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  1. It's nice to see us oldies trying to keep up with technology,
  2. I agree with most of what you say, but what has it got to do with referees, I don't think your first line is true, I don't know any raiders fans who are jealous of haven, in fact the first mention of haven was by one of your fans stating he was glad barrow going down, and your fans don't have the horrible journey, to barrow, but if you want to think wer'e having a jealous rant, so be it,
  3. So what has the club gained from your contribution
  4. I agree with you spanishnight, but I think every club has a few supporters, who think refs are always biased towards apposing teams.
  5. alba

    York at home

    I agree with you, in the first half our tackling let us down, and gifted you two tries, in the second half it was a different story, the raiders won it 12-6, and with a couple of decisions reversed would have been 18-0 to raiders. I think it was York that ran out of ideas, on the last tackle, they peppered the raiders fullback with high kicks, and defenders trying to push him back. He never missed a kick all game, and apart from a short period with the two forward pass decisions, they never really threatened.
  6. I think the longest kick I've seen was by Chris Hankinson.
  7. I think the six tackle rule gave us a completely different game.
  8. I agree with both of you on interchanges, they should have been increased to reduce the need for part time players to play on with injuries.
  9. alba

    Swinton Away

    Definitely, trouble is Ritson too fast, but once the ball bounced there were three raiders players who could have scored. vital decision against us.
  10. Do you mean Arnold sw, the actor.
  11. alba

    v Halifax

    Full 80 minutes of shear effort from full squad, brilliant.
  12. Oh well that's' ok then
  13. alba

    1895 Cup

    If it makes you feel better, but I thought your travelling fans were a bit embarrassed,
  14. alba

    1895 Cup

    I thought we had played Dewsbury at home.
  15. alba

    1895 Cup

    The Bradford coach selected his squad for the match, and I'm sure he had his reasons. Paul crarey picked his squad, and he had his reasons, I know which one I think was right, and would always back Paul 100%. As for Bradford, as the saying goes, you make your bed, and have to lay in it.
  16. I think both hookers played brilliant, and linked with the forwards much better, The try that stood out for me was probably a coaches idea of a classic rugby try. Mossy, seeing nothing to the right, turned and ran across the line, Dan Toal read the situation, and accelerated towards him on the angle, the pass was perfect and Dan crashed through the line, young Ritson, also read the move and followed Dan through, received the ball 20 out, and was under the posts. great teamwork.
  17. I think you have a good mix of youth and experience, with a bit of luck on the injury front, you'll compete ok.
  18. Haven doing well Donald, keep it up.
  19. Nipping these stories in the bud is appreciated by all supporters.
  20. alba


    thanks walneyite, great to have Luke back.
  21. alba


    Has the Raiders squad been named yet?
  22. alba


    They don't need to destroy anybody, but they do need to be proud of club, and play as a close unit, and find some way of using the pace we have in the backs
  23. Did you notice Michael the same Eagles forward claimed interference at the play the ball, which got him a penalty against Barrow, but he was penalised himself, by this ref, for play acting, and the penalty was given where the offence occurred.
  24. alba

    19 fit men

    Ask your bar staff in the bulldogs bar, how many barrow fans they thougt packed in there, I counted 6 Batley fans.
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