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  1. Wigan can't be as bad this week. We could do with a Wigan win to keep Cas below us . Wigan by 20.
  2. Thats the trouble with FC they can't string a few wins together. Were they good last week or Rhinos just bad? I'll take the latter, Giants by +12
  3. It was just a few before the game in the pub and a couple on the bus up to Headingley. As for getting punched I'm ok had worse I think he had been sampling the local hostelry. All the others we spoke to were great. Great performance from FC.
  4. Fantastic performance from Hull Fc, Rhinos were outplayed in every department. What I can't get my head around is the amount of Hull fans slagging off Connor before the game , he ripped Leeds to shreads. The only thing I didn't like about the game was getting punched in the face by a Hull fan because in his words I was Leeds ####.
  5. The thing is he was right, nothing in it his arm hit the wakey players chest.
  6. Are you for real? Took his try well and only played one full game. For gods sake give him a chance. Fans said Senior and Donald were rubbish but look how they turned out.
  7. Hall and Mcgillvary really, there time is up surely.
  8. So what have we learned from that game apart from it was garbage? Catalans cannot create anything Pierce and Drinkwater were anonymous and if we can get a referee to get Saints onside other teams might have a chance.
  9. Nope, who ever finished top got the league leaders trophy and then there was a play off to determine the champions. Like Dewsbury in 1973 they were champions but didn't finish top of the league.
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