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  1. I am actually going to Tottenham and will be supporting the Giants, hoping for a grand weekend.
  2. Is this figure the total for 3 Giants home games ?
  3. I'm sorry to hear this but totally agree with you as I'm heading the same way. I go to home games at Headingley and that's about it I'm afraid, rarely watch on TV anymore don't do away games at all now. A lot of the blame lies clearly for me in the hands of the RFL. Constant rule changes mainly copied from Australia, certain teams being reffed differently to others, the disciplinary process where one player is banned and another player is let off for the same offence, no consistency from the referees from one game to the next. I hope I can as well as you get my mojo back soon but I'm at the wrong end of the time scale now.
  4. Does anyone know what the attendance was, the pa system is terrible at Headingley? Based on that performance I fear for HKR next week. Great team effort from the Rhinos but again Dwyer and Martin were outstanding for me.
  5. Moaning git wasn't complaining when Warrington robbed Leeds with a forward pass in first game of the season.
  6. Having seen your confirmed line up you are probably right and cas should win easily.
  7. 6 games for Powell is a disgrace, should have got 10 like Pryce. No problem with Fash getting off totally inconclusive evidence.
  8. You are saying that tongue in cheek I hope. Cas were abysmal against Leeds and against any other team would have lost. Saints by 20+
  9. That squad is decimated and I think TO can pull off a win which will make this forum extremely happy. The rumours about Hardaker coming back isn't true I hope. Anyway TO +10
  10. No is the answer to that question.
  11. He's not been a bad player for you has he Damien?
  12. No chance of him coming back to Leeds.
  13. The drawings are lovely better than the ones you usually get on the back of a fag packet.
  14. Don't worry we have Alex Walmsley and Chris Hill
  15. Quote of the week from Kevin Brown "Sams' not a dirty player" laughable
  16. I said not to get too excited just because you gave Leeds a tabbing, Hull are clueless.
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