I thought London tackled well and gave it a good go. We know how good Parata can be so he was always going to score and the other try was an interception. Not much to worry about here. We looked good in attack, but it was clear to see it was too muddy to pull off some of plays we were trying. Only thing I would have liked to see different is more of Connor Jones. We went up another level when he came on. We got the 2 points, so that's all that matters to me
  3. I agree that it was disgusting. I was embarrassed listening to some of the chants and booing the injured player was unacceptable. However. It was a small group of about 10 lads. Whilst that would be a majority of the support for Sheffield, it's not for Rovers
  4. Think it goes without saying that Fev Fans love the traditional butchers stripe, so they will always rank high. Aside from this, I like the 1996 home and 2001 home shirts. I remember saying to my friend at the time, 2008 home would be a perfect away kit for me, mainly light blue with butchers stripe sleeves. 2015 Away was my favourite away shirt for a long time until this year.
  5. Funny you mention getting an experienced coach instead. Compare it with the situation at Cas. Most Cas fans want a young upcoming coach like Ford, Henderson etc after Powell. If they are not careful, could end up in a similar situation as Salford this year. Personally, I think Marshall is a decent coach. My guess is that they will click later in the season and stay safe. But I've known to be wrong before!
  6. Surely Kear will have toughened them up over the last couple of weeks? He wasn't happy, so can't imagine training has been easy since. I think if it was at The Shay, I might have agreed too. But the tight pitch at Dewsbury will even things up. Best of luck anyway!
  7. Batley Widnes Fax Fev Newcastle York Can see a few potential upsets here. I think Bulls v Fax, Swinton v Fev and York v Sheffield will all be close!
  8. He looked good. He's been unlucky not to get into the team. He'll do well for you guys though
  9. James Ford won't go based on this Ross Heppenstall on Twitter: I asked York City Knights head coach James Ford earlier about succeeding Daryl Powell at Cas Tigers. Ford said unequivocally: “I've got a job to do at York. I've got a good squad here with great facilities and I'm really committed to doing the best I possibly can for York.” My guess would be Lee Radford. Good experience and I think would do well at Cas.
  10. For me, it's about creating Derby matches/rivalries. That is what excites new/current supporters the most. My choices would be: Scarborough - A good Derby game for York CK. The Football club have a nice little stadium and would be a good start. Nottingham - a Derby game for Coventry and there could be a rivalry with Sheffield (the rivalry in Ice Hockey is there, so could work) the City has plenty of stadiums to choose from and would be a great away day. Not too far from Heartlands, but far enough to expand. Kent - Rivarly for the London Clubs. Don't know much about the availabile facilties, but surely there are plenty of Union or Football clubs that have something decent.
  11. Couldn't agree more about changing the names. I found it difficult growing up, coming to terms with the different positions and I struggle to explain it to my Nephews who are just getting into rugby, why certain positions are called what they are. I really like the idea of backs and forwards/middles. Full Back - keep as it is. Wingers - Wing Back Centres - Centre-Back 6/7 - Half Backs Hooker - Acting Half/Dummy Half Props - Forward Middles/Middle Runners - I always associate props with the big fat blokes who play Union. RL props are fitter, leaner and do a lot more running, so let's have a name that suits this more. 2nd Row - Centre Forwards - sounds more exciting and in a lot of teams, centres move to 2nd Row and vice-versa. So this would be easier to explain to a neutral why a player could play both. Loose Forward - Struggling with this, so open to suggestions. But Forward Half would be mine, as players in this position seem to be good ball-handlers compared to Props. The reasoning behind the changes would always be to make it easier for neutrals. Because let's be realistic, if a fan has been watching for 20/30 years or so, they won't stop watching because of some name changes to positions. But modernising the role names, could make it easier for new/younger fans.
  12. Can see a heavy defeat here. They've started really well and we give up possession to easy. No injuries or suspensions and I'm happy. We can't afford to get wound up by Connor and react.
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