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  1. I think people are overreacting here. I'm keeping my subscription. They upload great content when it comes to highlights and interviews. I couldn't make it Sunday but wanted to listen. When this didn't work, I put Radio Leeds on and it wasn't a massive issue. It might have been out of their hands as far as connections goes.
  2. I thought London tackled well and gave it a good go. We know how good Parata can be so he was always going to score and the other try was an interception. Not much to worry about here. We looked good in attack, but it was clear to see it was too muddy to pull off some of plays we were trying. Only thing I would have liked to see different is more of Connor Jones. We went up another level when he came on. We got the 2 points, so that's all that matters to me
  3. I agree that it was disgusting. I was embarrassed listening to some of the chants and booing the injured player was unacceptable. However. It was a small group of about 10 lads. Whilst that would be a majority of the support for Sheffield, it's not for Rovers
  4. Think it goes without saying that Fev Fans love the traditional butchers stripe, so they will always rank high. Aside from this, I like the 1996 home and 2001 home shirts. I remember saying to my friend at the time, 2008 home would be a perfect away kit for me, mainly light blue with butchers stripe sleeves. 2015 Away was my favourite away shirt for a long time until this year.
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