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  1. Toronto Wolfpack by 78 Dewsbury Rams by 12 London Broncos by 10 Halifax by 8 Leigh Centurions by 68 Sheffield Eagles by 16
  2. Toronto Wolfpack by 86 Toulouse Olympique XIII by 18 Swinton Lions by 20 Halifax RLFC by 4 (Hope I'm wrong!) Dewsbury Rams by 12 Leigh Centurions by 20
  3. Fingers crossed they rest a few!! However, I feel the below is more to the truth....
  4. As a Fev Fan, I'm genuinely worried about our run in and think we could potentially miss out on the top 4. Fax's recent form has been amazing, Sammut can win a game on his own for London and we can't expect anything from Toronto away! That only leaves Swinton away, which is never easy (Although generally, we would expect 2 points). Given Leigh's opposition, I would expect them to pick up 8 points from their games too. Why Sky aren't showing some of these games is a mystery.
  5. Toronto Wolfpack Halifax London Broncos Featherstone Rovers Toulouse Olympique Dewsbury Rams
  6. Just seen on Twitter that Fax's new signings are getting a run out tomorrow in a reserve game. Great way to keep their fitness up and get some game time. Should fit right in if/when required. If we sign anyone, we have to chuck them in at the deep end in a (potentially) very important game.
  7. Couldn't agree more with this. The Barrow lads should be proud to put that shirt on because every single one of them put in 110%. Best of luck for the rest of the season!
  8. Robinson - Made some great tackles and runs! Hock - Lots of aggression going forward and defending Cooper - Choo Choo scores again!! He's after Briscoe's record!!
  9. Toronto Wolfpack by24 Leigh Centurions by 6 Batley Bulldogs by 10 Featherstone Rovers by 12 London Broncos by 16 Halifax by 22
  10. Toronto Wolfpack by 14 Toulouse Olympique by 28 SUNDAY 10th JUNE Barrow Raiders by 8 Featherstone Rovers by 2 Leigh Centurions by 10 Sheffield Eagles by 6
  11. Sheffield Eagles by 8 Halifax by 20 Leigh Centurions by 12 Toulouse Olympique by 10 Rochdale Hornets by 4 Batley Bulldogs by 10
  12. Leigh by 16 Toronto Wolfpack by 20 Batley Bulldogs by 14 Halifax by 14 London Broncos by 24 Swinton Lions by 4
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